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Social Media and Polish Airports


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This presentation show the airport in Poland and their use of social media.

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Social Media and Polish Airports

  1. 1. Airports in Polandand their use ofsocial media
  2. 2. Source: 2007 2010
  3. 3. 15.66% of total populationSource:
  4. 4. 2007 2008 2009Source:
  5. 5. Future airports Existing airportsAirports in Poland
  6. 6. What is the situation amongst Polish airports?
  7. 7. No social media activity
  8. 8. How does it work then?THE ANALYSIS
  9. 9. The biggest and main airport in Poland The main hub for LOT Polish Airlines8 666 000 passengers served (2010) almast 50% oftotal number of air passengers in Poland 2 runways and 2 terminals (one for schedule traffic and one for general aviation)
  10. 10. Social media situationUpdates only in Polish Updates in English8 196 fans 265 followersQuite high level of activity on both Regular posts, mainlysides (airport and the fans)The schedule is also available on made by the airportfacebook rather than the followers
  11. 11. Social media situationPolish microblogging Blog started less than a year agowebsite (15/06/2010)Posts only inPolish 28 posts so farRegular updates with The mixture of topics including: expansion,photos environmental issues, promotional matters, etc.
  12. 12. Social media situationPosts only in Polish1 265 fansThe updates more or less regularThe profile started by the employee then transformedinto the official one
  13. 13. Social media situationPosts in Polish Updates in EnglishRegular updates and quick response time3 909 fans 106 followersSignificant fans involvment Posts not so regular
  14. 14. Social media situation Regular updates in Polish forum about56 157 upload views aviation12 225 channel views Polish The airport manages its94 subscribers Multiple entries almost own gallery29 videos uploaded every day 307 pictures
  15. 15. Social media situationPost only in Polish1 791 fansUpdates more or less regular
  16. 16. Social media situationUpdates only in Polish1 632 fansRegular posts
  17. 17. Social media situationPosts only in Polish871 fansThe updates more or less regular(usually every other day)
  18. 18. Any suggestions
  19. 19. Airports (especially Warsaw Airport and Krakow Airport) should attract more international fans start using English when handling their profiles.
  20. 20. The airports should encourage fans/followers/viewers tobe more active. Organising more promotional actions,competitions, discounts, etc., should increase people’sinterest.
  21. 21. Diversifying the activities maybring some transparency.Various actions should havespecific objectives and theseshould not be mixed. The useof a profile for sale, customerservice and loyalty purposes isnot a good idea.
  22. 22. The activity onvarious socialmedia platformscannot be treatedas something thatwill bring profitsas soon as it isstarted!
  23. 23. The rest of the airports in the countryshould seriously consider participation.Choosing even one platform can help tobuild a strong community around theairport.
  24. 24. And what about theuse of social media inspecial situations
  25. 25. As we saw last year, and we keep seeing almost every winter-SOCIAL MEDIA activity is INVALUABLE in EMERGENCY situations
  26. 26. However, there are also verydifferent events happening!
  27. 27. EURO 2012 is coming to Poland & Ukraine Airports can possibly use social media to their adventage : getting new fans/followers, using social media as the customer service tool, etc.
  28. 28. Thank you for watching this short presentation! All coments and suggestions are very welcomed Visit my blog Join me on Facebook