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ONS Internet Access Surveys


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Presented by Cecil Prescott at the Social Digital Research Symposium (4th July 2012)

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ONS Internet Access Surveys

  1. 1. ONS Internet Access SurveysCecil Prescott4 July 2012
  2. 2. Internet Access surveys• Annual survey• Quarterly survey• Internet users by age• Internet users by disability• Summary of available published data• Links to publications
  3. 3. Internet Access surveys• Internet Access - households and individuals - annual• Internet Access - quarterly update
  4. 4. Annual survey• ONS began publishing annual Internet Access estimates in 2006• Some questions change each year as use of the Internet develops• Sample size of 3,300 allows limited socio- demographic breakdowns• Publication contains data on household Internet access and adults’ use of the Internet
  5. 5. Annual surveyIn 2011:• There were 17.6 million mobile phone Internet users, representing 45 per cent of Internet users• 6 million people had accessed the Internet over their mobile phone for the first time in the last 12 months• 4.9 million adults used wireless hotspots, almost double the number in 2010• 77 per cent of households had Internet Access
  6. 6. Quarterly survey• “Internet Access – Quarterly Update” introduced in response to Raceonline2012’s need for more data on Internet users and non-users• Larger sample of 41,000 each quarter enables more detailed socio- demographic breakdowns than the annual survey• Results from the quarterly and annual surveys are not directly comparable, due to different data sources and methodologies• Quarterly estimates now regarded as the official UK estimates of ever or never used the Internet
  7. 7. Quarterly surveyAt 2012 Q1• 16 per cent of adults (8.1 million) had never used the Internet• 84 per cent of adults (42.2 million) had ever used the Internet• Non-users tend to be older, have disabilities and are on lower incomes• Less than 1 per cent of 16-24 age group had never used the Internet• 73 per cent of 75 + age group had never used it
  8. 8. Internet users by age group
  9. 9. Internet non-users by disability
  10. 10. Summary of published dataQuarterly data on Internet users and non-users; • UK estimates, by age group, sex, disability, region and earningsAnnual data on household Internet Access; • How people access the Internet and what people do online • GB estimates by age group and sex
  11. 11. Internet Access publications• Annual Internet Access - Household and Individuals 2011 bulletin: • households-and-individuals/index.html• Internet Access Quarterly Update 2012 Q1 bulletin: • update/index.html
  12. 12. Contact 01633 456767