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Pdf Zoom Mag Winter08

  1. 1. om zooom zoom om zoom om zo zo z the emotio n of m otion – mAZ DA – winte r 2008 mAZDAthe emotion of motion – mAZDA one 2007 2008 –the emotion of motion iSSUe – winter way of the dragon 3 te Ar S Up tenne SSee Athing m a z da s p e e d eS firSt pl ACe fire-bre Cing biD/C x-9 tAK Se y’S rA P L U S pAt riCK Demp www.mAZDAUSA.Com mAZDA.Co.UK
  2. 2. WELCOME TO CAMP ZOOM-ZOOM. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. It’s not just a racetrack, it’s our spiritual home. An asphalt field of dreams that embodies everything we stand for. It is in the heart of a thousand champions, driving Mazdas to victory at racetracks all across America. In fact, on any given weekend more Mazdas are road raced than any other car. But then, what other cars would you expect to excel at places like this other than the ones designed and * engineered the Zoom-Zoom way. MazdaUSA.com *BASED ON SPORTS CAR CLUB OF AMERICA RACING DATA. ©2007 Mazda Motor of America, Inc.
  3. 3. an d, ce Mazdas th very weeken more p eople road ra a, cers. At Mazd E r. A nd for the p ast 13 years I’ve been on e of those ra developed th e most com prehensive ls. any other ca is why we’ve ve their goa our pa ssion, which rts to help drivers achie racing fuels of motorspo racing in the history pursuing his e 14), who’s ladder syste m natomy, pag sey (Race A Just ask P atrick Demp eveloping also about d ard an RX-8. ut racing; it’s dreams abo not just abo r if you’re Program is oesn’t matte But ou r Motorsport rs for you. It d tches exciting ca exciting stre re liable, more of the most better, more ing it to one to feel the work or tak e want you driving yo ur Mazda to the Dragon , page 44); w erica (Enter behind the w heel. of hig hway in Am me you get ti motion every emotion of Robert T. Davis Senior Vice President PHOTOGRAPHY: jameS SykeS Product Development and Quality Mazda North American Operations Global Editor Nik Berg Global Art Director Geraldine Lynch Editor Graham Verdon Art Director Sandra Latini Deputy Editor Carlos Weigle Senior Designer Mya McNulty Project Coordinator Sarah O’Connor Production Manager Mira Kosovac Publisher Tom Hrubes Project Manager Lori Branov Reproduction Clarity Printing St. Joseph Print Group For Mazda North American Operations David Klan, William Gordon, Mary J. Maerzke. For Mazda Corporation Global Brand Development Manager Silvina Penovi. Address changes or inquiries: 7755 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA. 92618. Tel: 1-800-222-5500 mazdausa.com Zoom-Zoom is published on behalf of Mazda North American Operations by Redwood Custom Communications, 37 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1B3. Tel: 416-360-7339. All product specifications were correct at press time. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior written permission from the publisher. Printed in Canada.
  4. 4. C ON winter 2008 14 TEN TS 24 Features 14 Race anatomy Catch actor Patrick Dempsey as he goes 44 eNter tHe DrAgON the MAZDASPEED3 conquers 318 turns in 11 miles of unadulterated driving paradise from celebrity to racer in 6 seconds 52 RISe and ShIne 22 Face to Face Mazda’s Franz von Holzhausen challenges car Dazzling solar design has made its way into private homes, public spaces and even high-tech electricity plants lovers to imagine the MAZDA3 of the future 24 Icecapade 56 Flow RIdeR Meet Taiki, Mazda’s latest glimpse into For some reason, Ben Firth climbs mountains your miraculous automotive future of ice as they float in the Atlantic Ocean 32 StaR tRek regulars Jump into the award-winning Mazda CX-9 for a rough-and-tumble drive on the roads of Newfoundland, Canada’s eastern frontier 06 emotIon oF motIon Mazda owners around the world show us how to Zoom-Zoom, and now it’s your turn 38 motley cRew If you think car racing on sand is hard, try it 10 play tIme on foot. An Australian outback riverbed is the DIY paper cameras, morphing shoes and scene of a boating competition like no other sidekicks for your Nintendos and iPods con tributors »PHiliP lEE Har vEy » Dav i D SOkOl »JarED HOlSTEi N r philip riter lar Car Globe-trotte david is a w Jared, a regu erg story. or Azure, ontributor, shot our iceb and editor f and Driver c r National al Record th to twisty he works fo Architectur headed sou and Condé , yet he ut the Geographic an d Metropolis te nnessee to p winning dn’t help but be D3 through Na st Traveller, coul MAZDASPEE ort signs wild awar ds and passp amaz ed by the de its p aces at the Zoom-Zoom aplenty. solar story . the dragon . stamps in our tail of
  5. 5. full throttle Actor Patric k Dempsey to ke in his bid goes for bro ar on become a st 60 FaSt tRack the track 22 SevenStock thrills, more reasons to road-trip and great Mazda gear 64 my maZda Proud owners of the rX-8 and CX-7 tell us why you should have one, too 66 my GReateSt thRIll Dr. McDreamy’s high-speed passion »FraNC ES OPHEr »CHriST CH aNDriJi WaHl ooter ’s work australian sh christopher ed flour in The Frances brav ha s appeared ater anity bombs and w Ne w Yorker, V g peed ca nnons to brin Fair and LIFE. a s himself, he you the bizarre demon River Regat ta ting the todd had fun shoo Zoom-Zoom 2 in alice Springs. races in Utah.
