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Paid Online Placements - An Overview


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What are paid placements used for? Learn how you can leverage online advertising platforms for content distribution, leads, and sales.

*Originally used as a presentation for The Startup Institute.

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Paid Online Placements - An Overview

  1. 1. Paid Placements Jennifer Spivak Partner/Managing Director @ Social Fulcrum @jennifer_spivak // @socialfulcrum Social Fulcrum New York | Boston T 707-234-5365
  2. 2. Agile methodology, firm results. Data driven marketing to help your business reach the tipping point. 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY Our Skill-set Social Media Marketing We find the places online where your consumers live and breathe, and establish loyal connections with them through community building and strategic engagement. Inbound Marketing We utilize SEO best practices to help new prospects find what you're offering and create engaging content from your digital assets to keep them coming back for more. Paid Placements By understanding who your target customers are, we are able to build successful ad campaigns that help you generate more qualified leads. Data-Driven Decision Making Our team has history in consulting, finance, and big data. What does that mean? We're great with excel! More importantly, we are able to analyze social media, audience, ad copy, image and conversion data, and use this data to guide the digital strategy for your online marketing campaign. Our Approach Agile Marketing: We spend the first months of client campaigns testing, validating, reshaping, and gaining feedback from ideas, in order to quickly learn which messages resonate, which media are most effective, etc., all before spending client money on work that we think is a good idea (but don’t really know for sure). We see this as a more authentic, effective, and modern approach to advertising. Art + Science: We believe that effective online marketing is one part art (design, content creation, compelling copy), and one part science (metrics, measurement, analytics). Our team combines these two crucial elements in each and every strategy we develop and tactic we implement in order to create beautiful, viral digital marketing programs that drive business objectives.
  3. 3. What Are Paid Placements Used For?  Brand Awareness  Engagement  Content Distribution  Lead Generation  Sales/Customer Acquisition  Audience Growth  List Building  Concept Testing  Headline Testing  Audience Testing  Etc. 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  4. 4. Is Paid Required? 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  5. 5. QUICK EXERCISE  How can these groups of people be targeted?  Moms who homeschool their children  Business owners looking to hire a marketing agency  People who work in IT 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  6. 6. Google AdWords  Types of Ads  Search (text)  Display  Targeting  By keyword phrase  By location  Messaging  Unique ad groups  Dynamic Keyword Insertion  Tracking  Integrate with Google Analytics to track conversions  Optimize for conversions to lower CPA  Great For:  Lead Gen, Sales, Concept Testing 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  7. 7. Facebook Advertising  Types of Ads  Too many to name! Page post ads, offer ads, app install ads, like ads  Based on ad objective  Targeting  Interests, education, family status, location, etc.  Partner Categories  Custom Audiences  Messaging & Creative  Native, native, native!  Image-focused  CTA buttons  Tracking  Conversion pixels  Great For:  Brand Awareness, Engagement, Content Distribution, Lead Gen, Sales, Audience Growth, Headline Testing, Audience Testing 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  8. 8.  Types of Ads  “Traditional” ads  Sponsored Updates  Targeting  Location, job title, seniority, industry, groups, etc.  Messaging  Identification headlines  Tracking  LinkedIn Lead Collection  Great For:  Lead Gen, Sales, Content Distribution LinkedIn Advertising 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  9. 9. Twitter Advertising  Types of Ads  Promoted Accounts  Promoted Tweets  Lead Gen Cards  Targeting  Interests, keywords, accounts  Retargeting through third-parties  Messaging & Creative  Native!!! [hashtags, etc.]  A note on using images  Tracking  Campaign URLs + Google Analytics  Great For:  Brand Awareness, Engagement, Content Distribution, Lead Gen, Audience Growth, List Building 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  10. 10. Outbrain  Types of Ads  Text Only  Targeting  Limited  Messaging  Killer headlines!  Tracking  Campaign URLs + Google Analytics  Great For:  Content Distribution, Headline Testing, Engagement 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  11. 11. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery  Types of Ads  Content Page  Targeting  Interests  Messaging  Your Content!  Tracking  Within StumbleUpon  Great For:  Content Distribution, Engagement, List Building 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  12. 12. Reddit Ads  Types of Ads  Reddit posts pinned to the top of a sub-reddit  Targeting  Sub-Reddit  Messaging  Native!  Nothing Sales-y  Tracking  Campaign URLs + Google Analytics  Great For:  Content Distribution, Engagement, Lead Gen, List Building, Headline Testing 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  13. 13. Looking Ahead 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  14. 14. QUICK EXERCISE  How would copy differ on Google vs. Facebook vs. Twitter if we were advertising Startup Institute? 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  15. 15. Case Study: Outbrain Content Distribution1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  16. 16. Case Study: LinkedIn Lead Generation1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  17. 17. Case Study: Facebook Audience Growth1 Paid Placements @ SiNY
  18. 18. CHALLEGE: Create Your Own Ads  Groups of 3: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn     Create 3 ad variations  Be prepared to share what you did, what you learned, what questions came up, etc. 1 Paid Placements @ SiNY