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Pdf Zoom Mag Summer08

  2. 2. r . Wha u ju ve os , it dveersno’tf theist moareazixceitis ga Fothiscatryolost sawrn the conew 6m. g n g e in o MAZD A than k of the all- ly sneak pee of emotion customer-o n mbodiment th e ultimate e exciting is car to be to create an I consider th inning, we wanted rom the beg etween man of motion. F a oneness b v er and car; by the between dri is conveyed connection experience e. In Japane se, this scular lines and machin rgeous, mu upon the go y Design, . As you gaze d design (B word kizuna orty, s ophisticate AZDA6’s sp ceeded. of the new M that we suc d up by ink you’ll agree m the groun page 14), I th een d eveloped fro a look ZDA6 has b orders. Take The new MA er years a nd across b page 20). f people ov ng Grounds, hundreds o f th at trip (Provi ptional f the miles o ity and exce at just some o ed in wo rld-class qual that culminat of art. It’s a journey ar; it’s a work that’s m ore than a c engineering you. nd minds to n ds, hearts a From our ha PHOTOGRAPHY: CHRISTOPHER WAHL Hiroshi Kajiyama Program Manager Mazda Motor Corporation Global Editor Nik Berg Global Art Director Geraldine Lynch Editor Graham Verdon Art Director Sandra Latini Deputy Editor Carlos Weigle Senior Designer Mya McNulty Project Coordinator Sarah O’Connor Production Manager Mira Kosovac Publisher Tom Hrubes Project Manager Lori Branov Reproduction Clarity Printing St. Joseph Print Group For Mazda North American Operations David Klan, William Gordon, Jim Taraba. For Mazda Corporation Global Brand Development Manager Silvina Penovi. Address changes or inquiries: 7755 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA. 92618. Tel: 1-800-222-5500 mazdausa.com Zoom-Zoom is published on behalf of Mazda North American Operations by Redwood Custom Communications, 37 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1B3. Tel: 416-360-7339. All product specifications were correct at press time. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior written per mission from the publisher. Printed in Canada.
  3. 3. C ON SUMMER 2008 TEN TS FEATURES 14 BY DESIGN 44 LEAP YEAR The all-new MAZDA6 rubs shoulders with BMX’s debut at the Beijing Summer Games modern classics in American architecture is adding fire to the Olympic flame, and Team USA is burning to bring home gold 20 PROVING GROUNDS Long before the new MAZDA6 hits showrooms, 48 PHOTO FINISH it’s been put to the test all across the globe A look back at some hair-raising Olympic moments that were just too close to call .22 HIGH LIFE A family of adventurers does like monkeys 50 ART OF GLASS do in the canopy of the Costa Rican jungle The dusty windshield of a MAZDA3 becomes a canvas for Texan painter Scott Wade 28 BIG SHOT Brad Rampelberg has big racing dreams 54 THE MAEDA’S TOUCH and the drive to cross the finish line first The new RX-8 is the latest embodiment of an extraordinary father-and-son design legacy .30 SAND BLAST Feeling the rush of Africa in the Mazda CX-7 responsible for a couple of Mazda icons and down the face of giant desert dunes REGULARS 22 38 DINE ’N’ DASH The best thing about a road trip is pulling off the pike into an all-American diner 06 EMOTION OF MOTION Mazda owners just like you show us how to Zoom-Zoom as stars of their own digital pics CON TRIBUTORS »MICHAE L TUREK »MICHAE L STERN wife, Jane, M ichael t trying the With his a’s “I th ought abou travels al ong Americ quickly d back road s course, but BMX lls photog highways an s recons idered,” reca great flavor er for four in search of . A New York emorable, Michael h of his to savor and m ries. years, he spends muc en-path eate ing on assign ment. off-the-beat the Sterns’ time travel ooting A new editi on of has been sh ebook, Road food, Recently, he gner classic guid t fashion desi Broadway a book abou will be published by 1 Zoom-Zoom vic. year. Daniel Voso Books this