  6. 6. Emotion of n motio The best Zoo m-Zoom moments fro m around th e world wn in Dumbo or getting Do azDa sying up to uzz, m co tever the b irit E IT co —wha a roller Dis er the zoom-zoom sp DIV liv owners De Zoom-Zoom
  7. 7. »UK d Phil Kirkwoothing na it don’t mea that giant if it ain’t got swing—or are we ound just going ar in circles? oments, like …amazing m the world’s sliding down erslide or scariest wat an ultimate hum creating the na u’ve take pyramid. If yo rce swEET s stroll thro ugh some fie boun ced with fireworks, or e want the aid of bionics, w . DrEam th e experience you to share e scene, no No matter th ale, we want matter the sc a definition of arE to see your t. momen Zoom-Zoom s to Upload yo ur best shot maDE sE… mag azine.com zoom-zoom Venegas of ThE » U . S . fay Hurre n » U.S. mike our s! look, no hand lets rzan very own ta pe and go of the ro plum mets toward low the water be d » i c E l a n rsson Kristinn Eina ve. di , ready, steady s is on esther william two the bench as off and buddies take aland brave the ic y waters » n E w Z E ovenden christina Zoom-Zoom
  8. 8. Emotion of n motio case l a n d ivan » S w it Z E R deskins » U S todd no rew castella » U . S . and » j a P a n suda mercer mayumi Ya a Krishna »canad n dignam-crotty » U K Simeo »UK -Keirle mar tin Pim afRica » S o U t H johanssen alic e d j. Stemke » U . S . Bra ny Rawson » U K antho a lisa ferr on »canad Zoom-Zoom
  9. 9. tal lazar »iSRaEl Hinze l i a Emma »aUStRa d »Polan i ck christine Strzele lia »aUStRa a ndra gough tina » a R g E n enovi S ilvina P nny l i a lou fe »aUStRa ur send us yo moments Zoom-Zoom r on the ground, ro the wate to be captu red. in the air, in ys action waiting oom on there’s alwa it of zoom-z ght the spir es with us a t if you’ve cau ur experienc agazine.com re yo camera, sha m zoom-zoom al details an d all terms an d conditions . zine.com for addition visit zoom-zoommaga
  10. 10. lay e P im T All work did and no play m n’t have acc and ente rtaining expe akes Jack ess to this am riences. No onsticks Sn a dull boy. Bu azing arra w he’s got no owkiting G t then he y of gadgets, gizmos excuse… reen PC Snr,apetchaislu…ticepaanrate uyrouiecoems Paper ca mera Spo p s k d fo A rule a p n il, g e fr are all that s g of cardboard nar Goupe’s fully functionin Leibovitz. Loo paper pinhole camera kit will t HOLE-ON EX r an hour to assemble bu nt. ve takes just o ess hours of entertainm e tl provide coun /paperpinhole/ raphy.com shop.lomog 10 Zoom-Zoom
  11. 11. zoom zoom Tiycur sltudthtoso…veryll-oUpn Turn o k e y in i y ur w B Ro with the US music room d by your PC’s USB re Piano. Powe pact keyboard and slot, the com g software allow you accompanyin usic, record it and m to compose ck to your throng of a then play it b usb.brando.com.hk adoring fan s. SYSTEMS aido a jo … Trtennthhsisined the quescte IGENT d by INTELL Nin Fa beauty with for youth ands DS console. The Scgeopetis ths…swer o e hi e an Co-develope Training for it records your face g tm video cameraror the expressions Fro odle prayers . ir while you m nt screen in an Fumiko Inudo to all your no c, the nifty ce on the adja ase the elasticity of endo ti Made of plas tensil not only effort to incre e your face doesn’t ©2007 Nint two-in-one u easier but ©2007 p g your skin. Ho ! www.nintendo.co.jp makes eatin the amount of stay that w ay es also reduc www.shopmodi.com . dishwashing la r thi s… s u Petheywirelessly streamoingemtosic Wh h u or playing from your PC ro is the ultimate mobile your iPod, Miu nion. At the click of a a music comp ek system rolls itself button, th is sle to a ’re in, thanks into a ny room you sensor, ensuring ra and built-in came r miss your favorite e that you nev ww.miuro.com track again. w Zoom-Zoom
  12. 12. Flying tosa…ountain near teou, m thi m y Co new favori sno wkiting is the now seekers for s winter sport ke one power kite, a worldwide. T rred apparatus— refe add your p oard—and let the b skis or snow on the ride of wind tak e you rg .snowkite.o your life. www Twhraowvthuics… No th t the li e d k a placed with has been re e 17th-century regular ball, th astime Pato has p Argentinean position as the its reclaimed e. It’s polo meets national gam ets tug-of-war. e basketball m pectators, s One for the .allaboutar.com perhaps? ww w Wseallrtehforss…, onse’ One ma s tp i tyle ila safety. She g iant leap for ept driving shoes nc Heels are co om sensible flats that morph fr g stilettos at the to skyscrapin h. Here’s another c flick of a swit y’ll also come e concept—th s for seeing in handy at gig guy. past the tall
  13. 13. Shoyoutrtehies…sports zoom zoom tch o xtr me Wa ain and again moments ag Third Eye ’s with Rip Curl ra. A minicam e goggle cam viewpoint as records your ugh each you tear thro nge from lle physical cha . Waterproof re Mother Natu g protection -fo casing, anti sorbing b and shock-a it great for e features mak nkies. ju all adrenalin cts rl.com/produ www.ripcu Hlly, asreahis…umlinses Fina ea pt ker that p p e with clean up the volum . Science + Sons and no cords II is a 24-inch-tall Phonophone speaker that ceramic MP3 ool styling with fuses old-sch ology. Its genius n modern tech plification and lies in the am e music as it filtration of th e earphones th moves from nique horn, u through the h, resonating creating a ric enceandsons.com sound. www.s ci ’s office with Iameco l Go green at the Made from natura Cs. e co-friendly P ecyclable, reusable and ’re r timber, they , too. www.iameco.com at nice to look Zoom-Zoom 1
