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Social Media Case Study : Apollo Hospitals (Run For A Healthy Heart – Mini Marathon)


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The campaign was initiated on ‘World Heart Day’ with an objective of increasing awareness and prevention of heart diseases and its contributing risk factors in the targeted cities (Bhubaneswar & Cuttack) and the adjoining ones. It was a part of Apollo’s ‘Billion Hearts Beating’ National campaign which is conducted each year to actively promote healthy heart across India, The marathon was mainly organized to make every person pledge for a healthy heart

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Social Media Case Study : Apollo Hospitals (Run For A Healthy Heart – Mini Marathon)

  1. 1. “Run For A Healthy Heart” -Mini Marathon September 11- September 29 , 2013 | 7381088846|
  2. 2. Campaign Launch How the “Run For A Healthy Heart – Mini Marathon” campaign kick started , generating massive popularity & participation..!! | 7381088846|
  3. 3. Target Audience Our Target Audience included : People of all age groups in the Twin Cities (Cuttack & Bhubaneswar ) and some adjoining cities Special attention to School, colleges and elder age groups “Summing up all , audiences targeted were basically the general public , irrespective of the category they belonged to” | 7381088846|
  4. 4. The Campaign
  5. 5. Facebook Posts & Designs
  6. 6. Making People aware to Generating Awareness maintain a healthy heart Through Posts
  7. 7. Fan’s interest and interaction | 7381088846|
  8. 8. Result • • • • • • A whooping 3150 likes in just two weeks Targeted Geographic campaign 2276 fans from the targeted cities 6194 people actively engaged with the Facebook page Total Reach - 252378 417 Online Registrations in just 3 weeks The facebook page became popular & an interactive platform among all age groups | 7381088846|
  9. 9. Agency Detail We are Prelude Digital – A 360 degree Digital Media Agency based in the “Temple City-Bhubaneswar” situated in Odisha. A digital media team having a natural flair for design & strategy. Our Services include: • • • • • Social Media Marketing SEO & Analytics Website Designing Advertising Campaigns & App Development Humanizing brands Prelude Digital – “Giving an Introduction to something important” | 7381088846|
  10. 10. Thank You ..!!