  4. 4. 30 INDOOR BEACH get dirty CX-7’s Africa n desert am adventure; Te USA’s d usty track to BMX gold .10 PLAY TIME Blowkarts, pocket kites and smart surfboards are just some of our latest obsessions 60 FAST TRACK 44 The RX-8 wins Daytona and new concept cars capture the imagination. Plus, the best hidden beaches in America and great gas-saving tips 64 MY MAZDA The new MAZDA6 takes its place in the sun and the MX-5 remains the ultimate summer ride 66 MY GREATEST THRILL Jason Lee may be best known for his work on TV, but for him it all starts on a skateboard SH OTA »BILL CA nal »MINORU of internatio Sitting dow n with the Bill’s stack t e a testamen design team awards ar gs father-son n for all thin uro and Ikuo to his passio of Matasab He’s used to oru got a 20 automotive. Maeda, Min ws with the el like part rubbing elbo in chance to fe pping cars the family. When m ost jaw-dro of says he g with the world, and own he isn’t chattin lp but be bl Minoru couldn’t he desi gn legends, MAZDA6’s ion for away by the all-new indulg es his pass phistication. film and cu isine. Zoom-Zoom 2 style and so French
  6. 6. M » B E L G I U es hã José Magal ur t yo This guy’s no warrior. average road As the su n goes down, e along one false mov d turn this the wall coul a swim little run into ences with …your experi you’ve got a others. So if are, energy to sp camera and ncing . Be it da then get busy ping, or diving, ru nning or jum heart racing if it gets your share then we want you to ’t ke ep those it with us. Don m moments t Zoom-Zoo IT’S grea s end your shot to yourself. S the ll publish to us and we’ GOOD sue. best ones in the next is pics at Upload your com magazine. zoom-zoom TO »BRAZIL zaga HARE… Mario Guidoux Gon S »GERMA NY er Uli Schneid ts a Tree-hugging whole new m As he approa ge eaning. ches the lp but top, you can’t he wonde r if he’ll grab ans… the magic be » U.S. azier Harrison Fr a blur e His pedals ar up the as he ramps takes to volume and even the the sky. But C king of the co ncrete REPUBLI land » C Z E C H roslav Málek jungle has to Ja Zoom-Zoom 7
  7. 7. EMOTION OF N MOTIO » CA N A DA arczuk Natalie Mal on Thomps » U K Tina Deskins » U S Todd NY » G E R M A er Timm Adl LANDS » N E T H E R Linssen A ugustinus A » C A N A D ouh Sam Javanr ALAND » N E W Z E nny Pond Je N »SWEDE r ecke Gerald Zinn » U.S. er Tina Doepk ND »THAILA Kai Sawan 8 Zoom-Zoom » U.S. mey Michael Rim
  8. 8. oude A Louise H »CANAD írez teban Ram » S P A I N Es LIA » A U S T R Atenbough G emma Bat BIA » C O L 0 M quez Ju an Velás OR » E C U A D des Nathan Ger ur Send us yo moments Zoom-Zoom d, join in! If orl er the w People all ov spirit of Zoo m-Zoom you’ve c aptured the nces with u s at your experie on film, share ine.com magaz zoom-zoom terms and co nditions. tails and all additional de zine.com for Visit zoom-zoommaga Sun Ho » J A PA N
  9. 9. lay e P im T We’ve sea and rched high an pastimes to go green, m d low to fi help get you ake music or nd the latest into shape even catc i chopper > products , take better p h a ride on th ing > Solar s Blokar t hotos, e wind atchel on Inn > Min > Poseid … ri p Rkiadetheistest hyob-kdrtsinogrtand th la Blo rting is a fusion of g blowing up. A s are custom built in rt sailing, bloka . At a trim 64 lb, these d New Zealan ld up small enough to fit land boats fo take just five minutes to , in your trunk can top 56 mph. blokart.com d assemble an