  14. 14. RACE ANATOMY A MAzdA-shAped blur of blAck And green speeds into the pit lane and comes to a screeching halt. Team engineers in rotary- emblazoned racing suits swoop down to release its exhausted driver. And in the second before he removes his helmet, this could be any of the nearly 200 racers speeding through this dusty race weekend near Salt Lake City. But he’s not. He’s Patrick Dempsey, star of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy and Hollywood man of the moment. As he peels off the top of his racing suit and takes a swig of energy drink, the camera crew from E! Channel moves in, and he’s a celebrity again. He flashes them a distracted grin, but Dempsey, who’s only been racing seriously for three years, is determined to squeeze every bit of knowledge from this practice session at Utah’s Miller Motorsports Park. After an intense discussion with his crew chief, Dempsey leaps up into the HyperSport control center overlooking their pit to watch and learn as his teammates speed around the track. In headphones and a Mazda cap, Dempsey is incognito again—just the way he likes it. “Racing is a great escape from Hollywood,” he tells me during some rare downtime. “I really love having an outlet, a departure from that world.” And what a different world it is. The trailer he shares with his team is just In the pIts wIth patrIck Dempsey on a whIte-knuckleD race weekenD story alIce lawlor photography chrIstopher wahl Zoom-Zoom
  15. 15. RACE ANATOMY Zoom-Zoom 2
  16. 16. DEMPSEY SPEED big enough for lockers and a compact hear Dempsey’s voice in recent television kitchen—all utility, no luxury. But Dempsey’s commercials for Mazda. in his element. The easy banter between In 2005, he raced the MX-5 Cup and ''it’s an the team members is a testament to their the Panoz GT Racing Series, coming in years of training together, which started a very respectable third. Since 2006, he’s well before Dempsey and his hospital drama taken part in the KONI Challenge Series ability character, Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, and the SIRIUS Satellite Radio Mazda became household names. “They kind of MX-5 Cup series. These days, his Grey’s keep it grounded for me,” says the actor, Anatomy contract even states that he’s to be with a laugh. allowed to race during taping. “Racing is a A huge racing fan since childhood, his great challenge for me, both mentally and passion was reignited five years ago by physically,” he says through a mouthful his wife. “She bought me a three-day Skip of Doritos. “And it brings me back to my private Barber course, and that opened up the athletic side, to that part of my nature.” door for me,” he explains. Since then he’s This race weekend is putting that part been working to earn his racing stripes of his nature to the test like never before. in a with the help of Mazda’s Motorsports He’s doing triple duty: competing in the Development Program. “There’s some KONI Challenge Series, the Mazda MX-5 really young energy behind Mazda and it’s Cup and the grueling season finale of the public very supportive,” he says. “I feel the love of Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series. In total, racing in everybody there.” That common he’ll rack up around seven hours behind the focus is continually driving the Dempsey- wheel, more than any other driver at the place'' Mazda relationship forward in new and track. Dempsey’s unfazed. “My experience exciting ways. Listen closely and you’ll is limited, so yeah, I’m in the deep end of Zoom-Zoom
  17. 17. RACE ANATOMY dempsey makes the leap from celebrity to racer. “once I get in that car, hit my marks and do what I’m supposed to do, the rest will follow.” Zoom-Zoom 7
  18. 18. RACE ANATOMY dempsey shares a few laughs with fellow Mazda racer, frankie “Malcolm in the Middle” Muniz 5 Zoom-Zoom
  19. 19. DEMPSEY SPEED the pool,” he admits. “But once I get in that car, hit my marks and do what I’m supposed to do, the rest will follow.” With that, he’s off, whisked away in one of the track’s ubiquitous golf carts, chased by an entourage of press. “Dempsey being here is definitely making a difference,” notes one journalist. “You can really feel the buzz.” He has a point: Beneath the deep thrum of tuning engines, there’s a palpable excitement. And Dempsey’s not the only celebrity at the track today. Former Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz is pushing hard for a career as a pro driver and moving up fast. Ian Ziering, of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, is also getting behind the wheel for his first professional from top, clockwise: dempsey and the team, driving the rX-8 GT, listening race. Like thousands of amateur racers and learning, and doing publicity across North America, these guys are part of Mazda’s Motorsports Development program. “They came to us wanting to race,” says James Jordan, Mazda’s Alternative Marketing Manager, “and we gave them the opportunity. Frankie is involved in our ‘ladder’ program, and Ian is driving for fun. Other manufacturers have celebrity weekends, but we’d much rather have celebrities take part in real races.” The day of the big race is a Utah special: oppressively hot and desert dry. At the entrance to the track, rows of checkered flags flap madly in the wind, framed by rusty mountains and an impossibly blue sky. It’s an unlikely juxtaposition: throbbing automotive action against a backdrop of sweeping natural beauty. “Ladies and gentleman,” booms the announcer’s voice, “you’ve landed on your feet. This is Miller Motorsports Park, and this is how racing should be done.” It’s a Zoom-Zoom 6
