ABTOF Social Media session Tuesday 24.04.12


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Slideshow used during Social Fuel's social media presentation for the ABTOF 2012 conference.
Facebook Timeline

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ABTOF Social Media session Tuesday 24.04.12

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAWith a focus on Facebook Timeline
  2. 2. Social Media Landscape Express your own opinions, Share your own Connect with Upload your Connect with video’s or watch friends . Share, images for Express yourself in your colleagues on your own 140 characters site/blog/page and comment comment. Upload others to see, (share, on others & discuss discuss and (mini blogging) comment, download network) There are You Tube has Facebook has 5 billion photos ‘’Twitterers’’ 2.9 billions of more than 133 13 billion more than 850 are hosted by publish more pages are million blogs videos viewed million users and this platform, than 200 viewed per currently per day and has 300 billion being posted by million tweets month on active online has now pages viewed more than 52 per day, Linked-in, with become the per month million users representing an average of second largest more than 800 101 million search engine tweets per users reported in the U.S. second!
  3. 3. Our 11 golden social media rules1. Know what you are talking about2. Always be transparent3. Be yourself4. Post frequently5. Add value6. Respond7. Listen to what others have to say8. Learn from your mistakes9. Be external10. Have fun11. Don’t start until you are ready to commit
  4. 4. A social media manifesto •Be attentive • Listen to what consumers are talking about. Respond accordingly, Pledge # 1 • Accurate and timely. •Be interesting • If you’re not interested, why should they? Identify the DNA that Pledge # 2 • makes your story compelling and newsworthy. •Be sociable • Apply the same social techniques that you would face to face. Be sociable, Pledge # 3 • be polite. Act like a person meeting someone for the first time •Be honest • Don’t try and control consumers. Don’t put up walls. Be honest Pledge # 4 • transparent and take criticism constructively •Be useful • Create a utility that benefits consumers lives and enriched Pledge # 5 • their relationship with you. Failing that, make them laugh and smile Pledge # 5
  5. 5. FACEBOOK TIMELINEImplications for brands
  6. 6. WHAT IS TIMELINE?The basics
  7. 7. What is Timeline?
  8. 8. Timeline Map Cover Photo Date Selector Profile Image Message About Tabs & Apps Content Selector Timeline Friend Content
  9. 9. PHOTOS & IMAGESThe cover photo
  10. 10. Details and Specs A large-scale, eye-catching way to introduce your brand. Think of this photo as exactly what the name suggests, the cover of the multimedia scrapbook. Keep in mind Facebooks new restrictions on what is not allowed in this photo: • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”. • Contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section. • References to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features. • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”.* New Dimensions: 851x315 px
  11. 11. Ideas and Inspiration• New product line announcements• User-submitted photos/images• Exclusive & Behind-The-Scenes images• Recognizable representations of your brand• Contests/Campaign winners• Event photos• Milestone celebrations• Fan comments and feedback
  12. 12. Ideas and Inspiration
  13. 13. PHOTOS & IMAGESThe profile picture
  14. 14. Details and Specs• A small square that represents your brand anywhere it appears (Newsfeed, user Timelines, other brand pages, etc.)• Since the dimensions of this space are much smaller than before, we recommend to use your brands logo here and use the Cover photo for campaign-related promotion.• Dimensions: This picture scales well from 180x180 px to 32x32 px
  15. 15. PHOTOS & IMAGESTab and app images
  16. 16. Details and Specs• Located under your Cover Photo• Move around these boxes that link to your Tabs and Apps by clicking the "pencil" icon in the top right of each square. Then, you can swap their positions with others as you can only feature three Tabs or Apps in the top menu (the rest of your Tabs and Apps will be in a drop-down).• The only position that you cannot swap is the Photos box that will remain static in the first position.• Each Tab and App will need an eye-catching photo (Dimensions: 111x74 px) to represent what users might experience upon clicking that image
  17. 17. Ideas and Inspiration• Consistent look and feel with Cover Photo• Visually represent the experience of the tab or app• Communicate larger campaign initiative• Include text if possible• Bright, eye-catching colours• Swap out these images often to keep content fresh, even if the tab/app is the same• Don’t need “Likes” here as it just takes up space
  19. 19. Details and Specs• Your brands Timeline has replaced your brands Wall• Users will see posts from their friends who Like your brand and posts from their friends that relate to your brand when they first visit your page• You can choose to pin, highlight, or hide posts on or from your Timeline Pinned Posts: You can choose one post to "pin" to the top of your Timeline. This post will remain pinned for up to seven days. We recommend creating a content calendar to keep this fresh and relevant
