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  1. 1. NISSAN 350 Z GENUINE ACCESSORIES 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 1 11/03/08 15:13:55
  2. 2. HIGH-TECH PROTECTION 01 The Nissan 350Z Coupe and Roadster are already fully equipped to thrill you with their performance. With these Genuine Accessories, you can now tailor your 350Z to fulfil your personal preferences. 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 2 11/03/08 15:13:56
  3. 3. VALUABLE REASSURANCE Accessory featured on opposite page: 01/ Tracking System With Nissan GPS Tracking System, enjoy true peace of mind and the reassurance of constant protection. If your 350Z is confirmed as stolen, our call centre will contact the local Police, who can use the Tracking System constant homing signal to precisely locate and recover your car. The system protects your 350Z 24 hours a day. Featured accessories: 03/ Alarm system 02/ Rear parking system Remotely controlled with the keyfob, the alarm system includes Four small sensors mounted in the rear bumper detect obstructions perimetric detection and ultra sonic interior sensing to protect your behind you as you reverse. The system warns you with an audible signal, 350Z. For the 350Z Roadster, we have designed a dedicated alarm which increases in frequency as you move closer, beeping continuously system using radar. when you need to stop. The system helps you slip into tighter parking 04/ Lockable wheel nuts spaces while avoiding damage. Fit one lockable nut per wheel to protect your valuable alloys. 02 03 04 3 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 3 11/03/08 15:13:57
  4. 4. DESIRABLE DETAILS 01 Accessory featured on opposite page: 01/ Tonneau cover Effectively hiding whatever you carry in the trunk, this neat-fitting cover is easily removed, giving you full access for loading or unloading when required. Featured accessory: 02/ Horizontal luggage net Attaches to securing hooks in the corners of the trunk, to help stop your parcels and other luggage sliding about. 02 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 4 11/03/08 15:13:58
  5. 5. EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS 5 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 5 11/03/08 15:13:58
  6. 6. LOAD SPACE SAVERS Featured accessories: 01/ Trunk tray for Coupé With its textile top it looks like a mat, but this useful trunk tray also has a rubber base which is impervious to fluids and effectively protects the interior trim of your 350Z Coupé. The polished Z logo complements your car’s identity. 02/ Floor mats Made from high quality materials and featuring an embossed 350Z logo, these mats are smart and functional additions to the cockpit, matching the 350Z’s interior. 03/ Trunk mat Two mats are available, one shaped to fit the 350Z Roadster, the other for the Coupé. Each durable rear mats covers the whole trunk and protects it, whatever you carry. A useful complement to the front mats. 01 NEATLY CONVENIENT 01 02 03 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 6 11/03/08 15:13:58
  7. 7. PROTECTIVE STYLING 02 01 Featured accessories: 01/ Entry guards Featuring an aluminium finish with an embossed Z, these entry guards protect the paintwork and make the cockpit even more inviting. 02/ Mudguards Available to fit both the front & rear, to protect the bodywork and help keep your 350Z in pristine condition. 7 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 7 11/03/08 15:13:59
  8. 8. 01 Nissan Europe and Nismo Japan have designed Featured accessories: and produced the ultimate accessories for the 01/ Rear wing spoiler 02/ Rear lower spoiler 350Z in Europe: the exclusive Nismo range. It features spectacular styling parts, such as the complete body kit consisting of side sills, front and rear lower spoilers, a rear wing spoiler and 19" front and rear alloys. Z-POWER 02 8 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 8 11/03/08 15:13:59
  9. 9. ULTIMATE EXCITEMENT 9 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 9 11/03/08 15:14:01
  10. 10. 01 FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCE Featured accessories: 01/ Front lower spoiler 02/ 19" front alloys 02 03 03/ Side sills 10 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 10 11/03/08 15:14:01
  11. 11. ORDERING INFORMATION 350Z 350Z ROADSTER HIGH-TECH PROTECTION (pages 02-03) 01 Tracking System main kit Excellence KE230-99990 q q Tracking System main kit Serenity KE230-99991 q q Tracking System main kit Benelux KE230-99992 q q Tracking System sub kit KE230-CD001 œ q Tracking System sub kit KE230-CD000 q œ Tracking system connection for alarm KE230-99993 q q 02 Rear parking system KE511-999001 q q 03 Alarm system KE253-CD000 q œ Alarm system KE253-CD100 œ q Alarm subkit (always required) 25362-EV00A q q 04 Lockable wheel nuts KE409-89950ND q q DESIRABLE DETAILS (pages 04-05) 01 Vertical tonneau cover KE964-CD000 q œ 02 Horizontal luggage net 999C1-ZPEUR q q NEATLY CONVENIENT (page 06) 01 Trunk tray H4906-CD000 q œ 02 Floor mats KE746-CD081 q q 03 Trunk mat KE840-CD081 q œ Trunk mat KE840-CE081 œ q PROTECTIVE STYLING (page 07) 01 Entry guards 999M1-ZPEUR q q 02 Mudguards – front 999J2-ZSG41E3 q q Mudguards – rear 999J2-ZSG41E4 q q NISMO Z-POWER (pages 08-09-10) Please ask your dealer for more information on our Nismo accessory range. GENERAL ACCESSORIES Warning triangle KE930-00017 q q Warning triangle – double kit KE930-00018 q q First aid kit – hard plastic box KE930-00020 q q First aid kit – soft bag KE930-00025 q q Nomadic ashtray F8800-89925 q q Seat back organiser KE930-00090 q q Safety jacket KE930-00110 q q œ = not available 11 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 11 11/03/08 15:14:02
  12. 12. QASHQAI MURANO NOTE 350 Z MICRA C+C MICRA SHIFT_ is an English word from a Japanese car company that best embraces our values and the mission of this corporation. No matter where you are in the world, SHIFT_ is the way we express who we are, how we work and what we are trying to accomplish. Everything we touch, we SHIFT_. And everything we SHIFT_ we try to make better and uniquely Nissan. Visit our website at: Dealer stamp: www.nissan-europe.com SHIFT_ exhilaration Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this publication is correct at the time of going to press (April 2008). This brochure has been produced featuring prototype vehicles exhibited at motor shows. In accordance with the company’s policy of continuously improving its products, Nissan International reserves the right to change at any time the specification and the vehicles described and shown in this publication. Nissan dealers will be informed of any such modifications as quickly as possible. Please check with your local Nissan dealer to receive the most up-to-date information. Because of the limitations of the printing processes used, the colours shown in this brochure may differ slightly from the actual colours of the paint and interior trim materials used. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part of this brochure without the written permission of Nissan International is forbidden. This brochure is made from chlorinefree paper – 350Z-AC-8-GE 04/08 – Printed in E.U. Created and produced by E-GRAPHICSTYPOWEB. France – Tel.: +33 1 4746 3939 62124-GEA-350Z-ACC.indd 12 11/03/08 15:13:51