  20. 20. RACE ANATOMY dempsey competing in the Mazda MX-5 cup at Miller Motorsports park: “racing is a great escape from hollywood.” Dempsey’s cars: on this page, he races a lightly modified MX-5, packed with extra safety features but riding on street tires, very much like the ones on your mazda. his RX-8 GT (previous page) is a pure racecar. In fact, it boasts a 450-horsepower, 3-rotor rotary engine that can reach a speed of over 180 mph without breaking a sweat. 7 Zoom-Zoom
  21. 21. DEMPSEY SPEED his tv contract states he’s alloweD to race During filMing “There’s some really young energy behind Mazda. I feel the love of racing in everybody there,” dempsey says. bold claim, but as the Mazda MX-5 Cup plays out—a real nail-biter, with Muniz coming from sixth place to challenge for second, only to go off course two laps before the end—it really can’t be denied. As the cars line up for the 7.5-hour finale of Sunchaser 000, Dempsey gets a few last words of encouragement from his Mazda co-drivers, Joe Foster and Charles Espenlaub. “He has that real hunger,” Foster says later. “He’s coming along fast and is very dedicated to being successful and respected.” As the final adjustments are made to the new SoBe Mazda RX- GT, Dempsey is in the zone. “I concentrate on blocking everything out,” he explains. “My experience in front of the camera helps. It’s that ability to be private in a public place.” The race begins with a surge of burning rubber, and then it’s Dempsey’s turn, and he’s ready. So is the assembled crowd of fans—excitable women with camera- phones, jostling each other for the best angle of “McDreamy.” But he’s all business as he zips up his suit. So would he give up his day job for racing? In a heartbeat, says the look he shoots me. “Winning a Golden Globe is a kind of popularity contest,” he says, pulling on his helmet. “But when you’re racing and you cross the finish line, there’s nobody else in there. It’s you and the team, and you’ve done it.” A nod from the chief, and Dempsey vaults over the barrier and climbs behind the wheel. Strapped in. Foot to the floor. Smoking wheels. And suddenly he’s just a dot on the track—an unstoppable mixture of man and machine, fueled by the overwhelming urge to go really, really fast. n Zoom-Zoom
  22. 22. face INDOOR BEACH face to Mazda’s Nor Facebook c th A ar lo merica n Director o vers to get f Design, Fra creative and im nz v agine their en, challeng on Holzhaus A ZDA3 ow n 2 0 1 8 M es s weigle story cArlo ryce DuFFy hy b photograp Franz von Holzhausen checks out Kabura. Below, five contestants’ Mazda3 imaginings » a n d r e w K i n o m o t o bothwell, wA » c h r i s t o p h e r c h u n g silver spring, MD » p r e s t o n g i l l i a m east bend, Nc » d a n n y s o n g san Mateo, cA Zoom-Zoom
  23. 23. DESIgN CHALLENgE “I DON’T THINk ANy OTHER WHat iF you could design your BRAND HAS dream car of the future? And what if THE guTS Mazda’s design team developed a full-scale model of your fantasy before a worldwide TO ALLOW audience at the L.A. Auto Show? Well, CONSuMERS Mazda made this dream a reality by asking car fans for their vision of the 08 Mazda3. TO HAvE SO The challenge was simple: articulate your MuCH idea in 50 words, sketches optional, via CONTROL the social networking site Facebook. Next, Mazda designers picked 0 finalists, then OvER five, and finally the big winner: Mallory DESIgN.” McMorrow, of South Bend, IN. The industrial design student won the opportunity of a lifetime, working side by side with Mazda North American Director of Design, Franz von Holzhausen, and his team, to refine the concept and build a model out of clay over a week at the California car show. “I don’t think any other brand has the guts to allow consumers to have so much control over design. But we’re really paying attention to their wants and desires,” says Franz. And even though he recognizes the challenge of working with someone who’s not a professional (yet?), he thinks the process is a big win for everybody: “There’s something so unique, fun and exciting about stepping off a cliff a little bit.” What better way to find inspired car fanatics than to use a powerful social network such as Facebook? Franz certainly gets it: “Facebook is the fastest-growing web-connectivity site on the Internet right now. It’s geared toward a younger crowd that is exactly the demographic of the Mazda3. We felt it was the perfect marriage.” A match made in heaven, indeed. After revealing four stunning concept cars in the Nagare series (check out the latest one, Taiki, on page 56), expectations are running high for Mazda’s future design, including the 08 Mazda3. As for Franz, he lets us in on his personal view: “By 08 brands will have become more distinctive; we’re moving toward a more unique and individualistic lifestyle.” But will we be building our own cars? If so, the future seems to be here already. n AND THE WINNER IS . . . Mallory McMorrow, , an industrial design student at the university of Notre Dame. For her, nailing the Mazda Design Challenge just makes sense. “I’m known as ‘the car girl’ in our department and have always had a passion for everything automotive,” says the happy winner. Passionate about late-night drives “by myself, in my car, through winding back roads,” Mallory found inspiration for her Mazda3 design in her own life, creating a version for the young professional who “needs a practical car, yet appreciates sporty handling and the experience of the drive.” » m a l l o r y m c m o r r o w south bend, iN Zoom-Zoom
  24. 24. INDOOR BEACH g to ''tryin his cl imb t e it lik is a b n ru ssia '' roul ette Zoom-Zoom
