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Social Media Council Introduction


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We are aware that you don‘t have much time to stay informed and get answers to all your social media needs and questions. We want to create a place where you get fast answers and real-time collaboration from a like-minded community.

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Social Media Council Introduction

  1. 1. Presentation: situation and proposition overview
  2. 2. Social Media Council EuropeSituationFragmented thought-leadership:There are many small local groups addressing social media and a few regional however they arespread across multiple local professional networking platforms: LinkedIn, Zing, Viadeo.Lack of trust:Most groups are heavily driven by service / technology providers trying to sell their productscreating a lack of trust in the advice offered.US / UK Focused:The majority of examples, case-studies and best practice guides are US / UK focused.Too public:Almost all communities are too open / public for brands to speak freely about their professionalchallenges in social media.
  3. 3. Social Media Council EuropeSituationThat’s why we see a need for..a Europe-focused community dedicated to Social Media. Powered by: www.socialmediacouncil.eua ‘brands-only’ community dedicated to Social Media.
  4. 4. Social Media Council EuropeThe propositionWe are aware that you don‘t have much time to stay informed and get answers to allyour social media needs and questions. We want to create a place where you get fastanswers and real-time collaboration from a like-minded community.• Social Media (A place to understand and further ROI in social media)• Council (A community of professionals to decide best practice and leadership)• Europe (A truly European entity that reflects the regions cultural nuances)is a ‘brands-only’ European peer-2-peer community dedicated to social media. Weseek to use our resources to showcase great work, understand metrics, effectivenessand ROI and help further your understanding of social media for the purposes of;deeper consumer engagement, loyalty, affinity, retention and sales.SMCE is powered by 90:10 Group Ltd, it’s local offices and network partners.
  5. 5. Social Media Council Europe3 Step RolloutThe Social Media Council Europe will be launched in 3 steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 October `11 February-March `12 April `12 13.02. 11.03. Website/Blog(s) Co-Creation Platform Website/Blog(s) + Co-Created Community Community (Co-Created) + Primary ResearchEditiorial Content Co-Creation Editorial Content + Peer-to-peer Learning + Research• Follow SM News & Thoughts • Submit ideas • Stay up to date and get inspired• Discuss/Comment articles • Vote Ideas • Connect with (brands-only) Social Media practitioners• Subscribe as a member • Comment Ideas • Learn from members‘ practical experiences• Become a Guest Bloggers • Participate in Discussions • Participate in + get access to prim. research
  6. 6. Social Media Council EuropeHow it works1) Open blog:The blog is driven by an editorial team and serves as a window into the privatecommunity for the wider industry to engage around social media news.2) Co-creation platform:A select number of people will be exclusively invited to join a closed platform, pre-launch, to co-create the mission and structure of SMCE and its future digital assets.3) Private community:Once launched, a private community will be open to social media professionals toconnect / share and discuss their challenges and learnings by; country, sector,discipline and platform.4) Directory:The directory will feature all members (who opt-in) by company, region and sectorlinking through to their social media profiles including; Twitter, Linkedin (or localequivalent), Facebook, Google +.
  7. 7. Social Media Council EuropeWho is it for?You?The Social Media Council Europe is for professionals whose job requires thatthey and their teams understand and practice;marketing, advertising, pr, customer service, CRM or direct sales throughsocial media.It caters to all levels of seniority, through various content streams, fromcommunity managers up to CMOs in the employment of brands operatingwithin the European Union.Suppliers of related services and products are only to be invited at therequest of the majority.
  8. 8. Social Media Council EuropeWhat’s in it for you? Brands-only A safe and private European Content environment to discuss emerging trends and Co-Created space Exclusive content learn with your peers. SMCE is created directly including; blogs, industry with you to ensure it news, interviews, case- reflects your needs and studies and awards with ambitions a European perspective. Industry Research Convenience You get to participate in A one-stop shop to find and have access to specific content around industry research that is your immediate social Peer-2-peer Learning important to you and media needs. A place where you can your organisation learn from practitioners immediate concerns. not ‘gurus’.
  9. 9. Social Media Council EuropeContacts and Social Media ProfilesEmail: info@socialmediacouncil.euTwitter: strategy and coordination: Dinis Guarda with Ilkut TerziogluEditor: Michael Litman with Harmeet DhirajCo-creation coordination: Steffen Hück