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Twitter Profile Picture Size | Tips, Advice & 254 Examples


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Twitter Profile Picture size refers to the image in the top left corner of your profile page. This image is displayed at 6 different sizes on Twitter.

See our blog post for more tips, help and information

You don’t have to have a profile picture (avatar), but if you are a business, it’s highly recommend, along with branding your Twitter background. It’s the perfect opportunity to market your business, product or service. It’s the image that will be associated with your brand.

There are lots of considerations to be taken into account when deciding what image to upload as your avatar:

• Should you upload your logs, product or profile image?
• Can you upload a jpg, png or gif files?
• What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?
• What’s the best style of image to upload that will work at all 6 sizes?
• Is a full length profile picture best or a head and shoulder shot?
• What makes a professional looking avatar?
• Should I upload a colour of black and white image?

Some of these questions have been answered in this PowerPoint presentation. More answers and information can be found in our Twitter Profile Picture Size blog:

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Twitter Profile Picture Size | Tips, Advice & 254 Examples

  1. Social Media Hive Tuition Twitter Profile Picture Tips Your profile picture represents you and your business. Here are tips, advice and 254 examples of what works and what doesn’t.| | | | |
  2. Social Media Hive Tuition Twitter Profile Picture Size Whatever picture you choose to upload, it will be displayed at 6 different sizes depending upon where and when it is shown on Twitter: 24 x 24px 1 In the right hand column under ‘Following’, Twitter displays 10 profile pictures of your followers at 24 x 24px. 33 x 33 px Twitter will suggest Twitter uses who have similar interests to you. 2 Their profile picture will appear in the right hand column of your profile page at a size of 33 x 33px. 48 x 48 px This version is displayed alongside your tweets and also when your tweets are retweeted. Therefore, 48 x 48px is the most viewed size.| | | | |
  3. Social Media Hive Tuition Twitter Profile Picture Size You only need to upload your image once. Twitter automatically resizes it. 73 x 73px Your profile picture is viewable to visitors who are not logged into Twitter. In these instances, your profile picture at 73 x 73px will be shown. 128 x 128px This is the version displayed when someone who is logged into Twitter views your profile page. 128 x 128px is the second most viewed size. The Original Picture Size 6 If you double click on your own or someone else’s profile picture, from their profile page, Twitter will open up a new tab in your browser and this would be the picture size you would see.| | | | |
  4. Social Media Hive Tuition Good and Bad Examples Uploading a profile image that will look good at all 6 sizes is not difficult if you take certain considerations into account. The following are guidelines to follow to ensure you make the right impression.| | | | |
  5. Social Media Hive Tuition Make Your Face The Centre Of Attention Bad Portrait Pictures Good Portrait Pictures We want to see who you are You should be recognisable in an instant| | | | |
  6. Social Media Hive Tuition Smile Or Laugh Could look friendlier Friendly People may not be so open to connect People are more likely to connect with you| | | | |
  7. Social Media Hive Tuition Don’t Do Full Length Or Torso Not Looking Good Looking Great These pictures will be rendered as Head and shoulder shots work brilliantly small as 24 x 24px| | | | |
  8. Social Media Hive Tuition Ensure You Have Good Lighting Bad Lighting Good Lighting Pictures look unprofessional and amateur We see you and you look great| | | | |
  9. Social Media Hive Tuition Composition What Do You Look Like? Nice To Meet You Think about the background as well as the Keep it clean and simple foreground| | | | |
  10. Social Media Hive Tuition Be Creative Illustrations Originality It’s okay to represent yourself as a Express yourself, show some imagination caricature| | | | |
  11. Social Media Hive Tuition Be Creative Logos Characters Everyone knows there’s a real person Think twice about this option if you are a behind the logo business or offer a service.| | | | |
  12. Social Media Hive Tuition Be Creative Colourise Symbols and Icons Great way to jazz up an old or established Good way to get across what you do if it is not profile picture obvious from your business name. Some images in this section courtesy of| | | | |
  13. You can find more advice, information and tips about the Twitter Profile Picture on our blog:| | | | |
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  15. Tuition social media Social Media Hive offers live online two-way interactive Social Media Tuition New students receive one FREE hour of tuition with a booking of 3+ hours enquiries welcome| | | | |