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Winning customer mindshare to an extent where it becomes a powerful competitive weapon.

This study explores the opportunity social media presents to corporations as a result of deeper insights revealed about their customer base and market. This study is not a complete Enterprise Social Media Assessment but rather serves to illustrate the level of customer presence and corporate engagement that currently exists in social networks for the companies evaluated.

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Mindshare Report - Executive Summary - Social Media Academy

  1. 1. Social Media Academy – Education & Research Mindshare Report An Enterprise Social Media Status Report New ways to create a better customer experience. New ways to compete for mind & market share. The full 220 page report is available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 Social Media Academy 228 Hamilton Ave. Palo Alto, CA, 94301 (650) 384-0057 www.socialmedia-academy.com © Social Media Academy. 2009
  2. 2. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Executive Introduction Enterprise Social Media Assessment This report provides corporations with insight into social media in a unique and never seen before way. It illustrates the widespread adoption of social media by customers regardless of a company’s level of participation in the social web. The so called “educated purchase decision” is no longer based on the paradigms of the past but rather on the synthesis of information obtained from reading blogs, dialogs in social networks, participating in online communities, forums, and other social networking gathering places. Whether it is a high tech investment decision, the purchase of agricultural equipment, a consumer good or life insurance, the leading influencer is the social web. Tools and methodologies allow comprehensive analysis of the social web and its constituencies including current customers, prospects, partners and competitors. The ability to deploy a systematic and comprehensive assessment of the social web will have a significant impact on the success of an organization’s social media based “go to market” strategy. Social competition – understanding the competitor’s social ecosystem - adds a new level of complexity but also a new opportunity to compete more effectively in this modern highly networked and socially connected global environment. © Social Media Academy. 2009 2 Report
  3. 3. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Why is this research important? Business leaders underestimate the influence of tens of thousands of customers writing and reading blogs, asking and answering questions, discussing best practices and sharing product and service experience. The cost of advertising cost of sales and cost of marketing in general has become almost unaffordable – at the same time its influence has reached the lowest level ever. Business leaders need to recognize the enormous impact and the actual effect social media has on organizations regardless of industry or size. What does it mean to you? While this report is based on six randomly selected companies, it demonstrates a way to answer some very strategic questions. These questions are germane to all companies of any size or industry affiliation: · Do you know for a fact where your customers are in the social web? · Do you know for a fact what spaces are important to your customers? · Do you know for a fact what your customer’s issues are? · Do you have a technique to really LISTEN to your customers? · Do you know for a fact where your partners are within the social web? · Do you have a strategy for socializing with your partners? · Do you know for a fact where your brand is? · Do you trust that your brand is well reflected in the market? · Do you know for a fact what people say about your competitors? · Do you know for a fact how you stand up to competition? · Do you have an idea how your competitors are using the social web? If you don’t know the answers, ask yourself what value would it have to your competitors? © Social Media Academy. 2009 3 Report
  4. 4. Mindshare Report Executive Summary What you need to know about this report PURPOSE This study explores the opportunity social media presents to corporations as a result of deeper insights revealed about their customer base and market. This study is not a complete Enterprise Social Media Assessment but rather serves to illustrate the level of customer presence and corporate engagement that currently exists in social networks for the companies evaluated. DATA SOURCES All data and information used within the reports were aggregated without any dialog or conversation with the respective company. The reports are built exclusively based on publically available data. COMPETITIVE THREAT A competitive threat analysis and vulnerability report as well as recommendation to compete are not exposed in great detail – however, we provide some insight at the end of this report REPORTING TOOLS The students used a variety of different reporting tools including tools to size a network, sentiment analysis, authority analysis and several other social media analytics tools. As part of the education the students worked with a selection of 16 out of over 100 different reporting tools. ASSESSMENT METHOD The students used a 5 step methodology which encompasses assessing a company’s social media landscape, community sentiment, brand representation, partner ecosystem and competitive environment. A complete, in depth assessment provides the foundation of a comprehensive social media strategy. RESOURCES / LIMITATIONS Conducting a comprehensive assessment of a global enterprise takes a team of 5 experienced consultants approximately 4 weeks to complete. Given the potential competitive risk – still an investment well spent. The present study does not represent a full scale assessment but serves as an example demonstrating what trained social media experts can do. © Social Media Academy. 2009 4 Report
