Cars Com Lights, Camera, Sold May 2009


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Cars Com Lights, Camera, Sold May 2009

  1. 1. Welcome to Today’s Webinar We will begin promptly at noon ET To hear the audio portion for today’s session, please turn up your computer speakers or use a pair of headphones.
  2. 2. Lights, Camera, Sold Leverage Online Video to Desk More Deals Ralph Ebersole
  3. 3. Welcome • Have a question? Need our attention?  Enter your question or comment by clicking on the question mark in the lower right corner of the WebEx browser  Include your name, organization name, state • Want a recording of today’s presentation?  Visit on Monday, May 11
  4. 4. Welcome • To hear the audio portion for today’s webinar: • Turn up your computer speakers • Use a pair of headphones • Having audio problems? • Request a toll-free dial-in number for the WebEx teleconference
  5. 5. Today’s Moderator Ralph Ebersole • Director, automotive consulting and dealer training, • More than 30 years experience in automotive retail • Has trained more than 20,000 automotive salespeople • Featured speaker at industry conferences (e.g., NADA 2009, Digital Dealer 2009 and Ward’s Automotive Spring Training 2009) • Interviewed in leading trade publications
  6. 6. Today’s Panelists Rob Fontano • John Marazzi Nissan • Internet sales director • Naples, Fla. • 8 years experience in automotive retail
  7. 7. Today’s Panelists Joe Webb • Dealer Knows • President/consultant • Chicago • 8 years experience in automotive retail
  8. 8. Today’s Objectives In today’s session, you’ll learn how to use video to: • Showcase vehicles with a personalized demonstration of their features and condition. • Build rapport through a brief introduction that highlights your expertise and commitment to helping shoppers find the right car. • Promote the value of buying from your store with customer testimonials and a tour of your facility.
  9. 9. Set the Stage for a Sale
  10. 10. Who’s Using Video 33 percent of dealers use video on their websites • 26 percent will add video within the next 12 months Source: The Kelsey Group, 2008
  11. 11. Who’s Watching Video • 41 percent of third-party site users viewed vehicle videos before walking into a store* • 63 percent of shoppers who viewed video reported that it influenced their decision to visit the dealership * • Searches for vehicle brand names with “video” have grown almost 240 percent ** •Value of Third-Party Sites to Dealer Walk-In Traffic, Synovate 2008 ** Google, 2008
  12. 12. Who’s Watching Video 58 percent of U.S. car buyers say they’re interested in online automotive video • Average age: 38 • Less likely to hold brand affinities and loyalties • Two-thirds of video viewers have household incomes above $60,000; nearly one-fourth earn $100,000 or more • Twice as likely to buy a car priced at $30,000 or more than average shopper
  13. 13. Video Car Buyers Want to See 40% Vehicle Interior and Exterior 31% 27% Comparison 28% 33% Features 24% $30,000+ All Car Buyers 22% Car Care 24% 29% Crash Tests 23% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40%
  14. 14. Video Car Buyers Want to See 30% Maintenance 22% 31% Editorial Reviews 16% 23% Manufacturer News 15% $30,000+ All Car Buyers 25% New Vehicle Launches 13% 18% Driving 10% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40%
  15. 15. Make the Car the Star • Most popular videos showcase the vehicle, demonstrating its features and how it compares to other models • Tailor videos to appeal to male and female buyers • Men want to learn about the car and cars • Complement videos about specific listings with videos about car care tips and maintenance advice • Helps attract and connect men to your brand • Women want to learn about the vehicle’s safety and convenience features • Higher-end buyers want in-depth information • Objective reviews from third-party sources
  16. 16. Getting Started: Define Your Process • Determine how you will use video with: • Email • Listing sites • Store website(s) • Customer follow-up • Define the message you want to communicate with each type of video • Identify who will: • Produce the videos • Be featured in the videos
  17. 17. Getting Started: Third-Party Sites • Entice buyers to engage with your listing • Build confidence by showing the car’s conditions and features • Brand your store and sell the value of buying from you • Offer directions and contact information
  18. 18. Getting Started: Your Website • Low-cost cameras allow you to add good-quality, full-motion videos: • Salesperson/ISM introductions • Walk-around vehicle demonstrations • Competitive reviews • Customer testimonials • Tours of your showroom, parts and service departments • Software allows you to create slide shows that simulate video from static images
  19. 19. Sell Yourself • Introduce yourself • Assure shoppers you will help them find the right car • Invite prospects to contact you for more information or to set an appointment • Encourage car buyers to ask for you when they contact or visit the dealership
  20. 20. Sell Your Listings • Develop walk-around videos that demonstrate the vehicle’s: • Condition • Standard equipment • Unique features • Build rapport with buyers by personalizing the video View this video at • Include a call to action by inviting the customer to contact you and asking for the sale
  21. 21. Sell Your Store • Provide reasons to purchase from your dealership: • Extensive inventory • Convenient location • Financing opportunities • State-of-the-art facilities View this video at • Business philosophy • Community reputation • Industry recognition • Ask satisfied customers to provide video testimonials
  22. 22. Extend Your Reach on YouTube
  23. 23. Use Video in Your Social Media • Adding video to your social media pages: • Generates additional exposure • Allows you to: • Brand your store • Showcase your product expertise, service View this video at excellence • Creates a virtual “Why Buy” book for in-market shoppers • Boosts search engine results • 41 percent of car buyers searched YouTube Source: Google, 2008
  24. 24. Identify Third-Party Video Sources • Objective editorial reviews • Automotive shopping sites with independent automotive experts (e.g., • Industry publications, TV shows and blogs • AutoWeek • MotorWeek • Kicking Tires • Manufacturers • Engineering profiles • Product demonstrations
  25. 25. Review • Develop processes to define how videos will be produced and how they’ll be used to win business • Online automotive video: • Plays an increasingly important role in the shopping process • Builds shoppers’ confidence in you, your listings and your store • Allows you to leverage channels outside your listing sites and dealership website(s) to reach in- market shoppers
  26. 26. Resources for Online Success gives you the tools and resources to drive online success and fully merchandise your inventory: ( • Your local sales representative – Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you as well as answer any questions you might have • Local training – Attend one of’s local training workshops for a hands-on educational experience • DealerADvantage monthly enewsletter – Subscribe and get tips and techniques to maximize your online investment ( • DealerADvantage LIVE – Tune in to our free monthly webinars, packed with advice from expert trainers and the best dealers in the industry ( • Follow us on Twitter –
  27. 27. Register Now for Our Next Event Your Site, Your Sales Win More Deals With More Roads to Your Internet Showroom • Noon EDT, Friday, June 12, 2009 • Register: • In this session, you’ll learn how to: • Where car buyers look the internet to get the information they need. • Which internet sites in-market shoppers consider the most valuable. • How to leverage third-party sites to drive traffic to your store’s site. • How to implement SEM and SEO campaigns that drive results.
  28. 28. Questions & Answers
  29. 29. Thank You & Good Luck