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Content Creation - The Infographic Way


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Find out how infographics can be a shot in the arm for your content marketing campaign.

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Content Creation - The Infographic Way

  1. 1. - Pa r i k e t D o s h i
  2. 2. Robin Richards, InformationDesign Director at the creative firm JESS3
  3. 3. Why Create INFOGRAPHICS? Takes fraction of the time to read,• Easily understood absorb and understand the information • Easily sharable• Cater to a learning style 65% of people are visual learners
  4. 4. interactiveINFOGRAPHIC Formats
  5. 5. static INFOGRAPHIC Most Prevalentand versatile format For utilizing
  6. 6. static INFOGRAPHIC2 primary b2b marketing applications Editorial Brand centric
  7. 7. Editorial content - objectives Content to establish the brand as a thought leader and an expert in the industryCreating viral impact, providing brand exposure and generating high volume traffic
  8. 8. Brand centriccontent - objectives
  9. 9. dynamic INFOGRAPHIC Adding sound and movementInfographic to life
  10. 10. interactive INFOGRAPHICA customized exploration for the viewerOf multiple layers of data
  11. 11. So, what makes a killer INFOGRAPHIC?
  12. 12. Hang on …there are just a few things to remember
  13. 13. Also …Tell A story
  14. 14. Return On Infographics (r.o.i) Adding Value to businessBrand visibility conversation Business opportunity
  15. 15. What are your thoughts about the use of infographics for business? Have you used infographics toshare information or knowledge? How did you measure the results?