  20. 20. Details and SpecsHighlight Posts: Your posts willgenerally appear on the left or theright of your Timeline. You canchoose to "highlight" (or expand)posts (or stories) that you deemimportant. Highlighting posts willexpand them the entire width ofyour Timeline.Hide Posts: If you want posts to goout in to your Newsfeed but do notnecessarily want them to appear onyour brands Timeline, you can"hide" them.
  21. 21. Ideas and Inspiration • Use large, eye-catching, colourful images when a story is highlighted • Go back in time and ensure each point in time is well curated • Find great content from Fans and feature their posts • Video content also expands to full-width, keep this in mind when highlighting • Share fun facts, stories, and exclusive information that represents your brand • Make Timeline curation an experience for your Fans
  23. 23. Details and Specs• Milestones are very similar to Life Events on user Timelines• Curate your brands Milestones to commemorate events as far in the past as your companys founding, the launch of new lines of products, and social achievements like fan count numbers• You can feature these Milestones on your Timeline or simply add them for future perusal• When you add your first Milestone, you must establish a point in time that your Timeline will end at. Keep this in mind as it is unclear at this point how to change this after the date has been established
  24. 24. Ideas and Inspiration• Fan growth milestones• New product lines• Company milestones and key events in history• Founder and leadership content• Fan-related milestones for features, etc.• Character and content-based milestones• Use milestones to engage and inform
  26. 26. Details and Specs• Admins will be able to review all the activity on their page in the Activity Log• If you choose to review and approve fan commentary to be added to your brands Timeline, you will need to visit the Activity Log to do so• Spam: Select the "Spam" selection in the drop-down of your Activity Log to view what Facebook has auto-• deemed to be spam.
  27. 27. Keep in Mind• Review the Activity Log daily to identify fan content for highlighting/deleting• Use Activity Log to approve/deny content to be added to your Timeline• Do you want to pre-approve content to be added to your Timeline?• Use Activity Log to determine Spam and content-related trend
  29. 29. Details and Specs• You now have the unique ability to private message users from your brand page• This will help brands who want to feature only positive commentary on their Timelines• We recommend to change your Admin settings to "Only show posts by [Your Page] and friend activity on your Page until reviewed by an admin" so that if there is a negative comment, you can respond to it privately and it wont appear on your Timeline• Brands will need to develop policies and strategy around this new feature
  30. 30. TABS & APPSThe basics
  31. 31. Details and Specs• The default landing tab experience has been eliminated.• Each Tab and App appears in a 810 px wide canvas, great real estate for campaign content• Users can navigate from Tabs and Apps (and back to the Timeline) through a drop down menu at the top left• At this time, fan-gating (Like-gating) is not functional. Facebook has logged this as a bug and it is currently being addressed
  32. 32. Keep in Mind• Since you don’t have a default landing tab, usethe Pinned Posts feature tohighlight content and drive traffic to your tabs• Leverage the larger real-estate with uniqueexperiences for your fans• If you have made the switch and have a fan-gated tab, ensure that yourexperience is functional• Consider that only three tabs can be featured inthe top menu at once
  33. 33. TABS & APPSAbout section
  34. 34. Details and Specs• Since this section now appearsdirectly below your brandsprofilepicture, it is important to includerelevant, helpful information inthis space• You can include URLs here,so, this is an opportunity to linkto your website 35
  35. 35. TABS & APPSSocial actions and lifestyle apps
  36. 36. Details and SpecsFacebook is moving towards building a fully-integrated experience that allowsbrands to create apps that organically sharesocial actions.This new category of apps has different levels ofimplementation and impact, specifically inreference to the News Feed, Ticker, andpersonal/brand Timelines.Facebook wants to build out a “library” of socialactions like “bought,” “saw,” “ran,” and “cooked”that would be integrated in to this new categoryof lifestyle apps.These actions relate to a variety of objects. • Once this launches for brand pages, what does theThough this experience is not yet active for brand aggregation look like on your Timeline?pages, it will be in the near future • What is most important in your app? • What will your fans find most interesting and informative? • How will key content and users be highlighted? • How will you build content from this experience
  37. 37. Q&A on TimelineAnd all other things social
  38. 38. These ideas and concepts are presented on the understanding that: The Client acknowledges and agrees that any identifiable and original idea or conceptpresented by the Agency in relation to any promotion invented or developed by the Agencyshall be acknowledged as being available only for such promotion, and shall not be used for any other purposes whatsoever without the Agency’s express prior written consent. Even where no promotion is agreed, the ideas and concepts presented to the Client shall remain strictly confidential and shall not be used in anyway, including communication to any third party, without the Agency’s express prior written consent. Social Fuel 2012© 39