  25. 25. NEWFOUNDLAND ICECAPADE ShoW ben FirTh a mounTain and he’ll climb iT. icebergS, on The oTher hand? Well, ThaT’S a Whole diFFerenT STory. and here iT iS… Story nik ‘ice’ berg PhotograPhy philip lee harvey There’s a loud crack, like a gunshoT. ben, a professional mountain climber a massive boulder splits from the iceberg from alberta, canada, has scaled peaks and plunges into the sea. Seconds later, all over the world, but here in iceberg alley, the whole 230-foot-long behemoth begins off the coast of newfoundland, he faces to upend, then rolls over, sending out great a completely new challenge: he is here plumes of spray toward our little fishing to climb an iceberg. boat. Waves crash over the bow, and huge “icebergs are very, very dangerous chunks of ice are launched skyward from creatures,” he says. “They’re completely beneath the ocean. volatile, you cannot predict anything “a few minutes ago, i was considering they’re going to do. i’ve lived in the going up the south face of that,” says ben mountains and climbed them all my life, Firth, from the relative safety of the boat. but this is a bit like russian roulette.” Zoom-Zoom
  26. 26. NEWFOUNDLAND ICECAPADE ''you can as a seasoned mountain guide, ben would react and the ocean would behave,” knows his climbing, but that’s not what explains ben. “So this time i was looking to he’s worried about here: it’s actually control the dangers as much as possible. get four getting safely onto a berg in the first i did as much research as i could to find place. but he’s done his homework, and the best place for icebergs in bays and that’s why we’re in a fishing boat off the coves where they’re protected from seasons northern coast of newfoundland. heavy seas and grounded against the sea every year, tens of thousands of bottom. So they’re probably not going to icebergs are formed when greenland’s roll over, and they’ll also be accessible.” in just glaciers advance into the ocean and ben has persuaded local father-and- fracture. These massive blocks of ice son fishermen carl and brent hedderson get caught up in the southerly atlantic to take us out to a group of icebergs off currents, and as many as 800 make their pistolet bay in their 32-foot longline fishing one day'' way to the coasts of newfoundland and boat. earlier in the day we pinpointed them labrador. only around 12 percent of each from the shore, and ben thinks they’re iceberg (the tip, of course) is seen above likely candidates for climbing as they water. even so, these are mighty peaks, appear to be grounded on a shelf just off and, for ben, a major challenge. the coast. The plan is to circle the icebergs in 2005, ben and fellow climber Will a few times to find a suitable landing spot, gadd headed further north to labrador then ben will get into a small skiff, motor and successfully climbed a number of up to one and clamber on. it certainly icebergs. and now, having learned some sounds like a simple plan. valuable lessons, ben is back to try again. ben is good to go, now wearing his “The first time around, we were dry suit, life vest, climbing boots, gloves completely ignorant about how the ice and helmet, with freshly sharpened ice Zoom-Zoom
  27. 27. INDOOR BEACH axes at the ready. but the elements have other ideas. although the recently rolled iceberg does seem to have settled, and in its new position offers a good potential landing spot, the wind has picked up and the choppy seas make it impossible to get close without potentially ramming into it. it’s boat pilot brent’s call. and it’s a sensible one. The skiff returns to the fishing boat, and they climb back on board. “There was just no way to get on. and i couldn’t put brent at risk, so we’ve made the right choice,” says ben. “i was ready and i’d crossed that mental line, but in climbing you learn to wait until the time is absolutely right.” We steam back to shore and find that we’re already the talk of the town in St. anthony. aaron beswick, a reporter and photographer for the Northern Pen newspaper, is at the wharf to greet us. “are you the lunatics?” he screeches. he wants to put ben on the front page and tag along on our next attempt. instead, we agree to give him some Ben Firth contemplates Benapproach. above for his keeps a lookout and left, snapshots of the rest icebergs, while wild newfoundland weather of newfoundland keeps a lookout for Ben photographs, if ben is successful. and this is definitely a big “if.” ICEBERg FACts For the next two days, we rise early 40,000 icebergs calve off the coast and check on the position of the bergs of greenland every year. of those, up by clambering up through the moss and to 800 make it to iceberg alley lichen to the clifftops. but each time we The glacial ice making up each iceberg meet carl at the wharf, the seas are too is up to 15,000 years old strong to make an attempt. on another The tip of the iceberg is typically just day, a dense fog rolls in. 1/8 of its overall mass “That’s newfoundland,” says John in iceberg alley, the average height of an Simmonds, owner of the comfortable iceberg is around 15 storeys. They can but rather optimistically named glacier weigh up to 200,000 tons manor resort. “Sometimes you get four The largest iceberg recorded in the seasons in one day.” alley was 8 miles long, 3.7 miles wide John, like all the newfoundlanders and 65 feet tall (above the waterline). we meet, thinks that what we’re doing it weighed nine billion tons is crazy. Then, like every newfoundlander, iceberg ice is extremely pure. locals he immediately sets about helping us even use it to make vodka as much as he possibly can. he calls Zoom-Zoom 7
  28. 28. ICEBERg ALLEY greenland laBrador sea neWFoundland and laBrador sT. anThony This amazing pleasure dome offers a touch of Jamaica in the middle of Japan. When the weather Zoom-Zoom