  10. 10. zoom zoom Fly,thmsa… te i co p ct Cu in and available f a multitude kko lo colors, the F mall Earth Kite is s re in enough to sto ket, c your back po ee to u fr leaving yo d watch n whip it out a ver the e it soar when . th th… Chopprrowisan Black Hawk,othedHheeli-Qopter. lic is wind blow assiston.co. s in jp re s a Mo ntr lle -co mallest radio utes at the world’s s stay in flight for five min l over the It promises to ws the pilot total contros to its llo a time and a ude and direction, thank built into it chopper’s alt sign and a stabilizer bar lightweigh t de karatomy.co .jp e main rotor. ta the top of th e a tr d … Secaaelrtictlheiasmill, Skaytwfiatsll is thoeur Lik v in y g machine th rock-climbin he adjustable speed and ke a living room. T s of the conveyor belt m ing incline sett r beginners and skilled it excellent fo like. www.ideaocean.com.tw a cliffhangers Zoom-Zoom 11
  11. 11. rts. Bopokwithithe…shes is th s fi dersea Reso e ing Sle e mething to b Poseidon Un no longer so ning in 2009, afraid of. Ope e world’s first Poseidon is th rwater hotel. Courtesy of e five-star und lagoon, ian Set in a Fij res will ocean creatu dine, sleep watch as you arried in the or even get mea chapel. s submerged sorts.com poseidonre t c s… Spoerththoinvenience of juicoinugstroll gin Ima e sy da phone or iPo up your cell walk. Noon Solar’s e along the sid handbags have built-in satchels a nd ble, ng you porta solar panels to bri reen has never ower. G renewable p od. noonsolar.com looked so go Bdeinnphottohrash…wfiitlmmnasktersdy Bu d g d g ip ers h u a e elf-directing ures hands and s by Gorillapod firmly sec ace, Jo rejoice! The or camcorder to any surf ng ra ti your came h the help of its articula s you it n anywhere, w et joints. No hands mea tree ball-and -sock ne arest amera to the attach your c d in front of the flash. joby.c om can roun a and monkey 12 Zoom-Zoom
  12. 12. zoom zoom Shredthehiht …teSfonrta Nighttime is t rigs tim a es now tha catching wav lls has produced e Cruz Light W e Surfboard. With v n hi y… Scambtringsour PIN the Light Wa clue you into the e e Rem lt enough, to headlights wave and fin, rail num bers is difficu pesky ose approaching ts for added effect, let alone all th r your PC. and tube ligh do is customize passwords foken technology to all you have nd let the light Fujitsu has ta l with its palm your colors a lw.net to a new leve authentication show begin. ic vein biometr e, which gives sc Fujitsu. sensor mous light after Courtesy of n you the gree palm. fujitsu.com reading y our pthi ti … Sthroae revoluson every 24 Wit n h -2 Earth Watc hours, the wn iew of our ev simulates th pace. Choose s planet from e and, as the your time zon e check the tim globe turns, uter ring. You’ve against the o world at hand. got the whole rth.net thinktheea dusty Tra nsform your are 3 vinyl into MP s c B. of I on’s iPTUS e tabl P lug the turn into your PC are w and the soft s, pops k removes clic log a and other an io.com ud action. ion-a Zoom-Zoom 13
  14. 14. RACE ANATOMY Zoom-Zoom 2
  15. 15. NEW MAZDA6 AN INSTANT CLASSIC. You just know it when you see it. Beautiful form speaks for itself. It doesn’t scream for attention, but watches confidently as we approach, knowing the wait won’t be long. With great car design, as with great architecture, exciting interplay between man and form must follow that initial flirtation. If this isn’t the goal from the inception, then there’s no point in moving the idea into three dimensions. The development team behind the new MAZDA6 understood this. “Creating a oneness with the car, a powerful emotional connection, was our focus from the start,” says Hiroshi Kajiyama, MAZDA6 Program Manager. “In Japanese, the word for it is kizuna.” The car has a substantial posture, with youthful, muscular lines, but this is balanced by an unprecedented level of sexy sophistication that will satisfy the grownup tastes of those who don’t compromise style. 3 Zoom-Zoom >
  16. 16. RACE ANATOMY RIN ~Japanese for presence, assertion, dignity, tension, definition
