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Social media is dynamite4 sales


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Social media is dynamite4 sales

  2. 2. Can social media help sales achieve targets?• Yes, many of the best major account managers, globally, are already using social media Identify• There are a set of key social media activities (The ILC Model - Identify, Listen & Create) that can be learned & developed or outsourced Listen• This presentation is a quick guide to these activities for all involved• If you wish to discuss outsourcing these to provide prospect, client and competitor Create social media activity & opportunity reports please make contact• Results are trackable too – use the ideas for selected accounts and track and compare the results over a 6 month period to other similar accounts
  3. 3. How to use Social Media for to Identify Problems & Initiatives• Use automated search tools to uncover problems/initiatives/opportunities to engage in all Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook accounts in target organisations Identify• List accounts with problems/initiatives you can solve or assist with• Track solutions, incidence rates, speed of response by targets• Identify intermediary contacts, between you and the target from their lists of followers & friends• Identify true buyers
  4. 4. How to use Social Media for to Listen to Major Accounts• Go beyond LinkedIn & Twitter & Facebook to Google search and track YouTube, online media & web site mentions• Analyze incidents, positive or Listen negative sentiment and culture cues• Track staff personnel changes, marketing activity changes & all PR activity• Identify issues that cross over with your products, services and skills
  5. 5. How to use Social Media to Create a Social Media Major Account Initiative• Create channels to the target through existing contacts you share• Create Twitter feeds, LinkedIn/group posts, Facebook Create posts related to target problems and initiatives• Create longer posts, events, YouTube videos and whitepapers• Identify existing internal staff who can assist and existing material for repurposing
  6. 6. Why aren’t sales doing this now?• They are managing existing accounts & projects including fire fighting, internal resource issues and customer relationships• They are training on new and existing products & on soft skills to ensure staying up to date in all areas• They are identifying prospect accounts and managing existing proposals to these accounts• They are producing reports for internal & external use• They are attending internal meetings and updates on team, division and company activitiesYou want them to do social media ILC too?
  7. 7. What experience is this based on?25 years sales and marketing experience in Ireland and the UK,including 8 years in sales management.Experience in the delivery of sales training, course materialdevelopment, customer research and multimedia training.A related guide to social media called Social Media is Dynamitedue to be published in the Autumn of