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Presented by Martin Wilson, Go ON UK, at the Social Digital Research Symposium (13th September 2012)

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Go ON UK User Map

  1. 1. Martin Wilson, Policy Director www.go-on-uk.org Follow on Twitter: @Go_ON_UK
  2. 2. PrioritiesFounder Partner CommitmentsBusiness CaseEvidential Base
  3. 3. The ChallengeCommon LanguageAudience MapNew Metrics
  4. 4. Go ON UK ResearchReviewed ResearchKey ResearchersNetwork
  5. 5. Go ON UK User Map GROUPS %* DATA/INSIGHTS Aged 18-54, ABC1. Slight male skew. Very high user - highly competent andHi Literacy: comprises Hi Tech Influencers, Eager generally tech-savvy. Access the internet on numerous devices and have multiple 29%/14.8M devices in the home. Competent/confident in 22 tasks use on average 3 devices enthusiasts and Traditional Followers to access the internet 79% USERS Aged 11-64. Spread of SEG but largely ABC1. Slight male skew.Medium Literacy: comprises Trend setting 32%/16.5M Accomplish an average of 17 tasks online use on average 2 devices towannabes, Functional Users and Willing Worriers access the internet 55+, spread of SEG. Slight female skew. Light users and low confidence. Low Literacy: ‘narrow users’ 18%/9.3M Access the internet on 1.1 devices and do an average of 8 tasks. Rely on others and courses for help. Estimated 65+ (51%). C2DE (71%). Female skew. 50% have no formal education. Potential Users 11-15%/5.6-7M Half of everyone who is offline lives in social housing. High proportion of registered disabled. PROXY AND EX USERS Active Considerers – need support 21% NON-USERS Willing But Constrained – Economic/Infrastructure/Social Context Willing But Constrained - Disability Estimated Older, lower SEG. Female skew. Have no formal education. Less likely Active Resistors 6-10%/3-5M to live in a Metropolitan area. * Original segmentation source: BBC “Understanding Digital Capabilities”, July 2012. ONS Adult Population, 2010: 51.39M. Other sources: Communications Consumer Panel, 2012; UK online Centres;
  6. 6. New Adoption MetricCurrently “ever been online”Propose routine use: “Do you use the internet severaltimes a week”
  7. 7. Communications Buying & Information & Civic & Political Entertainment/ Security & social Finance Learning Participation Play/Leisure networkingHi LiteracyMainstream Users Narrow Users Email Form Fill Search Form Fill Stay safe Browse Potential Users FOUNDATION LEVEL
  8. 8. Next StepsFeedback Please!