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How Blog Comments Can Help Your Business                                       As blog owners, we tend to focus on writing...
suggestions. There may be times that you spend the whole day just brainstorming what topicyou could possibly right about. ...
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How Blog Comments Can Help Your Business


Published on Blog comments can transform, direct traffic to, and improve your blog. Here are 3 reasons why they are considered a treasure box of information.

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How Blog Comments Can Help Your Business

  1. 1. How Blog Comments Can Help Your Business As blog owners, we tend to focus on writing content and getting people to like or share our blog posts. It seems that we are getting more obsessed with the number of likes and shares a particular post would have. However, there is a rich treasure box, waiting to be opened by youwhich can multiply your success in blogging for business if you know what to look for.Comments matter… a lot. But for some, all that matters is the quantity of the commentsreceived. As if this is the indicator of a successful post. But did you know that your pull ofcomments is a strong source of information? These pieces of information can transform, directtraffic to, and improve your blog. By paying attention to the comments, you will truly maximizeblogging for your business.You may ask what sort of information can you find in these comments that might help you? Thecomments on your blog are treasures. Here are 3 reasons why:Treasure no. 1: A taste that suits their tongue. When you take the time to read people’scomments, both the positive and negative ones, you get a glimpse of your readers’ perceptionon certain topics. When you do this, you become sensitive with what they like or enjoy reading.Armed with this information, you can now begin curtailing your articles based on theirpreference. This will certainly improve the readership since you will engage them more withposts that they like to read.Treasure no. 2: You can take a quick survey. Through comments, you can directly ask yourreaders questions. Instead of mind guessing the next topic, you can directly ask them for
  2. 2. suggestions. There may be times that you spend the whole day just brainstorming what topicyou could possibly right about. This costs too much time. The time spent on brainstorming canbe used for the actual writing process. It will not only save you time, but it will also increase yourreadership since the suggestion came from them. You can also add some other questions thatrelate to your post or website. What’s great about it is that you get instant response which canbe used as basis for future posts.Treasure no. 3: Instant profiling. The information that you get in the comments you receive foryour blog is a rich ground for personal information of your readers. You can access their names,emails, and demographics. As you gather these facts, you can now create a profile of yourreaders. This will be very helpful facts for planning your succeeding marketing campaigns.Having a rich treasure field of comments doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work it out aswell. You have to direct them to your blog and once they finish reading, make sure that they areapt to comment on your post. Give them a challenge or subtly ask them to share their thoughts.Once you hook them to post a comment, respond to it graciously. Never let negative commentsget into your nerves. Be attentive to what they are saying and acknowledge their idea or opinionabout your blog. This will get them to trust you. When they do, they will feel more comfortableto share their thoughts. Who knows? They may even recommend your blog to their friends. Thisis a great way to build a bond with your readers. Consider this treasure box as yours to openand utilize its content. Karen May Dy is a social media marketing specialist and wants you to build your authentic social brand, create a powerful online presence, and ultimately step up your social media game. With a passion in taking overwhelm about social media and online marketing, Karen teaches and serves women service-based solopreneurs in using online tools and the internet to grow their business. To grab your free copy of Karen’s social media kit (with social media management video series + action guide,social media workbook with planning sheets + checklists) through email and to receive exclusive weeklysocial media coaching straight to your inbox every Tuesday, visit