  29. 29. NEWFOUNDLAND ICECAPADE 'Quote large- piece of modern design' iceberg ahead! now it’s just a case of trying to get onto the damn thing friends all over the area and tracks down of a viking village. The first european on an iceberg right in the harbor at conche. north american shores wasn’t columbus, he even finds another fisherman willing but a bearded guy they took to calling eric to take us to it. it’s a 90-minute drive to (or something). an area known as French Shore—so-called an estimated 90 vikings from greenland because it’s the one part of newfoundland crossed the sea in open longboats and settled by the French. The rest of the established a camp. but, despite having island was settled by the english and a reputation as warmongers, they were the irish. They weren’t the first settlers, driven off by the indigenous people. though. at l’anse aux meadows, in the as we enter the small fishing community 1960s, archaeologists unearthed evidence of conche, we discover the perfect iceberg. Zoom-Zoom 9
  30. 30. indoor beach each blow of an axe sends a shower of ice not as large as we’d hoped—a ‘growler’ then climbs down its sheer face using his and he signals for the boat to come get him. around the size of a family house—but it’s ice axes to support his weight; each blow he’s done it, but only just. sitting in a calm bay just a quarter mile of an axe sends a shower of ice, but the back on dry land, ben explains how his from the shore. it’s hasn’t moved in days, berg still seems to be holding up. climbing instincts took over: “i stayed on the so we’re sure it’s securely grounded. Then, suddenly, there’s the same loud outside edge, so if i couldn’t keep running, ben’s quickly back into his gear and on a crack we’d heard a few days earlier, and a i could always jump off. skiff. The sea is calm and, after circling the large piece on the far side of the growler “i’d say it’s one of the most challenging iceberg a couple of times, he has his entry plunges into the sea. ben reacts fast and things i’ve ever done. i’m wracking my point. legs straddling the bow of the boat, gets up onto the flat surface of the berg brains trying to make this as safe as crampons poised, the boat nudges up to just as it begins to tip. as it rotates he possible, but it’s hard to explain just how the berg and ben climbs onto it. after a runs up it, and for a few terrifying seconds volatile these things are. no matter what few tentative steps it feels secure, and he it looks like it’s going to completely turn you do to prepare, you’re still looking at works his way up the ridge to the summit, turtle. but it stabilizes halfway through, something completely unpredictable.” n find out more about icebergs, newfoundl and and ben / benfirth. com; icebergfinder.com; glaciermanorresort.com; newfoundlandlabrador.com Zoom-Zoom
  31. 31. 'Quote neWFoundland icecapade large- piece of modern design' upload your adventure at / zoom-zoommagazine.com ice work if you can get it: Ben’s fate rests upon two little axes and a pair of spiked shoes Zoom-Zoom 9
  32. 32. INDOOR BEACH star trek the mazda cx-9 wins motor trend 2008 sport/utility of the year. we take an epic victory lap around canada’s rough-and-tumble coast story neil mcdonald photography todd mclellan Zoom-Zoom
  34. 34. this is as far east INDOOR BEACH as you can go in a car without getting wet Mazda’s CX-9 is a rising star. So as the sun climbs out of this trip, part of me didn’t believe in these floating ice giants. The the Atlantic and North America’s first light shines through the natural wonders are a revelation, but I’m a car guy at heart. And windshield, it seems fitting. what I’m most excited about is experiencing all the award-winning I’m driving along the edge of a craggy, windswept coastline attributes the brand new 2008 Mazda CX-9 has to offer, while just outside of St. John’s, Newfoundland. This is as far east as you burning around a 750-mile circle through some of Canada’s most can go in a car on this continent without getting wet. Next stop, rough and rugged terrain. Northern France, about a 2,000-mile straight shot east. Iceland’s The CX-9 has been making fast friends of owners and auto around 600 miles closer off the port side. journalists alike—and receiving plenty of praise. Perhaps the heartiest As I try to wrap my head around the sheer enormity of it all, the pat on the back came recently in the form of Motor Trend’s sun glints off something near the horizon of the steel-grey ocean: 2008 Sport/Utility of the Year award. The well-respected 0auto an iceberg. Apparently they drift over here from Greenland. Until magazine’s writers and editors unanimously extolled the virtues of 4 Zoom-Zoom
  35. 35. CX-9 IN NEWFOUNDLAND newfoundland is dotted with traditional coastal fishing villages. the people are invariably friendly and hospitable, but harsh winters can make the condition of the winding roads unpredictable the seven-seat crossover SUV, calling the CX-9 the best value on the market, proclaiming Mazda had achieved what it set out to do: imbue a three-row crossover SUV with the soul of a sports car. The CX-9 has been proving it to me along every primal mile of this giant victory lap. Newfoundland has more than 18,000 miles of coastline, from gently sloping bays to ragged fjords. The roads buckle and slide in surprising ways, yet the car’s steering and ride both cope admirably. As I zoom around the baffling corners, the sporty character of the CX-9 comes out to play. The engine is a muscular 3.7-liter V6 that delivers 237 kW of horsepower at 6,250 rpm and 270 lbs of torque at 4,250 rpm. This Zoom-Zoom 4
  36. 36. INDOOR BEACH on baffling turns, the sporty cX-9 comes newfoundland has more than 18,000 miles of coastline, and breathtaking mountain passes to play the CX-9 moves effortlessly through a charming but demanding drive along the coast Zoom-Zoom
