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Social Media Council - Co-creation Introduction


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Social Media Council - Co-creation Introduction

  1. 1. Co-Creation Phase
  2. 2. Social Media Council Europe3 Step RolloutThe Social Media Council Europe will be launched in 3 steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 October `11 February-March `12 April `12 13.02. 11.03. Website/Blog(s) Co-Creation Platform Website/Blog(s) + Co-Created Community Community (Co-Created) + Primary ResearchEditiorial Content Co-Creation Editorial Content + Peer-to-peer Learning + Research• Follow SM News & Thoughts • Submit ideas • Stay up to date and get inspired• Discuss/Comment articles • Vote Ideas • Connect with (brands-only) Social Media practitioners• Subscribe as a member • Comment Ideas • Learn from members‘ practical experiences• Become a Guest Bloggers • Participate in Discussions • Participate in + get access to prim. research
  3. 3. Social Media Council EuropeGoals• We believe in Co-Creation. Thats why we want to involve you in the development of the Social Media Council Europe through a process of co-creation over a period of 4 weeks.• We want to develop the Social media Council together with you and not only for you. So we invite you to submit ideas and discuss with us about Social Media and different aspects of the Social Media Council.• This co-creation process is intended to be collaborative rather than competitive. There wont be one winning idea. We believe that there will be a lot of great ideas that complement each other and inform the next stage of the Social Media Council Europe.
  4. 4. Social Media Council EuropeBenefitsWe appreciate your input very much, especially as we are all busy and time islimited. Thats why we want to thank you upfront for you interest andcommitment to participate in this project. The minimum required timecommitment is no more than 30 minutes a week and you are flexible tosubmit your input any time throughout the week.Benefits of participating in the Co-Creation process:• Have your voice and shape the Social Media Council Europe• Become Founding Member of the Social Media Council Europe• Experience Co-Creation from the participant viewWe will work hard to make this a rewarding experience for all of us.
  5. 5. Social Media Council Europe Process • Over a period of 4 weeks we will have one challenge every week you can participate in. In the challenges you can submit your ideas, comment on other ideas and decide which ideas you like most by voting. Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3 Challenge 413.02. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 11.03. Discussion 1 Discussion 2 Discussion 3 Discussion 4 • Furthermore we want to understand your needs and opinions on Social Media and different aspects of the Social Media Council so we will also have one discussion topic each week in the “Discussion Forum” area of the community.
  6. 6. Social Media Council EuropeTopics Challenges DiscussionsHow can we make Social Media Council the Nr.1 What experience do you have with Social Media?brands-only community for social media in What are your main challenges and successEurope? stories? How much time do you usually spend to stayHow can the social media council become an informed about social media, when do you do thisefficient (daily) source for social media insights? and which sources do you use?How can we make sure that members are not How do you see the benefits and risks of openingafraid to share their experiences and challenges your company through social media?within the community?How can we grow the community and attract the What would be the last and most important thingright people with limited resources and a brands- you want us to keep in mind when we build theonly community model? Social Media Council Europe community?
  7. 7. Social Media Council EuropePlatform • Closed, invitation-only co-creation platform • Submit your ideas in different challenges • Comment and vote on other Ideas • Participate in weekly discussions • Network and collaborate with other community members
  8. 8. Social Media Council EuropeContacts and Social Media ProfilesEmail: info@socialmediacouncil.euTwitter: strategy and coordination: Dinis Guarda with Ilkut TerziogluEditor: Michael Litman with Harmeet DhirajCo-creation coordination: Steffen Hück