Social Media Case study on "Busy on Idea 3G"


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A social application to keep user busy in line with the "Busy on 3G" tagline was launched. The application allowed the brand to reach out to more than 22,000 participants

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Social Media Case study on "Busy on Idea 3G"

  2. 2. Objectiveo Most telecoms in India had launched 3G serviceso The main line communication of IDEA was “Get Busy on 3G”o The objective was to carry the offline message and communication effectively on to Social Mediao The TG on Social Media was young as compared to offline TG which was anyone above 18o The objective thus became to reach out to the younger masses on Social Mediao To engage the audience with the mainline communication ‘Get busy on 3G’o To get the TG to use it as a part of their daily jargon
  3. 3. Strategyo The concept of 3G was to keep people hooked on to interneto It was necessary that the campaign was built around two things: Fun and Busyo Majority of the audience on social media is youtho The young audience would relate easily to a fun activity involving friendso With these insights, the IDEA campaign was launched for the young audienceo The application allowed user participation and interaction with their friendso The idea of a user interacting with his friends added the element of virality to the campaign and thus kept them BUSY
  4. 4. ActivitiesThe user logs in to Facebook to access User can nominate a new friend or User nominates a friend for one of thethe application. Clicking on “Nominate choose to vote for an already several categories provided. For Now” starts the app nominated one example: Sports Freak for an athletic friend
  5. 5. Activities User can also write a message for his User can share the nomination on their A leader board keeps the users updatedfriend. This parameter will increase the profile in order to gather more votes for with the results chances of winning the gratification his friend
  6. 6. Resultso Daily winners were gratified with a 3G connection, weekly winners with an IDEA net connect and grand prize winner with a Nokia X7o The response to the application was superb and the brand-social integration was much appreciatedo The tagline “Busy on Idea 3G” was populated and people actively used it in their communication
  7. 7. Results The application ran for a total of 22 days between 8th Sept – 30th Sept Days Participants Nominations Votes Increase in Facebook Fans 22 22,720 6,400+ 34,040 1,17,189
  8. 8. Conclusiono Facebook page saw a growth of 1,17,189 fans thus reaching out to a large number of target audienceo The tag line “Busy on Idea 3G” became the talking point among the userso Brand recall on the tagline was generated by creating a Facebook app based on a similar themeo ‘Tagging the friend’ option contributed to the application getting highly shared among friends and thus cause viralityo The buzz around the activity was immense and reached out to number of users, getting close to 22,720 participants in the processo The application became truly ‘social’ in nature
  9. 9. THANK YOU For more information, contact: Sanjay Mehta/Hareesh Tibrewala Joint CEOs @ Social Wavelength Cell: +91-98210-89388 Cell: +91-98200-40918