  37. 37. CX-9 IN NEWFOUNDLAND baby is mated to a smooth Asin six-speed automatic transmission Even Newfoundlanders will tell you that the condition of the and is available both as a front or electronically controlled Active- roads is not one of the province’s best attributes. The extreme Torque Split all-wheel drive. It comes as no surprise, then, that the weather of harsh Canadian winters means jagged potholes and CX-9 can do 0 to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds. unpredictable planes that test a car’s resolve. It’s a measure of its As I move through this land with communities rich in tradition, lush suspension that I rarely have to back off from 65 mph when it’s clear that this place is a world apart, not only in geography, but the road turns from smooth to rough and back again. It’s a great also in attitude. I meet stalwart people with hearts and smiles as driving pleasure to move through tight corners holding on to a big as the ocean surrounding them. Everywhere there are bubbling steering wheel that feels like it’s straight from an MX-5. personalities with a bottomless pride that result in exhuberant Mazda’s fingerprints are found throughout its interior, making hospitality at each stop along the way. it easy to settle into beautifully desolate expanses of the Trans- I make my way through tiny, quiet, seaside villages with names Canada Highway. I just set the cruise control, bask in the heat of like Fermeuse, Ferryland and Admiral’s Cove, and witness first- the leather seat warmers, and take advantage of the amazing vistas hand the car’s effect. Villagers stop and stare as I pass through afforded me by the car’s high-up driving position. their narrow streets, drawn to its gorgeous looks. The steep-angled By the time I roll back into the capital city of St. John’s, there’s windshield, slanted headlamps and alloy wheels work together to no doubt in my mind or spirit that the CX-9 deserves all the grab attention.Visually, the CX-9 borrows some of the styling cues accolades: its versatily and sporty character come out through of the sportier CX-7, but its longer wheelbase means plenty of leg each rough corner. Just like the people of Newfoundland, a car and headroom inside for seven passengers. can’t fake it against a landscape of such stark honesty. n for video of the cx-9 in action / mazdausa.com/cx9/video A StAR IS BORN CX-9’s driving performance, dynamic good looks inside and out, and surprising roominess could not Perhaps the magazine’s editors said it best when be denied. It also didn’t hurt that no other SUV on the naming mazda’s cX-9 Motor Trend’s 2008 sport/utility market has received higher safety ratings from the of the year: “the CX-9 is sleek and elegant, sporty National Highway traffic Safety Administration. and sophisticated, an SUV seemingly well suited for Starting at $29,40 and available in front- and all- going to the mountains, midtown or the market.” wheel drive in Sport, touring and Grand touring, the CX-9 beat out stiff competition, reigning there’s no better value or more exciting ride in a victorious over other contenders. Ultimately, the seven-seater on the road today. Zoom-Zoom
  38. 38. MOTLEY W s on Our oarsman take g on the U.S. Army (am ld’s others) in the wor strangest boat race fOrd Story lUke pOnS ceS Andrijich Photogra Phy frAn
  39. 39. dry rUn out of steel e of a frame made it’s not really a boat at all—mor d there’s a slight o, I was soMethI ng tched around it. An Many years ag tubing with canvas panels stre in it. ree days a week i’d . There’s no water of an oarsman. Th issue with the river ariety boat race. in ce in a four-man bo at and go isn’t your garden-v take my pla So th is most definitely its kind in the world . if ng up and down the only event of training—vigorously rowi fact, it’s totally unique— dd,” this co mes pretty close. er Thames in engla nd. We’d take nary definition of “o the riv ol. you’re after a dictio regatta. esenting our scho Welcome to the he nley-on-Todd a, nestled part in races repr henley e middle of Australi at the world-famou s Alice Springs is smack bang in th ith a population n. Once we rowed are rthern Territory. W Sometimes we’d wi Queen. Bu t my rowing days in the southe rn region of the no ribed as “limited,” tta, in front of the ly 20 years. that could be desc royal rega titive boat for near and a cultural life t foot on a compe of 28,000 from being the history. i haven’t se gust, i find myself is very far indeed id afternoon in Au this rem ote outback town as August turns int o ver, on a dusty, ar rse. But every year, howe center of the known unive ly known— comes alive. Well, almost. different from the ice—as it’s popular reliving my youth. September, The Al [inset], but it’s a bit i’m in a one-man boat oars. no sides, eit her. in fact, old days. There’s no bottom and no Zoom-Zoom 9
  40. 40. indOOr BeAch ThE TEaMs Run, fREd E- f LinTsTOn sT YLE, up a Ed d RY RivERb At 11 a.m . sharp, the normall y peaceful Todd Ma ll in the center for a motley crew of o a parade ground of town is transformed int s and comica lly aggressive dignitaries, tourist ed with flour competitors, town ders are bombard gs. Bystan loc als dressed as Vikin ls, as gaily decorated floats d with water pisto bombs and squirte ed town center. pedestrianiz in the parade: pass through the ion is represented it seems ev ery local organizat , the jesus Army, y Volunteer Ministry the rotaria ns, the Scientolog erican base on the uids (there’s an Am the U.S. Army’s fighting Sq rvice and many, m any yal flying doctor Se outskir ts of town), the ro t, global door -handle leviathan onsor of the even el, with a legion others. The main sp amount of personn s the largest towards the Assa Abloy, provide arching in formation of yellow T-shir ted employees m ll start at noon. the competition wi Todd river’s dr y riverbed, where r,” Alice Springs our annual calenda “This is the biggest event in takes a battery ims proudly, as he town crier Milton Blanch excla ’s a chance for the e extinguisher. “it of wate r from a Viking’s fir d have a fantastic time. their hair down an town speople to really let irit.” Then he ’s off towards t for community sp Above all, it’s grea ier’s bell as rotaria ns pelt him his town cr th e riverbed, ringing 40 Zoom-Zoom