  17. 17. RACE ANATOMY SEICHI ~ delicate workmanship, attention to detail, fine craftsmanship 5 Zoom-Zoom
  18. 18. NEW MAZDA6 “What might be most exciting of all are and thoroughly raised the level of quality the latest principles of Japanese industrial across the board,” says Kajiyama. design we have brought to it,” says We’ll know more about the car soon, Kajiyama. “There’s a premium feel and a including all the details on a powerful sense of hospitality and comfort that North V6 engine, a welcoming cabin—Mazda’s Americans haven’t experienced before in quietest to date—and a list of available this class.” features, from advanced keyless entry to a And yet, while it’s borne of Eastern cutting-edge blind-spot monitoring system. aesthetics, the new MAZDA6 has been For now, the new MAZDA6’s irresistible completely re-engineered for the North beauty is doing all the talking, and people American driver (for more on this, page 20), are instantly responding. But let’s give offering the confidence that comes with Kajiyama the last word: “We built this car Mazda’s highest levels of performance and with a unique attitude,” he says. “We really dynamic handling. wanted to see how far we could go with to a screeching halt. Team engineers “We not only made a beautiful work of style and flow and exquisite craftsmanship. in rotary-emblazoned racing suits swoop but we took the first-generation MAZDA6 art, It’s a dramatic Zoom-Zoom evolution.” I down to release its exhausted driver. And in the second before he removes his helmet, this could be any of the nearly 200 racers speeding through this dusty race weekend near Salt Lake City. But he’s not. He’s E! Channel moves in, and he’s a celebrity again. He flashes them a distracted grin, but Dempsey, who’s only been racing seriously for three years, is determined to squeeze every bit of knowledge his crew chief, Dempsey leaps up into the HyperSport control center overlooking their pit to his teammates speed around the track. In headphones and a Mazda cap, Dempsey is incognito again—just the way he likes it. “Racing is a great escape from Hollywood,” he tells me during some rare downtime. “I really love having an outlet, a departure from that world.” And what a different world it is. The trailer he shares with his team is just big enough for lockers and a compact kitchen—all utility, no luxury. But Dempsey’s in his element. The easy banter between the team members is a testament to their years of training together, which started well before Dempsey and his hospital drama character, Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, became household names. “They kind of keep it grounded for me,” says the actor, with a laugh. A huge racing fan since childhood, his passion was reignited five years ago by his wife. “She bought me a three-day Skip Barber course, and that opened up the door for me,” he explains. Since then he’s been working to earn his racing stripes Zoom-Zoom 6
  19. 19. INDOOR BEACH MAZDA6 at the Testing the ound, hi Proving Gr Mazda Miyos n Miyoshi, Japa proving ds groun THE ALL-NEW MAZDA6 ON A GRAND METTLE PROVES ITS OF TESTING TOUR ICE BAPTISM BY FIRE AND in the fall, it’ll be the rough much showrooms illion miles, ZDA6 has gone th m When the M AZDA6 hits ore than a m The new MA lopment tea of an epic journey of m rformance. face lift . The deve y culmination rability—ever y aspect of pe test tracks an d road more than a dset that the ility, du testing drivab h its paces on with the min most ug ears of t the car thro d under the Engineers pu ing routes an worked for y 0 percent o riginal work trips along th e most challe ng erica has to offer. g a 10 rth American ns North Am , a MAZDA6 were creatin r exceed No extrem e conditio all throug h the U.S.