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How to successfully enter the German market


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Business Development, Marketing, Sales, PR, Legal, HR and Virtual Office - all that's needed to successfully enter the German market, establish a sustainable stream of revenue from Germany.

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How to successfully enter the German market

  1. 1. How to Successfully Enter <br />the German Market?<br />The German speaking Market:<br /><ul><li>95m people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  2. 2. Average GDP per Capita of $39,700
  3. 3. Booming Economy
  4. 4. Record level Consumer Confidence and Spending</li></ul>The German Travel Market:<br /><ul><li>German 2010 Spend on Int’l Travel: $84.84 bn
  5. 5. US Spend on International Travel: $72.7 bn
  6. 6. German 2010 Spend on Domestic Travel: $88.62 bn
  7. 7. 49m Germans take an average of 1.3 leisure trips p.a.</li></li></ul><li>Virtual Office<br />Sales<br />Marketing,<br />Business<br />Development<br />Legal & HR<br />PR<br />Your all-in-one Gate into the German market<br />Your „Guy on the Ground“<br />Incl. your own Frankfurt office address, dedicated telephone number, bi-lingual telephone staff<br />Picture:<br />
  8. 8. Welcome to the German Market,<br />Your German Market!<br />For more information, contact details, <br />list of reference customers, etc. <br />please visit<br />Or call <br />(from Europe) +49 700 2526 9600<br />(from N-America) 1 888 258 0258<br />Modular<br />Flexible<br />Scalable<br />