  41. 41. indOOr BeAch dry rUn e events are simply . Ultimately, all th the Wom en’s rowing four tance in sand. er henley regatta , from running a short dis s, there’s qu ite unlike the prop different ways of boat-based pursuit with flour. This is all een would gside the eekily takes its name. What the Qu Bu t there’s more. Alon olves a lot of falling over; which this event ch petition, which inv a large steel yone’s guess. e the Sand Skis com , which entails filling m ake of this is an has de scended into th the Sand Shoveli ng competition e Oxford Tubs, od-natured rabble m e possible; and th By the time the go day will be very different fro drum with sa nd in the fastest tim a shovel. in the come clear that to ions el along rails using main arena, it’s be fro m local radio stat which includ es paddling a vess force of silliness. d fixture. Two djs, , a veritable tour de the royally-approve for the afternoon’s fri volity fastest tim e possible. All in all tta isn’t typically e the announcers -friendly. that the Todd rega SunfM and 8hA, ar m being strictly child “you’ve got to understand SunfM dj josh ers frequently fro clares the ntralian,’ ” opines and their banter ve 17th-century fop de lian, it’s typically ‘ce ern Territory. look cillor dressed as a cidedly off- Austra happen in the north After a town coun stride with some de rs. “This could only ally no law t into their Batte ere. There’s practic tta open, the djs ge 00-strong crowd e middle of nowh we’ve got to rega his powdered wig. The 4,5 y. around, we’re in th eat deal to do. So co lor remarks about is set fo r the rest of the da in these parts and there’s not a gr interjects by al. And so the tone th five-minute brea ks A truculent Viking cackles its approv , wi make our ow n entertainment.” ’s face. “And this, ts start immediately gaggle ter pistol into josh The individual even r-O wn-Boat races. A emptying th e contents of his wa st up, the Bring-you of the now-sodden dj sputters. between heats. fir ng line in a variety unfortunately, is it,” in the es th eir way to the starti man boat— i’ve entered myself of local teams mak , climb inside them and re i am in that one- ns So he ur-man, but no netheless, e boat-like creatio a trio of it may not be a fo wobbly homemad y riverbed, around Men’s kayak heats. petitive craft. fred flintstone -style, up the sand follows, whereb y cades, i find m yself back in a com y’s run, and back. The Bath tub derby after nearly two de a member of toda empty fuel drums ing a bathtub . Army soldier and run the sam e course while carry My competition is a U.S a team of four men s follow, then der-16 kayak heat containing a te enage girl. The Un Zoom-Zoom
  42. 42. indOOr BeAch all-conquering Assa Abloy crew. i’ll have to do my best. But as the 4x4-powered vessels—the Viking, the defender and starting pistol cracks, the other two take off like startled whippets, the nauteus—set about laying waste to each other quite literally leaving me in their dust. running in sand is hard, and and to most of the crowd, with the help of water my comedy kayak gets heavier with every step. i limp in a pathetic cannons, smoke bombs and 25 electronically third, with the commentary from the dj box being “cold, stone, detonated flour mortars. After 15 minutes of motherless last,” before going on to make a detrimental remark ruthless cacophony and intense wetness, about my brown shorts. it’s all over. The crowd drains away into Alice So while my return to boating has been something of a failure, Springs to continue celebrating into the night. the 46th annual Todd regatta has been an unqualified success. As an event, the henley-on-Todd regatta is indeed Monies have been raised for local charities and the sun has shone unique. is it the silliest day out in the world? possibly. relentlessly. As the afternoon draws to a close, the crowd braces The most fun? probably. Unless, of course, you’re her for the grand finale: the Great Battle Boat Spectacular. Three Majesty the Queen of england. n upload your adventures / zoom-zoommagazine.com Zoom-Zoom
  43. 43. dry rUn the alice attractions… royal flyIng doctor servIce base a half-hour tour includes a visit to the control room, from where the rfds operates over-the-air medical clinics for isolated territories covering an area the size of western europe. flyingdoctor.net Irrkerlantye arts center If you’re after aboriginal artwork, avoid the pricey galleries in town. visit this community arts center and marvel at the creativity of the arrernte people. irrkerlantyearts.com old ghan traIn and MuseuM train buffs will delight at this collection of restored carriages and locomotives from the frontier-busting ghan railway, which only reached the alice in 1929. +1 (8) 89 04 olIve pInk botanIc garden founded by australian anthropologist olive pink, this sprawling garden offers mini-bush walks as well as an array of native shrubs and flora, such as sturt’s desert pea (right). opbg.com.au Zoom-Zoom
  44. 44. MazdaSpeed3: dragon slayer EntEr 44 Zoom-Zoom