Social Media Case study on Kama Schacter


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A campaign "Loveathon" was launched to create brand awareness and was supported by a mobile application.

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Social Media Case study on Kama Schacter

  1. 1. Social Media Case Study
  2. 2. ObjectivesFollowing brand objectives were set: o To trigger brand awareness among the audience o To engage people and get them to sample the brand o To set the mood for brand Kama Love, by capitalizing on Valentine’s day
  3. 3. Challengeso At the brand level, the major challenge was brand awarenesso Kama Jewellery was a new player in the marketo The positioning of the brand was a place of Love Destination for all coupleso While coming up with a campaign, to zero in on this positioning became the biggest challengeo Digital Engagement is more of a point and click exercise. The brand wanted to stand out with this engagement while connecting it to on ground activityo Deliver footfalls to retailerso Get people to pre-register
  4. 4. Strategyo The strategy was 3 fold: a. Brand Awareness b. Brand Engagement c. Generate Footfallso With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the time was perfect to target the niche audienceo This unique campaign leveraged on the Valentine’s Day, exclusively targeted couples, and was aptly named as Love-a-thono The campaign was divided into 2 phases: • Mobile application • On ground activityo The idea was to build traffic through Facebook pageo Using the Facebook network, connect it with the Mobile networko Create a buzz in multiple cities at one goo Finish the entire activity in 2 days
  5. 5. Strategy Online Video Promotiono A promotional video was launched 2 weeks prior to the activityo The objective of the video was to create curiosity and guide people to Kama Love Pageo The video was promoted on YouTubeo The video was also promoted on Kama Facebook page as well as other relevant pages
  6. 6. Strategy Online Video Promotiono The video showed a person running for Kama Love-a-thon contesto The person wants to surprise his valentine by winning the contesto The video ends with the person presenting the diamond ring to his valentine and wishing her Happy Valentine’s Day
  7. 7. Strategy Retailerso 25 retailers in 12 cities were approached asking for their participationo The retailer shops were to be the hotspots for Kama Love-a-thon contesto Any participant playing the contest, would end up at the retail shopo This served as the purpose to generate footfalls and get participants to sample the products
  8. 8. ActivitiesFacebook A Facebook application is built on the page The user downloads the mobile app. An F-connect button allowed the users to A Facebook tab was created simply login to mobile website with A promo code is provided their FB account
  9. 9. ActivitiesMobile Website User gets an access to the mobile website through the URL provided A mobile website was built for Once the user logs in, he was provided with the latest OS. The users login on their details of the contest device
  10. 10. ActivitiesMobile Website The participant played through 3 levels to win prizes
  11. 11. ActivitiesMobile Website o On the day of the activity, the participant sees the Kama Love Spots marked on the map on his device o The participant would be required to visit the closest spot to him, in order to play the contest o Once the participant reaches one of the spots, he would have to answer 3 questions at 3 levels to reach the grand prize of Kama Diamond Rings
  12. 12. ActivitiesMobile Website User answers level 1 question To play next level, the user stakes his prize before proceeding
  13. 13. ActivitiesBackend Handlingo The mobile app was devised based on the latest versions of OS, mainly for Nokia Phones and Android and iPhones.o A helpline number was provided to all participants during the activity dayo Distribution and management of prizes was organized at the backendo E-mailers were sent to the winners of the contest
  14. 14. ResultsMobile appDuration Facebook Impressions Page Participants No. of Fans Visit Winners Acquired 2 40,000 1,04,365 6,863 531 107
  15. 15. CommentsFacebook Excitement and interaction was seen among the participants and retailers alike
  16. 16. Conclusiono Kama Love-a-thon was one of a kind engagement on digital media. The campaign was met with positive responseo A growth of over 50000 fans was noted on the Facebook page. A total of 531 active participants were noted on the fieldo Buzz created around the engagement generated positive response on platform such as twitter, also trending in process the hashtag #Kamaloveathono Footfalls generated to retails shops confirmed the sampling of products and pre-registering
  17. 17. THANK YOU For more information, contact: Hareesh Tibrewala / Sanjay Mehta Joint CEOs @ Social Wavelength Email: Cell: +91-98210-89388 Email: Cell: +91-98200-40918