— you name it Kajiyama, to fa reach of the says Hiroshi art , designed ons—and the “We traveled s probably been there,” Canada and Mexico, too.” ectati e of the car prototype ha ager. “Trips to customer exp t gram Man high ambien They ra ised the gam MAZDA6 Pro want to feel the heat (or place than competition. k out of it. s who er For engineer ere’s no bett then te sted the hec tures, as they might say), th re the car’ s performan ce was put to on all levels, tempera he is Thompson , California, w e spectrum Death Valley, her end of th r’s 2ºF. At the ot prove the ca the test at 12 the need to nd e en gineers felt ugh this unforgiving la OF FEATURESA6 Manitoba; th extreme cold of ice and sn mettle by ow at tempe burning thro ratures of –1 3ºF and belo w. THE MAZD ITO QUIETEST C ABIN 4 TECTION T BLIND-SPO * GOING INCOGN s of three du ring these 1 es ran in pack DE ind noise nsors monito r prototyp er handlers. Road and w High-tech se The MAZDA6 nd 10 engine t have been blind spot s. st driv es, with arou e office to be in the cock pi cars in your top-secret te b coats at th ite substant ially. s left their white la ith camouflag e, still subdued qu MATE The engineer , taped up w BET TER CLI rs 2 COMF ORTAB RE BIGGER, MO LE 5 CONT Dual compr R O L* em ession syst inconspicuou garnered un s, but the ca wan ted attentio de the in n wherever strument pa they went. nel when we stopped , the high-tec h gh to seat fi ve ly intuitive “We had to hi the problem Large enou creates high ama tells us. To solve pl aced a s also room ier ture contro l. for gas,” Kajiy solution: “We adults easily , it’ tempera dly low-tech and Acco rd. team empl oyed a decide than Camry er it,” he says . about the ca r? 3 AND NTRY KE YLESS E N* IGNITIO 6 IMPROVED HANDLING More power ful perform ance ra bath towel ov What did yo u sa re all Japane y when peop se, so we just le asked you kind of preten ith a smile. de d we didn’t ck system an d steering offe “We’ ama says w A keyless lo and better perience. English,” Kajiy n ignition mak e for superior driv ing ex understand push-butto any drive. art to ure a smooth st *optional feat
  20. 20. TESTING THE MAZDA6 the outside pr ototype ional facility ZDA6 at A MA nce Intern MI Auto Allia Ro ck, in Flat It looks but it’s actu like a crash test dum ally an “aac my, that collect hen head s cabin nois ,” equipment e data The team of en camouflaged gineers with cars on a test D ERICA IN MIN somewhere ne drive ar Las Vegas, NV AM t paper, the en gineering team listened care engineers an fully to d designers. Before pen hi azda dealers, of ican drivers, M of the needs North Amer clear picture ive interviews, a the new rough After extens azda owners in dling of The han atly improved th g s emerged. ways than M Am erican driver iving on high quieter drive. was gre fine tun in more dr and a smooth er, Mazda6 e testing and We do much and we dem ,” says Greg extensiv many othe r countries, envelope d in a cocoon be ams ivers want to Model Progr “American dr eral Manager, New e quietest Alliance Gen ly created th Brown, Auto e have not on but the rdination. “W d wind noise, & Launch Coo road noise an the interior, th in terms of azing.” As for cabin yet, bo cockpit is am ments, ance te st n in the of the instru perform driv er interactio gradual illumination a cold weather okkaido, Japa n. ds that “with type in ing Ground in H t facilities Kajiyama ad new day.” avel, we A proto zda Prov azda te s wn of a ers tend to tr a at the M e of several M it’s like the da A merican driv er handling. er distances demand bett It’s on With the long rrain, so we also d the ore varied te siveness, an encounter m -Zoom respon d,” says has the Zoom icans deman “The MAZDA6 ty that Amer ction system , rity and safe ind-spot dete sense of secu e available bl dd to