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Guest Speaker Babette Pepaj's PowerPoint


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Published in: Education
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Guest Speaker Babette Pepaj's PowerPoint

  1. 1. UCLA x429.21 #SocMedUCLA 8:30pm @BakeSpace
  2. 2. Babette Pepaj Founder, @BakeSpace
  3. 3. To work or not to work with an inFluencer… that is the question.
  4. 4. How to Find InFluencers •  Google keyword (Find high ranking blog posts on relevant topics) •  Twitter search (e.g., hashtags, usernames) •  Instagram: Hashtags top posts,, •  Pinterest (boards, posts, search your own site to see who’s posting) •  Events (most effective for in-person, relationship building: •  TECHmunch (we do all the heavy lifting to Find them) • (Find events and then search users) •  In:luencer Networks: • (Vine) • (lifestyle tastemakers) • (instagram) • (snapchat) •  HOW FOOD NETWORK USES SNAPCHAT: • • •  Google “in:luencer networks” …
  5. 5. How to Work With InFluencers Imediaconnection article - Reach out before you need them. Be friends with their friends and you’ll attract more inFluencers. Don’t assume you can get anything by them. Don’t work with them because you think it will be cheaper. Don’t pretend to be “one of them” and turn around and pitch them. Don’t assume they don’t share pitches with each other in facebook groups. Go ofFline and make real connections.
  6. 6. VIDEO •  Google Hangouts • (group chat with social shares) •  Periscope (live, solo) •  TECHMUNCH LIVE (JUNE 24 & 25) (scroll down page to events)
  7. 7. UCLA x429.21 Branded Content @BakeSpace Thanks!