  5. 5. Mindshare Report Executive Summary The six companies of this study TOYOTA VODAFONE DOW CHEMICAL NEW YORK LIFE JOHN DEERE NETAPP All reports only show some very short extracts from the complete 220 page report. © Social Media Academy. 2009 5 Report
  6. 6. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Toyota Social Media Research Toyota Several hundred thousand customers of the brand are very engaged in the space. But a significant amount of drivers seem to be very reflective to the engagement of the US competition. A larger portion of the automobile competition is already happening in the social web. Janice Chai-Chang Social Media Academy March 2009 The full 220 page report of all six brands and a list of the used reporting and analytics tools are available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 © Social Media Academy. 2009 6 Report
  7. 7. Mindshare Report Executive Summary 4.7 MySpace There are 739,000 results for Toyota related topics on MySpace. Several are devoted to specific Toyota models like the Toyota Yaris below, which has almost 50,000 friends. It is unclear if these profiles are indeed company sponsored. Official MySpace profile of the Toyota Yaris Sample comments from “Yaris Friends” © Social Media Academy. 2009 7 Report
  8. 8. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Partner Landscape Toyota supports its dealer network by promoting an option prominently on its home page that enables an individual to find a dealer in the location of their choosing. Additionally, they have integrated a feature which provides information on special offers and pricing available at a given dealer or city identified by the customer. One of Toyota’s largest distributors, Southeast Toyota, has sponsored its own facebook group aimed at promoting ideas that can help today’s drivers. The facebook link is prominently featured on the home page of one of Southeast Toyota’s web site, www.toyotahighway.com “Drive Smart” Facebook Group sponsored by Southeast Toyota © Social Media Academy. 2009 8 Report
  9. 9. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Competitive Landscape Ford significantly exceeds Toyota in Twitter followers. This could be attributed to the difference between Ford’s Twitter implementation strategy and Toyota’s. Ford US has, at present, 6 distinct Ford branded accounts focused on promoting specific conversational threads whereas Toyota has only one official Toyota branded account. Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford, is running 2 of the Ford accounts: Ford Drive One and Ford Mustang. It is not surprising given the level of focus on the Big 3 US automakers in the news that Ford consistently dominated online chatter. However, Toyota’s favorable sentiment, 75% was 2 points higher than Ford’s which had 73%. Toyota’s negatives (25%) were also slightly less than Ford’s which came in at 27%. © Social Media Academy. 2009 9 Report
  10. 10. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Vodafone Social Media Research Vodafone The brand has a rather engaged customer base of many thousand active and outspoken advocates. But the company itself seems to use social media primarily as a new and simple marketing tool – not capturing the opportunity. Kevin Mannion Social Media Academy March 2009 The full 220 page report of all six brands and a list of the used reporting and analytics tools are available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 © Social Media Academy. 2009 10 Report
  11. 11. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Company snapshot Vodafone Group Plc is the world’s largest mobile operator by revenue and has circa 70 thousand employees, 289 million customers, and operations in more than 50 countries through subsidiaries, partners and affiliates. Group performance in 2008 shows revenue (in GBP) of £35.5 billion, and as of 31st December a market capitalisation of £74 billion. The Group operates under the name Vodafone through its subsidiaries, except in the USA where it operates through its associated undertaking, Verizon Wireless. Report conclusions Vodafone enjoys a very strong brand and a huge customer base, and is rightly considered a leader in high-technology services for consumers and businesses. However, based on the research findings, it does not appear to demonstrate, in a strategic sense, a thorough understanding of how social media can be embraced to help both retain existing customers and win new ones through social advocacy. Vodafone certainly has the reach and the resources to put a social media strategy into place, but is at risk of leaving the door open for competitors. Introduction This report looks at Vodafone’s level of customer engagement and competitive transparency in the world’s biggest online marketplace, social media. With an active and highly collaborative user base of hundreds of millions of people, and growing daily, social media networks are fast becoming the places where people make up their minds about brands, products and services. The research findings indicate that Vodafone has a significant brand following in social media. However, aside from some notable activities by a small number of departments and regions, the level of corporate engagement with customers and other influencers was very low and did not appear to be part of an overall social media strategy. Vodafone should be concerned that rival operators could quickly discover where millions of Vodafone’s customers are social networking, and put into place their own programs of competitive engagement. The Vodafone social ecosystem In this report you will find reference to the ‘ecosystem’. This term describes the global collection of online places where people shared information and opinions about Vodafone, its products and its services. Introduction This report is the result of a research project conducted on behalf of the Social Media Academy (SOMA). The task was to discover the quantity and quality of information that could be amassed concerning the level of customer presence and corporate engagement in social networks, for any given company. Vodafone, one of six large organizations selected by SOMA, is covered in this report. Both the research and report were completed without any assistance from Vodafone, used widely available research tools, and took approximately five man-days of effort. © Social Media Academy. 2009 11 Report
