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Marketing on Pinterest


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SMC Workshop Victoria - Oct 4, 2012. Marketing on Pinterest by Jason Miles

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Marketing on Pinterest

  1. 1. Make Money | Get Noticed | Expand Your Reach With Jason Miles –
  2. 2. Jason Miles…Vice President Of Advancement (Marketing,Development & HR) at Northwest UniversityAdjunct Professor in the School Of BusinessManagementCo-Founder Of Liberty Jane Clothing, Est. 2008Co-Author Of Pinterest Power – available forpre-order on Amazon & & in storesNovember 2nd.Blogger @ With Jason Miles –
  3. 3. We set up our Pinterest Profiles In December of 2011 With Jason Miles –
  4. 4. With Jason Miles –
  5. 5. Outline:• Overview of our business model• The Pinterest Story & Growth Trends• How Pinterest Impacted Our Business (Revenue & Traffic)• Best Practices For Getting Set Up In Pinterest• Pinterest Vs. Facebook (and other social networks)• Our Pinterest Marketing Plan• Prospects You Get From Pinterest• Selling On Pinterest – 6 Tools• Most Popular Items To Pin• 4 Types Of Content• Staying In Touch With Jason Miles –
  6. 6. www.libertyjanepartners.comWith Jason Miles –
  7. 7. With Jason Miles –
  8. 8. With Jason Miles –
  9. 9. We set up our Pinterest Profiles In December of 2011 With Jason Miles –
  10. 10. With Jason Miles –
  11. 11. With Jason Miles –
  12. 12. With Jason Miles –
  13. 13. Liberty Jane Clothing Primary Revenue ModelDesign New Sell it @ Publish The Patterns AsDoll Outfit Auction On A PDF File On… Our EBay Store Over 150,000 downloaded in 2.5 years With Jason Miles –
  14. 14. Design New Doll Outfit… With Jason Miles –
  15. 15. Sell It On EBay… With Jason Miles –
  16. 16. Sell It On EBay… With Jason Miles –
  17. 17. Publish The Patterns As A PDF File On… With Jason Miles –
  18. 18. Pinterest Stats With Jason Miles –
  19. 19. April 2012 With Jason Miles –
  20. 20. With Jason Miles –
  21. 21. With Jason Miles –
  22. 22. TechCrunchcreated a publicspreadsheet toprojectPinterest’sgrowth if itmaintains a 40%per monthgrowth rate.It estimates thatby November2012 Pinterestwill be at 180million users – ifthe growth ratedoesn’t decline. With Jason Miles –
  23. 23. thru August 20: 23.5 million U.S. Only With Jason Miles –
  24. 24. Quantcast With Jason Miles –
  25. 25. With Jason Miles –
  26. 26. “Pinterest demonstrates some of thestrongest user engagement, retention,and virality metrics I have ever seen in an online business.” Robert Moore With Jason Miles –
  27. 27. Liberty Jane Clothing Experience Upon Launching Pinterest Profile In December Of 2011Referral Visits From Total Revenue Pinterest With Jason Miles –
  28. 28. Liberty Jane Clothing Auction Prices & Visits 2011 Vs. 2012 Price Visits400 2500350300 2000250 1500200150 1000 Price100 Visits 50 500 0 0 October May October May With Jason Miles –
  29. 29. Liberty Jane Patterns Pinterest TrafficWith Jason Miles –
  30. 30. 10 Steps To A Terrific Profile…A professional headshot.A warm greeting.A clear statement about who you are.A clear statement about your role in the company.A clear statement about what the company does.A credibility indicator if you have one.A description of what your pinboards will contain.A call to action to follow you!A link (in the globe icon) to your primary website.A link (in the FB ‘f’) to your Facebook profile. With Jason Miles –
  31. 31. Pinterest Vs. Facebook & Others Think about user engagement in phases as…"Discovery, Decision, Dedication, Distress, Decline” With Jason Miles –
  32. 32. "Discovery, Decision, Dedication, Distress, Decline”#1 Is Facebooks average user somewhere between "Distress & Decline?” I think so.#2 Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter have been out-there long enough for people to be (at least) on the “Dedication” phase.#3 Pinterest users are still in the discovery phase. With Jason Miles –
  33. 33. #4 Pinning = Long Shelf Life: When you take the time to create a video and put it on Youtube - one benefit is that it has a very long shelf-life.#5 Content As Sediment Sucks: On Twitter and Facebook - when you add important content - it is compacted into the sediment of the site rather quickly.#6 Pictures Are The Valuable Content: The only thing that stays “valuable” in Facebook for a longer time is PICTURES! Pinterest does pictures better.#7 Timeline Not Enough: I believe Facebook recognizes this problem - which is why it recently put out its ‘timeline” function - to try to maintain the illusion of its content having a long shelf-life. But that is a stop-gap that clearly doesnt solve the “sediment” problem. With Jason Miles –
  34. 34. #8 Facebook, Youtube & Pinterest provide usefulness to the masses: Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest are all useful for a mass audience.#9 LinkedIn & Twitter - Not So Much: Linkedin & Twitter are niche plays. LinkedIn is only useful for a resume obsessed crowd, and Twitter is only useful for marketers (Oops, I mean Micro-bloggers.)#10 Pictures are more popular than video. Take a step back and think about the “big picture”. Video is not nearly as popular as photos – think about your computer or phone. Pictures rule. Is it possible that for that reason alone, Pinterest could eventually over take Youtube? I believe it’s possible. With Jason Miles –
  35. 35. #11 Facebook requires an "Actively Managed" user approach#12 Twitter requires a Hyper Actively Managed user approach With Jason Miles –
  36. 36. Authority ProfileBecome An visual Sherpa for your niche Invite Your Use Pinterest To Current Give a Visual Fans, Followers, C Insiders View – ustomers To A new way to Follow You On get close to the Pinterest customer With Jason Miles –
  37. 37. Prospects You’re Getting From PinterestSelf Identified: Their identity and who they are is revealed to you throughthis massive virtual collection tool.Non-Defensive: They don’t feel like they are on a website that is trying tosell them products or services.Sharing Preferences: Every pin that is posted on a ‘board’ will tell yousomething about the customer. This ‘something’ is their tastes andpreferences – a key component of market research.Saying Yes: Sales professionals agree, the best way to get a prospect topurchase something is to get them saying, “Yes” as early in the process aspossible so that when you ask for the sale, their natural response is simplyanother “Yes”. With Jason Miles –
  38. 38. With Jason Miles –
  39. 39. Visit and research what the top influencers are doing… With Jason Miles –
  40. 40. It’s not just about pictures…With Jason Miles –
  41. 41. Sound Cloud Is Very Interesting To Me…With Jason Miles –
  42. 42. Pinterest Power…Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Books-A-Million and others…Focuses On Stories Of Success…And selling / Direct Marketing Strategies… With Jason Miles –
  43. 43. Pinterest Power Bonuses… Just email you receipt to support@libertyjanepatterns.comComing Soon…* 10 Part Video Overview…* Starting A Business On Pinterest ebook
  44. 44. Join Me Online:www.marketingonpinterest.comJumping Into The Newsletter…Bribes  …Ebook…Interview W/ Melissa…