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Brand Analysis of IPL Based on Social Media Conversation


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The numbers have been suggesting thatI PL6 has outperformed IPL5 with the number of tweets and conversations exceeding that of the previous edition.

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Brand Analysis of IPL Based on Social Media Conversation

  1. 1. SIMPLIFY360 RESEARCH Brand Analysis of IPL based on Social Media Conversation Period of the study: 2nd Apr, 2013 to 05th May, 2013
  2. 2. IPL6 SCORES ON SOCIAL MEDIA WITH TWITTER IPL6 has been a phenomenal success on social media with its integration strategy with Twitter enhancing the user engagement and delivering a social sporting experience to the viewers. The numbers have been suggesting that IPL6 has outperformed IPL5 with the number of tweets and conversations exceeding that of the previous edition. The number of tweets for IPL6 are 5,743,211*. With the IPL buzz around the corner, many brands have chipped in to drive their growth engine further. Brands have acquired different means for this. While some brands such as Pepsi and Vodafone went for sponsorship, others such as Cadbury are achieving the same through their robustly strategized social media campaign. *As per the data on 15/05/2013 Firms have invested heavily for sponsorship rights and association with Indian Premiere League (IPL). To achieve a greater social media engagement and drive their growth on IPL buzz, firms are responding with innovative social media campaigns. We shall be analysing these brands on the scale of their social media performance while highlighting the top performers. We shall also look into the best practices for content and influencers. We shall also look into the other interests of the viewers. Finally we would look into the latest trends and suggestions with a comparative look at social media activities of brands at SuperBowl.
  3. 3. IPL6 & BRANDS - A SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS IPL6 has been phenomenal success in establishment of stronghold for many brands. The overwhelming verdict by audience seems to prove that IPL gives advertisers their money's worth through better reach and recall. IPL6 took the sporting experience to next level with integration of twitter as the social media channel to create a real-time engaging atmosphere. Most Popular Brands Pepsi IPL Cadbury Pepsi Vodafone Kingfisher SET India Yes Bank Star Plus OLX Godrej Kent Buzz Analysis of the brands during IPL Matches Source: Simplify360 Social Matrix, Apr 02,2013 to May 05, 2013 Associated Keywords #PepsiIPL #Shubhaarambh #Pepsi #Vodafone #Zoozoo #Kingfisher #SetMax #YesBankMaximum #Nayisoch #OLX #Godrej #Kent Conversations with source country as India have been considered for the analysis 248 40 35 12 8 5 5 5 5 3 2 1 0 50 100 150 200 250 PepsiIPL Cadbury Pepsi India Vodafone kingfisher Setmax yesbank starplus OLX godrej Kent videocon ThousandsVolumeofconversations
  4. 4. WHAT WE’VE FOUND.. • Integrated social media campaigns highly increase the user engagement and brand conversations • Brands can be successful in capturing the IPL buzz without putting tons of money on sponsorship • Humor and entertainment emerge as the key factors for engagement of IPL viewers • Online contests are an important but clichéd way for attracting viewers on social media • Appropriate Influencers can do wonders in terms of user engagement and brand development • Generic Hashtags can lead to greater reachability and deeper connect on social media
  6. 6. Buzz Analysis of the Pepsi during IPL Matches Source: Simplify360 Social Matrix, Apr 02,2013 to May 05, 2013 Pepsi IPL has emerged as the most popular brand over social media with its high social engagement. Conversations for #Pepsi and #PepsiIPL have been considered separately for better understanding of IPL Campaign. Most conversation about Pepsi focused around online competitions, new advertisement and launch of ‘Pepsi Atom’. Conversations reached peak with ‘Pepsi IPL ka Boss’ and online cricket contests conducted for a place in Pepsi IPL ‘VIP’ box. Key takeaway can be the fact that most popular brands invest capital to focus on customer engagement. Interestingly, conversations for #Shubhaarambh (Cadbury) exceed those of #Pepsi. This showcases the brilliance and success of Cadbury’s social media strategy to be the part of IPL Buzz without spending heavy bucks in sponsorship. Hash Tag Conversations #PepsiIPL 248,375 #Shubhaarambh 40,000 Pepsi 34,621 #Vodafone 11,565 #Kingfisher 8,220 #SetMax 5,407 #YesBankMaximum 5,276 #NayiSoch (Star Plus) 4,634 Conversations with source country as India have been considered for the analysis 18-Apr, 10046 -1000 1000 3000 5000 7000 9000 11000 Volumeofconversations
  8. 8. Objectives: Growing the preference for Cadbury Dairy Milk, broadening its user base and occasions of consumption, the firm launched #Shubhaarambh League Campaign. Cadbury has intelligently associated itself with the ongoing IPL fervour without spending bucks in sponsorship activities.  Creative pictorial tweets based on the moments of celebrations in a match  The conversations around ‘#Shubhaarambh’ have surpassed the conversations for #Pepsi and Vodafone in India  Conversational reach include about 47 million people on Facebook and 3.8 million Twitter users  About 100% increase in followers on twitter and an increase of 250,000 fans on Facebook Buzz Analysis of the Cadbury India during IPL Matches Source: Simplify360 Social Matrix, Apr 02,2013 to May 05, 2013 Brands can perform magically over social media by being innovative and investing in creative engagement techniques Insights Conversations with source country as India have been considered for the analysis 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Volumeofconversations