that th Kajiyama. “A ckage.” ecedented pa an d it’s an unpr A Mazda prototyp e is tested on a fou ALL OVER shaker. The mach r-poster ine simulates actua conditions from da l road ta collected durin g test drives THE MAP WORLD TOUR e routes Some of th took the MAZDA6 as s of test MAZDA6 h on dozen places the ss North Just some of the e worl d drives acro n around th d around already bee ado America an Denver, Color kkaido, a the world. Hiroshima, Hok , Japan Las Vegas, Nevad & Miyoshi Mine Thompson &anitoba Phoenix, Ari zona Winnipeg, M .com onio, Texas Bemidji, Min nesota MORE ON TH CHECK E MAZDA6, EBSITE / mazdausa San Ant ulco, Mexico o City, Mexic o FOR MUCH LL ’08 ISSUE AND OUR W Acap Mexic hi gan oi s OUT OUR FA Detroit, Mic Chicago, Illin ida Naples, Flor Zoom-Zoom 2
  22. 22. Tree-mendous fun in the rainforest canopy U’RE HEN YO OT SO EASY W there’s JUMP. N feet up a tree and lush almost 3 00 e forest, but dens and spid ers. nothin g below es, ants, k wth, sna of the undergro is the cacophony irds d ,b All aroun onkeys howling . We’re t: m ing rainfores big insects chirp g, walls of screamin by thick, steamy on ed it we’ll so surround jungle. Some of > een speed. It’s dense gr gh, at breakneck lready spea r throu n d the s weat is a r humid a nging ou hot and faces, sti down our pouring Zoom-Zoom 23
  23. 23. YOU BRU DENSE F SH THE O NARROW LIAGE, MISSING LY TREE TR VAST UNKS eyes. It’s been rain in Costa ing (it do Rica) an es a lot o But the m d the air f that an says ju is moist. e harnes mp. So ju s grips o tight, an ur waists mp we do. d the tec and gro hnique, legs rst, lean bac we are to ins body fro k, ld, is m spinn and try to keep y ing unde connecti ng you to r the pull our that cris the over ey s-cross th he your rig e rainfor ad zip wires ht hand, est cano palmed wit py. Keep glove, cu h its thick leath are told pping th er- this is yo e zip wir down—e ur brakin e. We sse g ha platform ntial as you app nd. To slow —just sq roach th big glove uee e ne that acts ze the wire with xt pad. You like a hu that r le han m the pulle d holds th an brake y to the e cable fr harness. balance, to avoid It helps y om But just do ou to a er you ing mid-air piro platform jump fro ue ,h m your w ttes. Trekking, swinging and feel your igh up in the for ooden body sta est, you your leg rt can s pointin to rotate, so kee splashing, the Green boys did it all in Costa Rica. With g forwar p Edsart (bottom left) and ere can d. Sheyka (right) they found exhilarati be few sensatio ng as y ns quite new friends as well zip wire ing dow so strung b n a 900- up in th etween p foot e ca latfor rainfores nopy of a lush tr ms high t, gravity o like a ch powerin pical ampion g you for of the pu dow war lley on th nhill skier. e w d e wires a hir nd the b reeze
  24. 24. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE tugging at your fa dense fo ce. You b liage, na ru trunks a rrowly m sh the nd branc issing va whizzing hes st past touc of ancient trees, colorful ans with be ov butter ie aks, dozy sloths ersized, s. Look b an d and the elow—if dro you dare feet deep ps are sometime — . Way be s foliage o low is th 300 f the rain e dense, sees the for moist sun. e est oor that rar from up view is d ely here in th i er the how e trees, w ent ler m here hummin onkeys swing an gbirds h d the We sleep over. the rainfo in a tree too, deep about 10 rest. It’s a big san in to Edsar 0 years o grillo, t Besier, ld accord house. E ing dsart is o who built this tr conserva ne of Co ee tio sta R on-site G nists and founde ica’s leading re ro jungle d en Iguana Found f the welling is ation. O trees—“n made fro ur o ms construc live trees were da alvaged tion.” maged in piece of er its canvas, s oof is simply a g the folia tretched iant ge an tent-like