Royal wedding apr 2011


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Since there is lots of excitement around the Royal Wedding, here's a quick analysis that we did on the social media space with special emphasis on what the Indian online community has to say about the Royal Wedding.

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Royal wedding apr 2011

  1. 1. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited.Royal Wedding- Social Media Analysis
  2. 2. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited. Social media buzz for The Royal Wedding 1200000 1000000 800000 600000Global Reach 400000 200000 0 0 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 Number of mentions INDIA AUSTRALIA UK USA•More than 18 lakh mentions till date have been recorded worldwide from Nov 2010- whenthe wedding was announced till date with nearly 14 lakh mentions coming from USA, UK,Australia and India•During the wedding, there were about 6 Lakh tweets worldwide and 600 tweets from India(recorded between 3PM and 6 PM IST)•Mentions from India for the past week have recorded about 50000 mentions on Facebookand Twitter alone showing a 700% increase in mentions in just 1 week!!
  3. 3. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited. Spread of mentions for The Royal Wedding in India Twitter Blogs Social Media News 30000 25000 9765 20000 15000 6544 4333 998 10000 3211 654 2133 5000 1233 231 10222 6433 4322 0 Nov 10 - Dec 10 Jan 11 - Feb 11 Mar 11 - Apr 11Key takeaways:•In India, on 29th April, there are on an average 2 tweets per minute for the Royal Weddingrecording a growth rate of 131% from last week’s tweets on Royal Wedding•The increasing percentage of news mentions indicates a very high media interest in the event•Top conversations on Twitter in India: •Royal wedding, very boring •On which channel can I watch the live streaming? •Google’s doodle on Royal Wedding
  4. 4. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited. Discussions in India for The Royal Wedding 7% 11% 34% 13% 14% 21%I am watching the wedding, Who else is?Which of the celebrities are attending?I could care less about The Royal Wedding, I got work to doWhat is the itenerary?Id rather watch IPLWhat is so special about Royal wedding when people here are suffering for a days meal
  5. 5. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited.Positive sentiment for India’s gifts and merchandise for the Royal Wedding# of relevant mentions = 113 •Ludhiana’s Centex exports was chosen from across the world to manufacture 4000 soft woolen stoles •Centex employees are very excited to see their stoles as part of the Royal 11% Wedding. Positive • Reactions: Negative •54% is positive with India’s 35% 54% heritage being showcased at the Neutral wedding and Indian export market looking up •35% shows a negative sentiment towards Centex’s association with the Royal Wedding- people have not still gotten over with the British ruling India in the past
  6. 6. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited.• Majority of people in India are largely unawarethat a volley of Indian brands from Tanishq,Ponds, MakeMyTrip to Lotus Herbal aresponsors for this high profile event•Indian brands feel that they sponsoring thisevent would help them effectively reach out totheir NRI target segments and showcase theirsolutions • – used the Royal Wedding theme to revamp their website and ran a survey on which do their members think is the best Indian celebrity to match Prince William. •The survey showed that Katrina Kaif as the top voted with 75% votes followed by Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha.
  7. 7. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited.Viral campaigns of global brands using the Royal Wedding theme for promotions Overall discussions Kodak : “Prints Charming” poster ads 2% 12% Easyjet: Top 20 Royal Wedding Look-a-likes announced, print ads 22% T-Mobile: Royal Wedding spoof video has got more than 65 Million views on YouTube! 64% PG Tips: Drink Tea while watching the Royal Wedding T-Mobile Easyjet Kodak PG Tips
  8. 8. This document is proprietary and confidential. Reproduction prohibited. Sentiment tone 100% 80% 41 49 51 61 60% 40% 34 17 21 12 20% 34 25 28 27 0% Kodak Easyjet PG Tips T-Mobile Neutral Negative Positive•Kodak -Prints Charming- corny puns, Stretching too far with the MiddleTons caption•EasyJet- rewards a year of free flights to Kate and William’s look alike couples- veryinnovative and popular campaign•PG Tips- Love the poster ad, no wedding without tea•T- Mobile- Royal wedding dance Video- Brilliant viral campaign, although I wish thecontent was original