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Ibis Experience - Social Media Point 23


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Presentación Campaña Ibis Experience en el Social Media Point sobre Vídeo Content

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Ibis Experience - Social Media Point 23

  2. 2. Building the ibis vision of well-being 2 DIGITAL @THE CORE SINCE 2012 ibis ambition is to become the digital reference of its category before 2015 Ibis Family Rebranding campaign Oct-Nov 2012 1 Enjoy the ibis sweet bed digital experience with Sleep Art contest Q4 2012 2 Extend the experience to mobile through Sleep Art app March 2013 3 A video brand content interactive experience featuring ibis sweet bed Ultimate Sleep Jan – March 2014 NEW 2014 A video brand content immersive & interactive experience featuring the Sweet bed by ibis TM NOM DE L OP : ibis expedition : the Ultimate sleep
  3. 3. 3  To tell a strong story in every country, all around the world  …with PR potential to address new media targets…  …to make noise about ibis and confirm ibis as an attractive & modern brand Developed by 60 engineers, involving over 3,000 working hours, ibis innovates by designing the Sweet bed by ibisTM. This bed breaks all accepted codes in the economy hotel segment, offering absolute comfort and making ibis hotels the best place to sleep. The aim of this operation was to demonstrate the bed's technical superiority to the general public, reinforcing the brand's promise of "a good night's sleep" and spreading it throughout the world. The problem was simple: how can the bed's performance be demonstrated, how can the quality of sleep it offers be highlighted, without the content becoming soporific? 11 languages and an activation in 11 countries + PAN-Africa THE ULTIMATE SLEEP A strong and attractive ibis brand content
  4. 4. 4 THE IDEA An interactive & immersive HTML5 web-documentary featuring the sweet bed by ibis TM A TORTURE TEST : the ultimate test To prove that the best place to sleep is everywhere, we brought the Sweet bed by ibis TM in an outstanding place where it is impossible to sleep: We followed a team of explorers trying to sleep in one of the most remote part of our planet, Mount Roraima, Venezuela. THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY: After a week of adventure through various landscapes, the ibis expedition team reached its goal: the cliff of the Mount Roraima. Aaron Chervenak sleeps there, quietly, thanks to the Sweet bed. His night is carefully monitored by all the team during a not-so-quiet night. But nothing can prevent our hero, the Sweet bed, from ensuring a perfect night’ sleep for Aaron. The amazing story of these adventurers is told through an immersive and interactive website. A way for ibis to provide brand content not only through a movie but thanks to a full digital experience The content is intended to be viewed - not as a simple video but - in digital platform format. Developed entirely in HTML5, the platform offers a spellbinding full-immersion experience: an interactive intensity line, additional content, multi-camera scenes, a 360° view of the summit of Mount Roraima, double cameras manned from a helicopter, etc.
  5. 5. IBIS-EXPEDITION.COM An ultimate digital experience in an immersive video platform 5 ADDITIONNAL & INTERACTIVE CONTENTS The platform was designed to be a complete digital experience with many additional contents : tweets and instagram photos posted online during the expedition by the adventurers, multicam scenes, 360° view at the top of the Mount Roraima, on-board cameras in helicopter, interactive map to follow the adventurers… Interactive intensity line Interactive map Additional contents : Instagram photos On-board cameras Multicam scene 360° view
  6. 6. 6 On our way to meet 2015 objective… WHAT IS AT STAKE ? Leverage brand content to service brand preference TRAFFIC INTERACTIVITY VIDEO SHARABILITY BUZZ DIGITAL PREFERENCE AWARENESSPLATFORM USER CENTRIC sweet bed WOMSEEDING EFFICACYVIEWS SOCIAL Drive traffic to the Ultimate sleep platform to watch the full expedition Increase the brand preference and position ibis as a digital brand CHANGER LA PHOTO
  7. 7. 7 ACTIVATION AND INFLUENCE A high visibility potential amplified through PR & media activation ibis expedition The Ultimate Sleep at the Devil’s Mountain Twitter: #ibisexpedition teasing tweets of the crew since October 18th Instagram: The account became public on January 20th Vice: benefits from their mag, and Facebook -> international network Each member of the expedition Partnership with Columbia benefits from their PR and Facebook PR / e-PR / bloggers Paid Media
  8. 8. 8 A TRAILER LAUNCHED TO SUPPORT THE PLATFORM Our strategic parti-pris based on POE… Traffic to video platform : EARNED is key Instead of focusing on the number of views of the trailer we needed to maximize traffic from the trailer & social formats : we aimed at activating earned media FOCUSING ON OUR MAIN KPI… amplificationactivation Paid views Natural traffic PAID OWNED EARNED VIEWS ARE A TOOL TO LEVERAGE TRAFFIC TO SITE …LEADING TO OUR ACTIVATION PARTI-PRIS Optimised video player on the trailer to maximize traffic Social engagement Bloggers activation
  9. 9. 9 TIMELINE & PHASING An activation designed to amplify POE mechanism January February20th SITELAUNCH 30th MEDIALAUNCH VIDEO CAMPAIGN AWARENESS GAME RECRUITMENT ibis sites branding Ecard on ibis and In hotels : webcorners + wifi platform + reception screens internal communication ACTIVATION OF OWNED MEDIA 20th - BERLIN - RIO - SURABAYA - MADRID PRESS EVENTS 22nd - LONDON - LISBON PRTEASING since december… TEASING & exclusive releases PR & ePR EARNED OWNED PAID DEC