  12. 12. Mindshare Report Executive Summary 3.3 An influencer in the ecosystem: Marion Castel About Marion Castel © Social Media Academy. 2009 12 Report
  13. 13. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Delicious There were 14,838 bookmarks for Vodafone related pages. Some of the most popular bookmarks Corporate websites and connection with social networks www.vodafone.com is a hub website, primarily designed for people with a corporate interest in the Vodafone Group Plc. For customers, there were links to 59 different websites, each serving a specific country or region. The country websites were a mix of Vodafone branded or partner branded offerings, depending on subsidiary or partner status in a given country. Vodafone branded sites offered forums and other online facilities for customers, and these appeared well attended and active. Beyond the forums, which seemed designed only for those with immediate problems, there was no obvious place for customers to get together in a community sense. Also, there was little evidence of interconnection between external social networks and the corporate Vodafone websites. For the most part, corporate links back to Vodafone from social networks took users to the home page of the country website concerned, and there was little sign of connections from the websites themselves out to public social networks. © Social Media Academy. 2009 13 Report
  14. 14. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Dow Chemical Social Media Research Dow Chemical While Dow is heavily advertising the “human factor”, the company does not live up to the marketing message, nor has a presence in the social web while several thousand customers discussing products and services. Laureen Earnest Social Media Academy March 2009 The full 220 page report of all six brands and a list of the used reporting and analytics tools are available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 © Social Media Academy. 2009 14 Report
  15. 15. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Corporate Social Media Highlights Dow Connect: The 2009 Jive Software white paper called; The Social Business Imperative discusses in part the business urgency to embrace contributors inside and outside a corporate firewall as part of your Social Capital. Dow implemented their software solution to connect retirees, employees on leave, and current employees through an online mentoring and referral network called Dow Connect. The measurable benchmark was set at 10% active participation within one year, which was exceeded within two months of launch hitting over 4,500 members. Peter Palme has a job description of Talent Manager @ Dow Chemical – Switzerland. Talent Manager describes fully the transition from Human Resources nomenclature and mind set. A Global Review of Social Eco-System Map Overlay: Dow Chemical has a presence in 175 countries around the world. The 7162 blog posts were sporadic across the USA with a concentration in PA, NJ, FL, with the highest in California. The highest country after the USA is the United Kingdom with 105 posts followed by Canada with 86 posts. © Social Media Academy. 2009 15 Report
  16. 16. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Students for Bhopal Group on Facebook: 1,250 members – Negative Influence - While this event occurred in 1984 the group discussions are active and current as of Q1 2009 – twenty five years later. Group Blogger, Sachin Jain is collecting stories in 2009 on the events from those alive during the disaster. © Social Media Academy. 2009 16 Report
  17. 17. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Competitive Analysis Eastman Chemical Company: www.eastmanchemical.com Note worthy on the Eastman Home page is their Corporate Citizenship message demonstrated through the REACH program. The objective of the REACH policy is to determine the hazards of chemicals and to carry out risk assessments in order to protect human health and the environment. Their Clear Advantage -“specialty packaging” for Cosmetics profile of “See how Eastman can bring your designs to life” is very customer centric. The Social Mind-Set is well integrated in 2009 as evidenced by Eastman receiving the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award after taking a traditional firm and reinvented itself into a networked organization. Eastman LinkedIn Community: 2,655 members Karen Seeh – 500+ connections is a Consultant in the sustainable world conversations Eastmans’ North American Sales Manager @ Johnson City, TN – name withheld and Private Status signifies a closed approach to both the internal & external potential of community. © Social Media Academy. 2009 17 Report
  18. 18. Mindshare Report Executive Summary New York Life Social Media Research New York Life Several thousand customers and life insurance agents are discussing and exploring life insurance related topics in groups and social networks. New York Life as a company is almost none existing. Tim Moore Social Media Academy March 2009 The full 220 page report of all six brands and a list of the used reporting and analytics tools are available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 © Social Media Academy. 2009 18 Report
  19. 19. Mindshare Report Executive Summary 3.1 BLOGS Figure 1: Revealing comments in blog posts Figure 2: (From JobVent.com – former NYL employee ratings) © Social Media Academy. 2009 19 Report
