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Social Media is Dynamite


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A social media corporate strategy proposal.

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Social Media is Dynamite

  1. 1. Social Media is Dynamite Handle with Care!
  2. 2. Is social media important?• 79% of Fortune 100 companies use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and corporate blogs• Quicker-than-CNN news via Twitter has given stock market investors a 30 minute edge. Yet few investment analysts are monitoring Twitter yet• Dell achieved $3 million in revenue attributable directly to Twitter posts• Jet Blue has over a million followers mainly for customer service issues• IBM has 50k people on its Alumni network on Facebook• State Farm Insurance has had 20 million views on its YouTube channel• The New York Fed is monitoring sentiment in the financial industry and key social media influencers
  3. 3. How to use Social Media for Competitive Advantage• Audit all existing social media work, plans and governance• Create a strategic social media plan that integrates with organisational objectives• Issue a governance document, content development guidelines and a sentiment monitoring strategy• Plan long term social media testing, development and investment
  4. 4. What Social Media is Dynamite can do to help• Internal “7 Pillars” social media audit questionnaire and report• “7 Pillars” social media plan including governance document and sentiment monitoring plan.• Implementation support including training, content creation and sentiment monitoring• Bi-annual audit, plan and implementation support cycle
  5. 5. What is a “7 Pillar” Social Media Audit?A staff questionnaire and interview process toestablish:1. All current SM identities, stats, content2. All planned and possible SM opportunities3. Existing or planned governance document4. SM engagement analysis by seniority/position5. SM monitoring (sentiment/mentions) current & planned6. Software tools in use and planned7. Best competitor analysis of SM usage
  6. 6. What is a “7 Pillar” Social Media Plan?A written report showing:1. Your social media objectives2. Who will implement the plan3. What resources people/budget are available4. Integration plan with existing marketing/customer service/comms plans5. Governance document6. Content development guidelines7. Management and ROI analysis options
  7. 7. Who is Social Media is Dynamite?Laurence has worked for 25 years in sales and marketing,including 8 years in sales management.He has experience in sales training and was a co-founder and acourse material developer for a multimedia based sales trainingcompany in the UK. He is a qualified sales training facilitator andholds a Dip. MIS and an MBA in Marketing qualification.He is the author of a guide to social media called Social Media isDynamite which will be published in the Autumn of