  10. 10. 10 AD FORMATS DESIGNED TO OPTIMISE SHARABILITY Complementary 100% content approaches User-initiated trailer ending with site discovery Share buttons User-initiated branded trailer player Optimised player to boost sharing OPTIMISED PLAYERS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TOWARDS SITE AND OPTIMISE SHARABILITY TRAILER PRE-ROLL ON VICE CONTENT TO LEVERAGE THE PARTNERSHIP FACEBOOK AD NATIVE FORMATS TO ENGAGE ON IBIS BRAND CONTENT Pre-roll on & VICE Youtube channel Promoted posts on platform content & game recruitment
  11. 11. 11 A WIDESPREAD INTERNATIONAL REACH Worldwide sources of traffic with a highlight in countries activated by POE + 2 000 000 UV* *unique visitors vs. 700 000 objective 178 countries West - Sub- Saharan Africa In line with the planning Europe generated most of visits on the platform with major markets such as France but also Germany and the UK Brazil was a major traffic provider of the platform. An audience particularly engaged with share rates up to 6% on ad video players Apart from Brazil, Australia is one of the main traffic drivers out of Europe Volume of visits per country
  12. 12. 12 - 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 1,400,000 1,600,000 1,800,000 2,000,000 20-Jan-14 21-Jan-14 22-Jan-14 23-Jan-14 24-Jan-14 25-Jan-14 26-Jan-14 27-Jan-14 28-Jan-14 29-Jan-14 30-Jan-14 31-Jan-14 01-Feb-14 02-Feb-14 03-Feb-14 04-Feb-14 05-Feb-14 06-Feb-14 07-Feb-14 08-Feb-14 09-Feb-14 10-Feb-14 11-Feb-14 12-Feb-14 13-Feb-14 14-Feb-14 15-Feb-14 16-Feb-14 17-Feb-14 18-Feb-14 19-Feb-14 20-Feb-14 21-Feb-14 22-Feb-14 23-Feb-14 24-Feb-14 25-Feb-14 26-Feb-14 27-Feb-14 28-Feb-14 01-Mar-14 02-Mar-14 03-Mar-14 04-Mar-14 05-Mar-14 06-Mar-14 07-Mar-14 08-Mar-14 09-Mar-14 10-Mar-14 11-Mar-14 PAID ACTIVATION LEVERAGED EARNED TRAFFIC 51% of natural traffic in line with media activation Facebook Post Media campaign Launch Global objective : 700 000 unique visitors +2 million unique visitors Clear impact of the media activation on the global performances of the campaign with a growing gap between paid and earned An activation that boosted virality of the ibis content and triggered curiosity to discover the experience CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE WAS BLOWN UP !
  13. 13. A STRONG INTERNATIONAL VISIBILITY PRAISING IBIS’ INNOVATION - A real PR impact in specialized press and on blogs OVER 200 PRESS OR WEB ARTICLES IN OVER 30 COUNTRIES, ON ALL CONTINENTS  Mainly on specialized press/ bloggers : • Lifestyle • Advertising  INTERNATIONAL : mainly France but also in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Argentina, Brazil….  Feedbacks from bloggers and marketing experts have been very positive  Online articles praised the project for its innovation and creativity 13 THANKS TO STRONG PARTNERS, IBIS HAS AMPLIFIED ITS PRESENCE AND ITS REACH ON NEW AUDIENCES. The brand attracted the curiosity of a large public. Benjamin Lassale, General Director of VICE France : “When BETC and ibis have presented the project, we found that the idea was crazy and the production challenge so high, that we wanted to participate.” All the team's equipment was provided by Columbia : the world reference for technical outdoor clothing and accessories.
  14. 14. A POSITIVE ECHO ON SOCIAL NETWORKS 390 000 Facebook interactions and a high reach on Twitter 14 +2060 tweets from more than 1500 tweetos A reach exceeding 4M followers around the world VERY POSITIVE FEEDBACK ON TWITTER 390 000 interactions during the campaign : A MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT More than 26 000 new fans recruited during the campaign keeping in mind it was not a KPI
  15. 15. THE FACEBOOK GAME An echo to the video platform on social networks and a sucess for ibis 15  10 115 participants among the 18 535 unique visitors on the Facebook application  2 646 Facebook invitations sent and 1 051 shares  2 minutes time spent Home page presenting the game and the prizes (5 level of gifts) 6 questions based on the mini-film Game participants can play as much as they want to improve their chances of winning
  16. 16. 16 A POST-TEST WAS CONDUCTED IN FRANCE & GERMANY ON VIDEO TRAILER VIEWERS WITH VERY POSITIVE RESULTS :  At the following sentence : « ibis is an innovative and surprising brand » an uplift of +65% between exposed and control audience in France and +109% in Germany !  « ibis hotels are different compared to other hotel chains » registered an uplift of +56% in France and + 89% in Germany  « I have a good image of the ibis brand » registered an uplift of +55% in France and +154% in Germany A CAMPAIGN WELL PERCEIVED ON THE DOMESTIC MARKET AND WITH EXPONENTIAL POSITIVE FEEDBACK ON AN INTERNATIONAL SCALE RESULTS AT A GLANCE A new digital best case for ibis leading the way to 2015 objective  Over 200 press or web articles in over 30 countries, on all continents.  2 million individual visitors to the site (versus a target of 700,000)  2.3 million viewings of the trailer on Youtube  More than 26 000 new Facebook fans …and above all, proof of the interest stimulated by the content: average time spent on the site was 7 minutes, more than double the usual figure for brand advertising sites Repositioning a long established brand like ibis takes time, but a new and huge step towards brand association with innovation and digital has been made AN AWARD WINNING CAMPAIGN Site of the Day and project of the week March 14 for the FWA (Favorite Website Award) Gold at the 2014 Grand Prix du Brand Content … Post- test source : Decipher