  20. 20. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Presence: Figure 3: Yahoo! Groups seem more slanted to the Indian Market Conversations going on in these Yahoo! New York Life groups: More ‘recruiting’ type submissions from some of the NYL agents. Figure 4: These give a MLM feel, not a customer value focus © Social Media Academy. 2009 20 Report
  21. 21. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Key Statistics: An even closer examination of social conversation data regarding New York Life shows that, while the company provides a lot of services and has a solid reputation, the below BuzzGraph 1 shows that very little is being said about the company’s business or its services. As you can see for the below in BuzzGraph 1, conversations are few, little is being generated from the company and about the company. It is also noteworthy, that key components of New York Life’s business model are failing to gain any traction, discussion or readership. (i.e.; insured, insurer, financial) BuzzGraph 2 below, when we take off all filters, still it shows a disjointed model. Figure 5: This shows a dis-jointed keyword context map 1 Figure 6: For the NYL website, this shows the strongest 2 connections © Social Media Academy. 2009 21 Report
  22. 22. Mindshare Report Executive Summary John Deere Social Media Research John Deere Several thousand customers of heavy duty agricultural equipment are organized in several hundred groups discussing and exploring John Deere equipment. Tom Swift Social Media Academy March 2009 The full 220 page report of all six brands and a list of the used reporting and analytics tools are available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 © Social Media Academy. 2009 22 Report
  23. 23. Mindshare Report Executive Summary John Deere’s Social Eco-System 4.3 Groups Results (344 Groups) Central place where people who own, operate, or service John Deere tractors to meet, buy, sell, and exchange information about them. People, Groups and Pages Results (500+ Groups) © Social Media Academy. 2009 23 Report
  24. 24. Mindshare Report Executive Summary John Deere on Twitter Creative Thinking for John Deere RE: Twitter John Deere as a company does not appear to be represented in Twitter. However there appears to be many active conversations going on about John Deere related items. © Social Media Academy. 2009 24 Report
  25. 25. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Sentiment Analysis © Social Media Academy. 2009 25 Report
  26. 26. Mindshare Report Executive Summary NetApp Social Media Research NetApp Mike Dubrall Social Media Academy March 2009 The full 220 page report of all six brands and a list of the used reporting and analytics tools are available at http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/research1 © Social Media Academy. 2009 26 Report
  27. 27. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Social Media Presence 16 NetApp Groups, including • Over 32,425 bookmarks 18 Groups (376 members tops) storage mentions (3,000 members for storage and 1,300 for NetApp specific) NetApp Corporate Group 13,000 people/profiles (growing rapidly) 33 Jobs (some resellers) Corporate account with less than Blog 1,000 followers s NetApp Lots of individual tweets and twitterers • 5,000 + blog mentions - mostly positive 28 Groups 11 Groups, 66,900 visits 160 videos (27,000 views) Integrated with corporate Integrated with corporate site Some buzz about NetApp rap video. website Increasingly active Not very active © Social Media Academy. 2009 27 Report
  28. 28. Mindshare Report Executive Summary LinkedIn - NetApp NetApp has good exposure on LinkedIn and in many groups. Linkage back to corporate site could be stronger with articles and events in both places. The level of NetApp related activity warrants constant monitoring and corporate interaction. Good extension of the Dual Presence Model with executives very visible. 16 NetApp Groups, including storage mentions (3,000 members for storage and 1,300 for NetApp specific) NetApp Corporate Group 13,000 people/profiles (growing rapidly) 33 Jobs (some resellers) The EMC numbers are significantly higher. © Social Media Academy. 2009 28 Report
  29. 29. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Google Groups (All Groups) 11 Groups Yahoo Groups 28 Groups © Social Media Academy. 2009 29 Report
  30. 30. Mindshare Report Executive Summary References, Disclosure and Copyright References: The information were gathered from social networks such as Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, MySpace.com, Google.com Yahoo.com, YouTube.com, Flickr.com, Blogger.com, Digg.com, Delicious.com, various public blogs as well as the public websites of the respective companies we researched. The students explored or used a variety of tools to analyze the aggregated data including licenses or trial versions. Several trademarks, logos or other imagery are registered or protected trademarks of the respective companies or intellectual property owner. Disclosure: All data, images, conversations or any other type of content that is discussed and exposed here are based exclusively on publicly available information. None of the content was gathered through password protected profile access or any other technique to search or aggregate information. Copyright: © Copyright 2009 by Social Media Academy. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form, physically, electronically or otherwise by any means, without prior written permission of the publisher. © Social Media Academy. 2009 30 Report
  31. 31. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Contributor The former Social Media Academy students are now Certified Social Media Consultants and collaborate with the Social Media Academy Consulting Group. For more details and joint engagements visit the Academy Academy: Axel Schultze @AxelS (Palo Alto, CA) (650) 384-0057 office@socialmedia-academy.com The Students (now certified social media consultants) Janice Chai-Chang @JaniceFL (Florida) 954-778-3770 riopalmajc@yahoo.com Kevin Mannion @KevinMannion Mannionzig +44-20-7193-9575 (UK) kmannion@mannionzigg.com Laureen Earnest @LaureenEarnest ThirdCollective 843-754-4082. (South Carolina) laureen@thirdcollective.com Mike Dubrall @MikeDubrall Gilwell Group 925-855-0678 (California) miked@gilwellgroup.com Tim Moore @TimMoore SayItSocial 910-547-7699 (Missouri) timmoore@sayitsocial.com Tom Swift @TomSwift Denovaco 972-523-7427 (Texas) tom.swift@denovaco.com © Social Media Academy. 2009 31 Report
