Social Impact Bonds and the Future of Problem Solving


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Social Impact Bonds and the Future of Problem Solving

  1. 1. 3/3/2011 Social Impact Bonds and the Future of … Social Impact Bonds and the Future of Problem Solving Announcements One of the biggest news items in the social innovation field this month was President Obama’s request in his proposed budget for up to $100 million to test the use of social impact bonds. This experimental funding Coming in March: approach uses private resources (such as foundation grants) to cover a social service program at its outset— and provides government funding only if the program meets a pre-determined outcomes target after a Social Impact designated period of time. Research releases the workforce Like many commentators—from Fast Company’s Alex Goldmark to the New York Times’s David Leonhardt—we development Social view social impact bonds with an optimistic enthusiasm and a realistic understanding that this new idea will Issue Report and need to be tested and proven over time. Whether or not social impact bonds succeed, their moment in the hosts an analyst call. spotlight is good news for those of us who are working to ensure that resources for addressing social Click here for more problems go to programs that demonstrate results. In our era of limited resources, we need a national information. dialogue on how to create incentives that foster social innovation and reward what works. We will also likely need many more experiments that show the way to a future of more effective social problem solving. Social Innovation Forum hosts five This month, we feature two items that address the question of how to direct resources to programs that are Social Issue Talks demonstrating results: our new Three-Step Guides to Giving and Jeffrey Liebman’s analysis of social impact that feature the bonds for the Center for American Progress. 2011 Social Innovators and Featured Resources leading experts. Click here for more Social Impact Researchs Three-Step Guides to Giving information. These resources are for donors who are interested in conducting their own due diligence Best of the Root based on a scaled down version of SIRs research and analysis process. Click here for more Cause Blog information. Elly Brown: Achieve Social Impact: How to Balance a Three- Legged Stool. Click Center for American Progress: Social Impact Bonds here to read. Harvards Jeffrey B. Liebman discusses the new financing model with the potential to advance social innovation. Click here to read the article. Anand Dholakia: Identifying Your Niche: Lessons from the Field. Click here to read. Benjapon Jivasantikarn: Lessons on Board Restructuring from the Consumer Voice. Click here to read. Social Innovation News Rockefeller Foundation Sees…/8dbc7fe84b/ 1/2