Bombay High - Social Media Case Study


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Bombay High Social Media Case Study - Blogger Outreach program.

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Bombay High - Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. PresentsFashion Bloggers Event
  2. 2. Background:Bombay High is a formal apparel brandfor the young and young at heart. Thebrand targets the young professionalsbetween the age group of 25 to 40. The case : In order to reach out to fans, social media platforms can be used wisely – we integrated online platforms with an offline fashion bloggers event at the store.
  3. 3. What was done? Online and offline integration is a must in order to trigger and create awareness. We brought the fashion and formal elements together in the concept for the Bombay High “High On Fashion” event.Objective : To create awareness about the brand amongst the ladies Tap the women audience and engage with them on various platforms on regular basis
  4. 4. Creatingawarenessabout the event
  5. 5. 5 Fashion Bloggers:-Utsavi Jhaveri-Malavika Mohanna-Rhea Gupte-Magali Caira Vaz-Alisha Merchani1 Make – up artist for giving the corporate their dream day time make overShreya Ahuja List of the Ceo’s/ Managers: -Manasi Bansal -Biju rajiv -Nameeta Saigal -Tripti navani -Shubadha
  6. 6. Invites sent to Invites sent to the the Bloggers Ceo’s/Managers
  7. 7. Agenda for the event
  8. 8. An appetizing breakDuring the event..Meet the guest The Stylists Style Tip - Introduction The blogger challenge – Make over session
  9. 9. Guess who made the Celebrity guest Shaina N C judged the “High On Fashion” event make – evening overs given by the Fashion BloggersStyle of the Day – Winnerannouncement and prize distrbution Head Home and Keep Blogging – How did the event impact the Brand’s presence on Social
  10. 10. Bloggers wrote blogs about their personal Overall Flow experience at the event Also shared glimpses of the event on their Promoting on Facebook Pages various social Brand managers/CEOs media platforms shared their photos, about “High On commented and expressed10th Dec 2011 Fashion” event – 17th Dec 2011 their opinion on the Creating Buzz Bombay High page THE DAY – “High OnInvites sent out to 11th Dec 2011 Fashion” at Bombayguests and responses High, Linking Road After Eventon confirmation Store, Bandra West,received Mumbai We trended in Mumbai during the course of the event Received overwhelming response
  11. 11. Event after effects onSocial Media Results?
  12. 12. Pictures shared by the bloggers
  13. 13. What the Judge had to say
  14. 14. Insights showing increase in Engagement with Fans Event Date: 17th on Facebook DecDrastic increase in the number of likes andcomments on the page content from the 13th Statistics on the eventto 19th December. week: 12th Dec- 19th DecAlmost of an average of 50 likes and 15comments per day in that span.
  15. 15. Jump in the number of Daily Active Users On an average about 30 each day during a span of 1 weekGood Post viewer numbersAlmost 500 people could view the postJump in the number after the event toabout 800.
  16. 16. Increase in the number of people who liked posts put up after the event on 17thAlso an increase inthe number ofcomments on eachpost can be noticed
  17. 17. An increase in the number of new likes on the page On an average at least about 5 organic likes each day during the week.Jump in the number of page viewsSpeaking in terms of numbers the page view numbers haveincreased from less than 100 to about 150 per day which is goodfor the brandUnique visitors of about 25 each day jumped up to 60 afterthe event.
  18. 18. Some DemographicsThe event mainly focused on women belonging to the age group of 18 – 30years.Looking at the percentage distribution, Male are a majority of 69% andFemale just 29% although there has been an increase in this percentage.The brand focuses on both male and female audience in the country,mostly the young entrepreneurs.What better way to create buzz amongst ladies than clubbing togetherboth the fashion and corporate aspects together.As a result of which we could reach out to many young womenentrepreneurs out there.
  19. 19. HighOnFashionOur “High On Fashion” eventHashtag trended in Mumbai
  20. 20. Increase in Follower numbers
  21. 21. Tweets, Retweets and MentionsIncreased interaction on twitter
  22. 22. Clear rise in the number of tweets, reachand interactionAbout 45 tweets on the day of eventNumber of tweets touched peek on the17th DecemberTweets for Bombay High reached out to3,124 people via 50 tweets i.e. each tweetreached out to about 62 people which isamazing for the brand.
  23. 23. #Highonfashion Trending in Mumbai
  24. 24. Some Numbers  47 new fans in just 7 days 210 unique page views within aweek Increase in the number of followers – about 30 new followers in span of few hours as a result of trending
  25. 25. #HighOnFashion Trending in Mumbai ! How does this benefit the brand Bombay High?Trending:The #trending occurring on Twitter not only provides an easy avenue forpeople to communicate, but it also raises awareness about topics, products,services, brands and companies on, to a certain extent, a global scale.Use of a hashtag:To increase brand recognition within a captive, engaged audience that isincluded in every Tweet. The trending hashtag reaches our not only to brand’sfollowers but also the followers of the brand’s followers – Best example ofviral marketing.#HighOnFashion went viral in Mumbai and chances were of it reaching out tomost Indians who can be the brand’s target audience during the course of theevent
  26. 26. 50 tweets reached out to about 3,546 people because of theregular tweets during the event.Each tweet of Bombay High has reached out to about 71 people.
  27. 27. Statisticstaken in themorning on theday of event Tweets with hashtag #HighOnFashion reached out to about 4,948 people via 50 tweets i.e. each tweet has reached out to about 100 people before the event
  28. 28. Statistics takenon the day ofevent in theevening Tweets with hashtag #HighOnFashion reached out to about 19,460 people via 50 tweets i.e. each tweet has reached out to about 390 people when the hashtag trended
  29. 29. Blogs written by the fashion bloggers onthe High On Fashion event
  30. 30. Bombay High TeamStructure at Social Seety Mubashir Usmani – Founder Shruti Nair – Co Founder, Business Head Riyaz Merchant - Creative Head Saad Merchant – Copywriter and creative in – charge Shaista Syed – Social Media Executive for Bombay High Nelson Lopes - Visualizer Bianca Radhakrishna – Social Media Strategist
  31. 31. THANK YOU