LinkedIn for Business


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This presentation describes how professionals can use LinkedIn to support the development of a professional social brand.

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LinkedIn for Business

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Business Michael Tucker Sr. Social Media Strategist
  2. 2. Introduction• Building a Professional Social Brand• The “Strategery”• Laws of Branding on LinkedIn• Tactics for Business Professionals• Q&A
  3. 3. Building a Professional Social Brand• Allows you to showcase your expertise• Make’s it easier for employers and contractors to understand and hire you• Can open the doors for paid speaking or training opportunities• Proactively builds your reputation before someone else does
  4. 4. Elements of a Professional Social Brand• Blog PR (Radio, TV, Newsp aper,• LinkedIn Guest Blogging, Print Publications, Onli ne Articles)• Facebook YouTube Facebook – Responsibly Used• Twitter LinkedIn Blog Twitter• YouTube• 3rd Party Published Content
  5. 5. The “Strategery”• Define your purpose (grow your network, find prospects, exchange information, raise visibility)• Define target audience (titles, positions, companies & personal characteristics. Group connections into categories by influence)• Create a strategy for how you will build relationships with the audience members
  6. 6. Laws of Branding on LinkedIn• Complete your profile fully• Give Yourself the Appropriate Professional ‘Headline’• Personalize Your URL• Tell your story• Add Keywords to Your Copy• Use a professional photo
  7. 7. Laws of Branding on LinkedIn (Cont’d)• Seek specific recommendations. They give viewers an idea of how others have viewed your work. When someone offers to give you a recommendation, suggest key words, phrases or specific experience for them to comment on• Seek strategic connections• When you ask for connections, personalize the invitation. refer to the place/time/location where you met the person, offer insight into how you’ve come to know them, or mention your goals in wanting to connect with them• Be Selective: Don’t accept every invitation to connect• Use Apps to further communicate your brand
  8. 8. A few Tactics• Become the Expert – Participate in Groups and Answers• Spark participation by asking for likes• Don’t sell…contribute
  9. 9. A Few Tactics (Cont’d)• Give group members a reason to engage with you. – Drive them to your marketing funnel with useful FREE white papers and various trainings• If you own a group set out to build relationships w/5 people and allow them to help you run the group• Review the daily or weekly emails from LinkedIn & participate where it makes sense
  10. 10. Questions?
  11. 11. Thank You Michael Tucker