  32. 32. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Social Media Academy - Methodology Overview Method Description Social Media Analyze and understand your market from a social point of view Assessment One of the most important aspects to understand the social media landscape methodology from a company point of view is an in-depth assessment. Our assessment methodology is grouped in 5 major groups: - Customer mapping and field assessment - Sentiment Analysis - Brand analysis - Partner and alliance analysis - Competition analysis The NCP Model Network - Contribution - Participation Network provides the reach Contribution is the actual conversation over such networks Participation is the positive or negative reflection of the contribution. Conversation is the currency in social media. But only the reflection will tell it’s value Cross Functional Social Media is primarily a state of mind - not a campaign Corporate Social The cross functional social media framework provides the understanding that a Media Framework social media oriented corporation is actually applying a new state of mind to its culture and processes. The framework includes all departments such as sales, marketing, service & support, product management, HR, Logistics, and all other groups and it’s respective teams. Dual Presence The Social Media Brand Mechanics Model The Dual Presence Model help corporations to bridge the gap between brand focus and public social media groups. Customer Integrated The Social Media Academy Strategy Model Social Media Unlike the traditional top down corporate strategies that lead to a customer Strategy Model behavior or influence, the new strategy model is a horizontal model that integrates the key constituencies of a market into the strategy. Social media ROI A financially acceptable and mathematically correct ROI calculation. calculation method The model to calculate social media ROI is based on the above methods and principles. Given the holistic view and deep understanding of the eco networks, it is possible to calculate the financial ROI by taking contribution margin of externally referred business over the investments made to manage and support a community. © Social Media Academy. 2009 32 Report
  33. 33. Mindshare Report Executive Summary Social Media Leadership Class In the leadership class students get a comprehensive understanding of the impact and opportunities social media has for businesses across all industries. Students will learn how far the main industries including Agricultural, Financial Services, Automotive, High Tech, Pharmaceutical and others are in their social media engagement. Purpose, Objectives & Philosophy Students learn to understand the opportunity for corporations to develop a better business experience for a company’s ecosystem, including customer experience. It applies to all corporate functions including sales, marketing, service, product-development, logistics, finance, and operations. Assessment, strategy and planning The leadership class includes social media assessments, developing a strategy for a company, creating a complete plan and the launch of a social media engagement. It also teaches methods to compete with social media and prevent competitive threats. Methods, models, frameworks Students will learn to apply a profound set of methods, models and frameworks for a sustainable social media engagement. Execution, monitoring, reporting Students also learn and practice executing a strategy, building a corporate presence with their teams and all constituencies of an ecosystem, learn how to monitor and report success and progress. Executive Circle The Social Media Academy offers an exclusive Executive Circle for C-Level Executives only. The Executive Circle is an online education and coaching program focusing on high level aspects of social media such as market development, social media strategies, social competition, board level aspects of social media and corresponding topics. Consulting Assignments All Social Media Academy certified consultants are accessible through the Social Media Academy website. Consulting assignments can be made via the Social Media Academy Consulting Group for larger assignments. © Social Media Academy. 2009 33 Report
  34. 34. Mindshare Report Executive Summary About Social Media Academy The Social Media Academy is an education and research institute providing education for business professionals from all industries on how to best apply social media to their respective businesses. The main emphasis is to help business managers and consultant to get a comprehensive education on Social Media, including strategy development, planning, execution, tools, resources, and ways to report and analyze development and success and help understand the evolutionary changes in our society. As part of the educational development, the Social Media Academy conducts research exploring the ongoing changes in the field and supports the continuous learning process as well as monitor ongoing changes in the field. The main course is the institute’s leadership class which focuses on how to plan, implement and engage with social media in all business areas including marketing, sales, product development, service & support, logistics, administration and engineering. The Social Media Academy is based in Palo Alto, California. All classes are help online to allow location independent education. More info on www.socialmedia-academy.com +1-650-384-0057 © Social Media Academy. 2009 34 Report