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Social Media: Back to Basics


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A presentation designed for entry level Chamber of Commerce presentation on Fan Engagement through Social Media

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Social Media: Back to Basics

  1. 1. Social Media Engagement Back to Basics Greg Emerson Wendy Emerson @socialpmchick
  2. 2. Social Media Landscape
  3. 3. Before You Begin…• Brainstorm the types of content you will share: – Photos – Videos – Blog Posts – Retail Promos – Public Service Announcements – Press Releases
  4. 4. Put Your Plan Into Action• Develop a schedule – how often will you publish content and where?• Have a dedicated person who is posting, listening and responding to social media community members.• Develop a content “policy” and stick to it. – Not all negativity is bad.• Measure activity & response and adapt the plan over time.
  5. 5. Blogging Content Strategy: - Event Promotion - Product Promotion - Product Reviews - Product Launch - Customer Testimonials - Event Reviews - Industry News - Infographic Review - Research Reports- Share to Social – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc.- Comment on other blogs and link back to yours- Tweetable Titles- Sub.domain from your website: -
  6. 6. Twitter Strength:Reach broad audience quickly through use of #hashtags about topics and contentRelated to your business or services.
  7. 7. Real Time Content Monitoring:
  8. 8. Twitter Tips:• Tweets should be attention getting and relevant.• Conversation needs to be two-way.• Tweet about: – Your latest blog post – News about your industry, company, products – Conversation with competitors, customers, prospects – Customer Service BE HUMAN – BE INTERESTING – PROVIDE VALUE
  9. 9. Facebook Strength:One-to-One and One-to-Many Fan Interactions and Dialogue about your brand orBusiness. Real-time customer engagement and feedback.
  10. 10. Facebook Pages: Timeline Cover Photo (851x315) - Promo Info - Seasonal Info - Company Overview Profile Picture (160x160) Customizable Tabs: - Photos - Events - Videos - Email Sign-Up - Fan Gates
  11. 11. Facebook Content Nuggets:
  12. 12. Facebook Insights: What? Which type of content Is getting the most Interaction from my Fans? - Videos? - Photos? - Status Updates? - Links? - Blog Shares? What days of the week Generate the most Interaction with my Content?
  13. 13. Facebook Insights: Who? Who is my audience? Demographics? - Gender - Age - Country - City - Language Where are my likes Coming from? - Mobile Devices? - Browser? - Search Results?
  14. 14. YouTube Strength & Weakness:- Video is the content most people prefer to engage with.- On the flip side, it is also the most time and cost intensive to produce.
  15. 15. Fan Engagement Through Video:
  16. 16. Google+ Strength:- Google product, means better indexed content for search optimization- Google Hangouts allow live one-to-many video interactions – live- Easily organize contacts into “circles”
  17. 17. Pinterest Strengths:- Image Driven Marketing - Cupcakes, Cakes, Purses, Clothing, Retail - Image driven contests & promotions.
  18. 18. Photo Contests & Crowdsourcing:
  19. 19. LinkedIn Strength:- Well Optimized profiles rank well in Google search.- Use Groups for discussion threads and to promote services.- “Answers” allows you to set your company apart with thought leadership.
  20. 20. Measure: Google AnalyticsWhich social media sites are referring traffic to your web site?Which pages on your website are getting the most visits from social media?
  21. 21. Questions? Infographic source: SDLSM2.COM