  9. 9. When conversations about a brand are neither negative nor positive, it becomes very important for the brand to drive those conversations in positive directions with influencers and positive social media engagement Insights  Third most popular brand associated with about 12,000 conversations generated in India only  Zoo zoos remain the focal point of mots of the conversations around the brand  Brand popularity on social media increasing with the progress of tournament  Estimated fan growth of about 260,000 per week  Vodafone superfan contest for IPL can be termed as a success with respect to the conversations generated  Conversations for Kingfisher brand on social media have been mainly due to excellent performance by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chris Gayle in IPL6  Over 8000 conversations by Indian users, mostly jokes or sarcastic in nature Conversations with source country as India have been considered for the analysis 10-Apr, 451 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 02-Apr 03-Apr 04-Apr 05-Apr 06-Apr 07-Apr 08-Apr 09-Apr 10-Apr 11-Apr 12-Apr 13-Apr 14-Apr 15-Apr 16-Apr 17-Apr 18-Apr 19-Apr 20-Apr 21-Apr 22-Apr 23-Apr 24-Apr 25-Apr 26-Apr 27-Apr 28-Apr 29-Apr 30-Apr 01-May 02-May 03-May 04-May 05-May Volumeofconversations
  11. 11. ..AND THE WORLD FOLLOWED THEM ! Gabbar Singh @GabbarSingh Tweets- Humor Gaurav Kalra @Gauravcnnibn CNN IBN Journalist, Tweets about Sports Cricket Ishaan @BeingIshancric Tweets about cricket @riya043 Tweets - general Sir Ravindra jadeja @SirJadeja Tweets about Cricket & humor Alternative Cricket @AltCricket Tweets about cricket Mr. Shri @MrShri Tweets- general @Sanjay_Dixit Tweets- general Harsha Bhogle @bhogleharsha Tweets about Cricket & news Sundar Raman @ramansunda Tweets about cricket Gaurav Kapur @gauravkapur Tweets about cricket and politics Jay Rajagopal @Jaitwits Tweets about cricket and news THE INFLUENCERS
  12. 12. HOW BRANDS CAN LEVERAGE INFLUENCERS FOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT?  Overall genre of posts/influencer is an important factor in the selection of an appropriate influencer  Audience of an influencer is another important factor in the selection of an appropriate influencer  Direct marketing of content about the brand by influencers can have significant ramifications but it is ‘subtle’ involvement of the brand in daily life/ posts (i.e. suggestive in nature or in a light manner) holds the key  Humor – the key to establishing the vital connect to audience  Content is the strength of influencers! Influencers like @GabbarSingh and @CoolFunnytshirt helped Cadbury in trending #Shubhaarambh on Twitter. With young audience base, these humorous ‘tweeters’ were the perfect communication channel for the firm. Insights
  13. 13. INFLUENCERS & CONTENT Influencer tweeting about the Cadbury gems in a subtle way. Such kind of promotions do not look like paid promotions and are readily accepted by audience. Appreciation of an already successful campaign by an influencer on social media adds to credibility of the campaign. Influencer’s use of humor makes the brand recall easier ! Different influencers need to be selected for different purposes. Influencers with humor can help in user engagement while celebrity influencers can help in trust building for brands Insights
  15. 15. THAT’S AN EPIC POST ! BEST CONTENT STRATEGIES  Vodafone – humorous content focused on a social appeal for its ‘Zoo Zoos’  Online contests and competitions help in gaining attention  #Shubhaarambh League on social media successful due to its common nature of hashtag which symbolizes the company strategy of extending the occasions of its consumption  Spontaneous and witty tweets on recent happenings in a cricket match leading to more shares and conversation driven by viewer sentiments and emotions  Keeping it humorous makes it easy to connect to people easily  Contests on social media used as a way to reward the users  Online contests such Tweet20- a key strategy for viewer engagements  Youth engagement through favorite youth icon content- both pictures and videos  A social website dedicated to interactions, gaming and engagement (  Contests and humor- the driving force for the online campaigns  #BechDe twitter campaign smartly uses cricket quotient to increase its reach  Quotes and other positive sentiment pictures which makes people happy to share and like the content
  16. 16. USER INTERESTS  48% of the IPL viewers interested in music and entertainment (including cinema)  17% of IPL viewers also follow football leagues  15% of IPL viewers passionate for automobiles (cars and bikes)  14% of IPL viewers more likely to own latest gadgets & technology  A growing proportion includes viewers interested in contests, travel, fashion and photography Music and Entertainment 48% Automobiles 15% Gadgets & Technology 14% Football 17% Others 6% Music and Entertainment Automobiles Gadgets & Technology Football Others IPL viewers have a greater interest in entertainment and humor. Brand engagement in such case would require humorous content creation and promotion. Insights
  18. 18. Superbowl brands tend to go for deeper integration on their own website and leverage hashtags for various events. Isolated Facebook falls in favour for these real time events, but it is likely provide a deeper brand engagement beyond the immediate event. Hashtags, which can be used in a variety of social networks, are permeable to multiple networks, creating broader engagement.
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS: SUPERBOWL  Superbowl : 75% of Brands integrated Social Quotient into advertisements  2013 Super bowl advertisements favour Hashtags, URLs - not Facebook  Hashtags, presumably aimed for Twitter, dominate over Facebook  Twitter mentioned in about 50% of the Superbowl commercials  Only 7% of brand advertisers integrated Facebook URLs with their social campaigns  Most mentioned brands went on for a Hashtag generic in nature and different from the brand name itself  Next level of social engagement- connected stadium, Wi-Fi, twitter screen, & mobile contests Brands in IPL can use this lesson of creating generic Hashtags and integrating social media with TV commercials to build an engaging ecosystem. Cadbury #Shubhaarambh League is one such example. Insights
  20. 20. CONTACT US AT Data Collection and Analytics through Simplify360