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  • We were concerned there was no point to IBX being socialBCBSR was the Tipping Point – Britt’s proposal followed by demand for photos on Flickr- We had a built in audience of over 30,000 runners from the BCBSR
  • We realized the Power of Social Media to connect and join the conversation- Now we know our brand isn’t boring, and yours isn’t either.
  • This is what will we will discuss today
  • What makes your brand unique? What is your BCBSR? your most iconic product, service, or visual?- your company’s goal, mission, and vision statement?- yourknowledge that no one else has?- your signature event?
  • You have to listen before you engage - what is being said about your brand, your competitors, and your industry?There are tools that can help you listen Don’t restrict yourself to only a handful of networks – listen to the entire web
  • Based on the listening, what interest or need can you fulfill? In early 2010, there was a rising negative sentiment around healthcare reform. Customers already bring their complaints to social media People are eager to share and discuss their healthy habits We should act as more of a business-to-consumer brand
  • “Don’t be everywhere” - you can’t possible engage meaningfully on every network. Narrow the fieldByNumber of users for you to engage withChoose networks that can expand the reach of your shared storiesChannels for a specific type of content, like YouTube for video We decided FB was the best hubOur spokes include corporate web site, Twitter, Flickr, and a WordPress blog
  • You’ve decided to commit to a social media strategy. How do you get buy-in through your org? My experience getting exec buy-in was…- It was important for us to establish policies to govern use because…
  • Talking about your brand on Social Media is not the same as sending a press release or scripting an ad campaign.- Sales messages wouldn’t work; not everyone can choose their health care product-We want to show members and businesses how they can control their health care costs- Members can’t discuss personal healthy information (PHI)
  • If you didn’t have a product or service to sell, but still wanted to improve someone’s life in a way based on your expertise what would that be?For us, it was our commitment to wellness throughout all of our partnerships and events.
  • Who is the face of your brand – and should that be the person who is your voice on Social Media?- Customers- Employees- CEO or Sr. Executives- Experts
  • This campaign consisted of:- Health focused content- Healthy Steps mini-site Promotion
  • This campaign consisted of:- Photo contest (this really resonated)- Let’s Get Walking!- Step Out event promotion- Associate blogging- Philadelphia Union sponsorship
  • - We’ve found the best way to cultivate a community is posting interesting and unique content.- Create an editorial calendar to manage frequency and flow of content, but don’t be a slave to it. Be flexible. Listen to your audience as they engage with you. What excites them? Who are your “internal reporters”?- Align with what is happening in your industry. What news, events, or observances can you talk about?
  • - What are your goals for customer service?- What do your customers want and need?- How can you execute customer service based on legal or regulatory restrictions?- Our example: The ASK IBX Team
  • Contest photo of member with his newborn“I am now a top regional expert mountain bike racer, elite marathon runner, Ironman finisher, mountain climber, and indoor cycling spin instructor.”- Are you an indispensible part of your customer’s lives? Are your customers part of your story?
  • From our Annual Report:“While in Mexico to marry his fiancee, Mark broke his leg. He was without phone service, but was able to contact us through Facebook.”- Are you there when your customers need you the most? Have you converted followers to brand ambassadors?
  • We have grown our corporate fanbase strategically with our campaigns, hub/spoke approach, and by telling our brand’s story We also continue to listen, and find new ways for our community to engage with us-What does your audience want read about, see, and interact with?- How you can find ways to tie those things to your brand experience?
  • BCBSR grew organically, not as part of a campaignThe 30,000 runner audience is already there, waiting to talk!Does your band have that kind of audience for a product or event?
  • Use your existing partnerships and media buys to promote social Don’t just point to your social media page – point to what’s exciting about it.
  • We saw a major change in social growth when we integrated into our existing ad campaigns.
  • Find a way to quantify brand engagement to Sr. Execs- This may be different for every network.
  • John McClung

    1. 1. Your Brand Isn’t Boring How to motivate people to engage with a brand they’d rather ignore. Social Media Plus November 16, 20111
    2. 2. We thought our brand too boring for social media2
    3. 3. Is this Health Insurance?3
    4. 4. What we’ll discuss today  What makes your brand exciting  Tell a compelling story about your brand  Engage your audience and measure success4
    5. 5. What makes your brand exciting5
    6. 6. How is your brand unique? Every brand has something that resonates with their customers and differentiates them from the competition.6
    7. 7. Learning to listen Conversation about your industry and your brand is already happening – so why not listen in?7
    8. 8. What IBX learned by listening • People were already talking about our industry • People were talking specifically about our brand • We were missing opportunities to assist and engage customers8
    9. 9. Join the conversation where it’s occurring Which social media platforms are right for your brand? • Your industry is discussed there • Allows you to share your content and knowledge • Use the hub/spoke approach9
    10. 10. Tell a compelling story about your brand10
    11. 11. Agree on the rules of engagement • Understand the restrictions from legal and compliance • Get buy-in from your senior executive team • Identify stakeholders • Establish policy on use11
    12. 12. IBX’s Social Media Goals Our mission is for our members to be welland feel positively about our brand. We produce engaging, informative materials that can: • build community • empower our audience to live a healthy lifestyle • benefit our business12
    13. 13. The story IBX tells… Corporate Partnerships Promoting Volunteerism & Health & Community Investment Wellness13
    14. 14. …and the people who tell it. Chef Katie Cavuto-Boyle Dietitian, Philadelphia Phillies Kimberly Garrison Daily News Columnist & Wellness Guru14
    15. 15. IBX Healthy Steps Phase 1 – Nutrition Result? 300% increase in fans15
    16. 16. IBX Healthy Steps Phase 2 – Physical Activity Result? 3,000 new fans16
    17. 17. Managing your message Create an editorial calendar to manage your narrative • What excites your audience? • Gather news, events, and observances in your industry • Leverage existing partnerships17
    18. 18. Engage your audience and measure success18
    19. 19. Seek opportunities to help your customers • Listen so you can assist proactively • Provide tools/facts that are both fun and useful • Uncover systematic issues19
    20. 20. The value of engagement “ Ten years ago daddy quit smoking, lost 50 pounds, and ran his first mile.” - Michael & Rachael S. IBC members20
    21. 21. Building brand ambassadors “ Thanks to Independence Blue Cross, I got the care I needed for my leg and was married less than three weeks later.” - Mark W., IBC member21
    22. 22. Interact with your fanbase…22
    23. 23. …and grow your community23
    24. 24. Integration into Advertising and Promotion24
    25. 25. Integration into Advertising and Promotion • Web • Print • TV • Periodicals • Email blasts • Internal communications 10 - 20% monthly growth in fanbase25
    26. 26. Regular reporting to stakeholders26
    27. 27. People are interested in your business… Are you finding ways to connect with them?27
    28. 28. Questions & Discussion28