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Leveraging Social Media as a Way To Grow Business


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While social media is considered one of the most powerful business tools today, helping some companies to even grow during the economic down turn, many barely have a presence and don't know where to start. Let's explore how social media is forming today’s "educated purchase decisions" and what you can do to be part of the new process, growing your business and win back influence in the decision making process. Leading businesses leveraged social media to make a difference on the bottom line - without even having fancy fan page. Smart vendors leverage their channel as secret weapons in the social media world. Smart VARs and system integrators leverage social media to grow their vendor relationships. Get inspired how to unleash this power and make a difference for your own business.

Leading Edge Technologies and Partner Programs Empowering the Channel of Today and Tomorrow:

Axel Schultze, @ XChange Tech Innovators event Nov. 2010 Las Vegas

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  • Seems like this event was a great success. More & more channel partners are ready to 'get their ducks in a row' with social media! For those of us who could not attend - thanks for sharing the slide deck.
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Leveraging Social Media as a Way To Grow Business

  1. 1. XChange Tech Innovators 2010 Leveraging Social Media as a way to grow business
  2. 2. Social Relationship Management Product intro Nov. 09 100,000 Users Palo Alto, CA based Axel Schultze CEO Xeesm Corp Founder Social Media Academy
  3. 3. Understand the change
  4. 4. The model of influence has changed 1990‟s • Source: Technology magazines • Influencer: Media • How: Inquiries through fax 2000‟s • Source: Internet websites • Influencer: References, Vendor presence • How: Inquiries through online forms 2010‟s • Source: Search & Social Media • Influencer: User generated content • How: Direct request with SKU and price expectation 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Inquiry flow over time News paper + Bill boards + Tradeshows + Internet reg. pages + TV commercials ????
  5. 5. The new product discovery model
  6. 6. The Educated Purchase Decision UP UNTIL RECENTLY Experts in stores Industry analysts Vendor based expertise  Educated Purchase Decision THE CHANGE Experienced customers Blogger Engaged users  Educated Purchase Decision
  7. 7. …what star sales guys do on the green - socialize Let all sales people do…
  8. 8. The five #1’s for Social Media In Channels #1 Overall Business Objective Be recommended #1 Realization Channel partners continue the own the customer relationship (more than ever) #1 Change Partners Need to build an active presence #1 Implication Invest in partner empowerment #1 Result Making your partners the biggest recommendation base
  9. 9. Is it cost or lethargy? Social networks $0.00 Presence building $500 Training $695 Program Consulting $10,000+ Monitoring tools $300 Old world: Lead generation / lists $3,000 Outsourced call centers $25,000 News paper, yellow pages $5,000+ Google ads $5,000+ TIME? Don‟t dare to spend a second on any network Exclusively spend time with your customers
  10. 10. Where to start?
  11. 11. Step by step engagement Social partner relationships Share with each other where you are Vendors to empower partner Partner empowerment programs (training), motivation and success programs Partners to recommend vendors Proactive contribution in the social web, becoming part of the recommendation chain and defend your position as middleman
  12. 12. Share your social presence with each other Obstacle No.1 • We don‟t even know who is • active and where they are… Create a free Xeesm and introduce yourself •
  13. 13. Professional Social Relationship Management Don‟t search around for your partners or vendor contacts Keep them all together in a “Social Address Book” It can be integrated in Strengthen your relationships
  14. 14. Partner Empowerment Obstacle No.1 • We don‟t even have a strategy ourselves Training is all your partners need • To develop your presence • Learn to identify the influencer • From socializing to business engagement • Demand generation 2.0 practice • …
  15. 15. Social Media Based Partner Program Objectives Review Rewards
  16. 16. Vendor Side Social Media Strategy Part II Got channels? Amplify the partners engagement • Mention their posts on your site • Re-tweet their content • Reiterate their comments • Mention their answers • Introduce their teams • … Develop a high impact plan for your channel team what to do and when Start social media monitoring
  17. 17. Recommend your vendors Obstacle No.1 • We don‟t even know where our customers are Identify your customers presence Proactively contribute to the conversations Defend your position as middleman
  18. 18. Build your presence Technology VAR Presence AccelBus Systems - 360 Aryan partners - 671 BlueWolf - 168,000 Compvue - 3,610 Wendy Soucie „s presence : “25,000 reasons to talk to me”
  19. 19. Leverage monitoring tools  Know when somebody asks “Does anybody has experience with…  Catch discussions around your products or brands  Be alerted when your prospects are active  Win back influence
  20. 20. Professional Social Relationship Management Create your social address book of customers Visit all your customers weekly Know what‟s on top of their mind You see last touches Monitor objectives Instead of browsing and searching through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn : Focus
  21. 21. Recognize the implicatyions
  22. 22. Summary Your channel can recommend your products like no direct sales force ever can
  23. 23. © Copyright Xeequa Corp. 2008 Presentation to dowload
  24. 24. Get your ducks in a row We are happy to help +1 (650) 384-0057 Thank You
  25. 25. Questions & Answers Q + A
  26. 26. Resources – Connections Http:// Http://
  27. 27. About Xeesm (pronounce ‟see sum‟) provides social business applications helping business teams to strengthen social relationships and create a better customer experience. The company developed a platform that hosts both Xeesm developed and third party applications. Xeesm is used by sales teams for demand generation, stronger customer relationships, B2B or B2C customer engagement strategies, by marketing teams to improve brand relationships, by product management for product launches or to develop a better understanding of market needs, by channel managers for better partner relationships or by HR teams or recruiter to learn more and faster about candidates. Xeesm has representation in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. More info on or +1 (650) 384-0057. The privately held company is based in Palo Alto, California.