10 Rules for Growing your Florist Business with Social Media & Mobile Marketing


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This presentation was given at the 2012 Arizona State Florist Association Conference. It covers using social media an mobile marketing in the florist industry.

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10 Rules for Growing your Florist Business with Social Media & Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. 10 Rules for Growing yourFlorist Business with Social Media & Mobile Marketing Presented By: Michael Tucker
  2. 2. Overview• Welcome• Who’s here?• Where does social media fit?• 10 Rules• Q&A
  3. 3. So…Let’s start asking a BIG question
  4. 4. Where does social media fitinto your internet marketing efforts?
  5. 5. Where Does Social Media Fit? Traffic Generation Capture & Content Conversion Traditional Creation Marketing & PR CRM/email Website/Blog $ The Foundation system SEO + Local Search Creative & Powerful Google, Yahoo, Bing Measurement of Messaging, Results Text, Video & Audio Paid Online Advertising Track Actions & ROI (Views, clicks, visits, likes, comments, retweets, leads,Core Elements of calls, sales Social Media &Internet Marketingfor Small Business Mobile Marketing
  6. 6. Let’s zoom in to the social media component…
  7. 7. Wheel of Social Fortune PR (Radio, TV, Newspaper, Guest Blogging, Print Publications, Online Articles) Facebook YouTube Website/ Blog Twitter LinkedIn Mobile/Text (SMS) List EmailGoal: make all these areas Listwork together to buildcommunity and increasebrand engagement
  8. 8. Let’s discuss 10 Rules thatwill answer these questions.
  9. 9. Rule # 1• Choose your business goals then your social media goals
  10. 10. Example• Business Goals: – Increase local sales by 15% next year – Build deeper relationships in key channels of opportunity to increase referral sales – Reduce customer service wait time by 50% – Enter the British market within next year
  11. 11. Example (cont’d)• Social Media Goals – Build brand awareness – Increase lead generation – Build Community – Enhance Customer service – Recruit quality employees
  12. 12. Rule # 2• Update current marketing plan and/or• Create a social media plan to support goal achievement
  13. 13. Elements of a Social Media Plan• Goals• Target Market• Selection of social networks ( and 3rd party tools) and how they will be used• Integration Strategy• Management Strategy• Metrics Plan• Budget• Schedule
  14. 14. Rule # 3• Choose your Social platforms wisely – Only setup platforms that will help you achieve your goal and that you will actually use – Just because it exist doesn’t mean you need to use it – An unattended profile is worst than none at all
  15. 15. • 900 Million Users • 400 Million Users • 200M• Mobile Updates Professionals •140 Character Limit• Branding• Picture Albums •Laser Target Followers •Average income• Groups (Florist of FB) $100K + •Target Geographically• Promote Events or Keyword •Locate Industries• Personal & Business or Executives Pages •More Aggressive Marketing •Group Participation• USE: Maintaining Relationship & •Lead Generation •Recommendations Community •Keyword Research •Introductions •Monitor Brand •USE: Connecting •2 Billion Views a day with influencers and •Build Relationships •USE: Build Buzz and decision makers •Building Buzz gaining exposure •USE:Education, Entertainment, & Social Advertising Relateability
  16. 16. Introducing…• Google +• Pinterest• 4 Square• Skype• Mobile Ads
  17. 17. Rule # 4• Look for ways to integrate Social Media with PR & other forms of marketing
  18. 18. Rule # 5• Customize social brand experience – Customers will judge your success by how successful your FB page looks
  19. 19. Rule # 6• Become Easy to find with…• Google Places• Bing & Yahoo Local• Review & Directory Sites – Merchant Circle – City Search – Super Pages – Yellow Pages – Yelp
  20. 20. Rule # 7• Use video to build relationships and create conversions • Tell a story • Educate customers about your product or industry • Show what it’s like behind the Scene • Share testimonials
  21. 21. Rule # 8• Don’t forget about QR codes and Text messaging Get Double Text Credits Promo Code: SOCIALMOBILEBUZZ
  22. 22. Rule # 9• Grow nationally and or internationally with webinars and online training – Provide training about your industry – Educate clients about choosing the right product – Educate clients about your products – Just help people solve their problems!
  23. 23. Rule # 10 • Work together and have fun• “Like” supporting businesses• Comment on each other’s Walls• Tag other’s in company post• Recognize the success of other local firms
  24. 24. Thank You! Text SMbuzz to 69302Social Mobile Tips and 25% off a Social Media Plan Phone:520-309-5295 SocialMobileBuzz.com