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Social Media Case study : Star Plus Master Chef


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A Facebook application was developed as a part of the Online activity for Master Chef. The campaign reached out to more than 6000 participants.

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Social Media Case study : Star Plus Master Chef

  1. 1. Social Media Case Study
  2. 2. Objectiveo The brand objective was: • To create a buzz about Master Chef India Season 2 before the launch of the show • To viral out the message of the show- “Ab Badlo India, Apne “Khaane” ka Andaaz” • To generate brand recall on the Master Chef India 2 tagline – “Catch It If You Can” • To reach offline users with minimal cost • To reach out to more women audience So what was the challenge?
  3. 3. Challenge o The most daunting task was to live up to the hype and success of the Masterchef India Season 1 and carry on the legacy in to the Season 2 o The host of Master Chef India Season 1 was Akshay Kumar o Being a cookery show, Master Chef India 2 would appeal to a majority of women audience, mostly housewives o A large chunk of this audience would be active online as well as offline o The challenge was to find the right audience in the right place and catch their attention with a right engagement o The engagement should in turn get users who are not on the digital platform to come on to digital o With a huge fan base on Star Plus Facebook Page, this digital audience needed separate attention
  4. 4. Challengeo A blend of on ground activity with online activity was to become the soul of this unique campaigno The challenge Social Wavelength faced was How to connect Online Brand On ground Masses
  5. 5. Strategy1. Online Activityo With more than 6 Lac fans on their page, Star Plus had an exceptional reach to engage the audience and create a buzz about Master Chef India 2o The Online activity was an appealing game based on the theme of the show, wherein the audience is required to prepare a dish with the help of ingredients providedo This activity would become the foundation of creating a brand recall for – Catch It If You Can2. On ground Activityo The right way to target niche audience was to organize an on ground activityo It was decided that 17 malls across 6 cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kanpur, Pune and Lucknow would serve as target zoneso This on ground activity would be coupled with digital medium
  6. 6. ActivitiesOnline Activityo A Facebook application was developed as a part of Online Activityo This application was a game, based on the theme catch it if you cano The users played to prepare a dish with a twist by catching the right ingredients
  7. 7. ActivitiesOnline ActivityUsers were provided with 8 dishes along The users would have to catch the right Once the user catches the ingredients, with their recipes ingredients to cook one of the eight dishes he hits the cook button
  8. 8. ActivitiesOnline Activity Once the user successfully cooks a dish, a 20 lucky winners were gratified with MCI goodies question would pop up
  9. 9. Results Online Activityo On an average, the game was played for 8.7 minuteso The app was run for 10 days from 21st Oct – 31st OctImpressions Tab Participants Likes Comments Views2.79 million 55852 4202 7327 2634
  10. 10. ActivitiesOn ground Activityo Masterchef India was a household name after its Season 1 successo With the on ground activity, the strategy was to get loyal fans and audiences to interact directly with the brand Masterchefo This would eventually generate greater enthusiasm and lead to a higher rate of tune inso 17 malls from 6 cities were finalized and campaign rolled into action with on ground activity
  11. 11. ActivitiesOn ground Activity Delhi Mumbai Nagpur • Ansal Plaza • Center One Mall • Empress Mall • Pacific Mall • Infinity • Eternity Mall • MGF - Gurgaon • Korum Mall – Thane • MGF – Saket • Nirmal Lifestyles - • TGIP - Noida Mulund Kanpur Pune Lucknow • Rave Mall • Inorbit Mall • Phoenix Mall • Z-Square Mall • Mariplex Mall • Westend Mall
  12. 12. Activities On ground Activityo Screens were put up in malls across 7 cities, showcasing a flash animation of 8 dishes and 3 branded MCI merchandiseo Users were required to click a photo of 1 dish+1 merchandise and upload on Facebook, in order to participateo All the participants were gratified with Master Chef India Merchandise Screens set up at mall Catch it if you can People clicking pictures
  13. 13. ResultsOn ground Activity o The on ground activity ran for 2 days prior to the launch of season 2 Impressions Participants 1.29 million 6487 Submitting entries on Facebook Spot Prizes Winners gratified
  14. 14. Conclusiono With over 3 million users and 10,000 participants and thousands of conversations adequate buzz was created.o With this application the cost incurred was comparatively much lower and the results were proportionally higher than what one would get in a real world engagement. For instance, the idea of creating dishes in an on ground activity would have required preparation of ingredients, arrangement of apparatus and most probably a larger space and cost.o Brand recall on the tagline – Catch it if you can – was generated by creating a theme based Facebook app
  15. 15. Mall Activity
  16. 16. THANK YOU For more information, contact: Hareesh Tibrewala/Sanjay Mehta Joint CEOs @ Social Wavelength Cell: +91-98210-89388 Cell: +91-98200-40918