Only the d over the furnit among ure. doors. E two bedrooms h ver ave glass to is ything else is ope walls and olate you n. ere of the wil fr is no d. Sit bac om nature—you butter ie k and wa ’re part s and tch the ere’s elec , at night, the bats birds and tricity, a oat by. solar-po fridge, a wer gas stove “But don ed hot water, so and ’t le it’s warns Ed ave any food ou not so basic. sart. “ t at nigh Most of e rac t,” the tree h coons will take it on groun o .” d level. B use is, in fact, bu the wood ut then y ilt > en cable ou walk footbrid up ge to the upper UNITED STATES GULF OF MEXICO COSTA RICA TRAVEL WHERE IS IT? WHERE TO STAY CUBA TIPS Costa Rica is a republic in Central America bordering There are hundreds of places to choose from, Nicaragua and Panama. for all budgets and tastes. MEXICO Liberia Gavin and his family stayed BELIZE GETTING THERE at the Tree House Lodge GUATEMALA San José International flights arrive on the beach at Punta Uva HONDURAS at Aeropuerto Internacional in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Punta EL Uva SALVADOR Juan Santamaría, just north Wildlife Refuge, where NICARAGUA of the capital, San José, and iguanas and sloths mingle the Daniel Oduber airport in with the guests in the safety COSTA RICA COSTA Liberia. There are regular of this hurricane-free zone. PANAMA RICA flights leaving from most major U.S. cities. For more info, go to costaricatreehouse.com Zoom-Zoom 25
  25. 25. ss WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE level that swings in rhythm with your steps. Here, you’re face-to-face with the monkeys and other tree dwellers. Edsart lives in a tree house right next to ours, with his two dogs, Ziggy and Tyra, and a bunch of iguanas. A Dutchman, he fell in love with Costa Rica while on holiday in his early 20s. Visit this amazing country with its astonishing biodiversity, lush jungles and peace-loving people (it’s one of the few countries in the world with no army)—whose motto is pura vida (the “pure life”)—and you’ll understand why Edsart fell in love. is small Central American nation is a nature lover’s paradise and an ecotourist nirvana, a country where 27 percent of the land area is protected. Costa Rica packs in more species per square mile than anywhere else on the planet and has amazingly varied topography and weather. It’s squeezed between the Paci c and the Caribbean and neatly split by a series of volcanic mountain chains that run the length of the country. Our tree house is a ve-hour drive southeast of the capital, San José, on the southern Caribbean coast. ere are no major hotel chains, no multi-story buildings, no sign of the countryside being bulldozed for speed. Instead, the pace is slow, the road (the only one) is broken and the architecture is more colorful shack than concrete-and-glass. Behind the buildings the rainforest looms—high, omnipresent, noisy, majestic. e forest, where we sleep and where we play. e forest, where you are Tarzan one moment and a National Geographic azine.com reporter the next. e forest, Costa Rica’s UPLOAD YOUR / zoom-zoommag perennial backdrop. I ADVENTURE R WLE At 5 am every le day, the jung HO ge Our lazy voya AYAK HE NKEYS would shak e T O was main ly ty with the migh K spent on our THEUISE of the M roar backs, not howler monkey s. just to catch CR Their cr ies a glimpse of cious as ucans sounded as vi sloths and to en I saw the felled a dogfight. Wh but to avoid them I coul dn’t believe trees that blocked fore me tric- my eyes, as be our path. Elec were cute, fl uffy, butterflies creatures blue us like little black floated around hanging by their tails flapping ki tes, and I icent tree. feel the from a magnif could almost othing our atmosphere so e 14 lling By Seb, ag weary city-dwe 6 Zoom-Zoom souls. 17 By Henry, age