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Twitter For Launchers


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back to the basics -- what is it, how do i use, how is it different,, why do i need it?

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Twitter For Launchers

  1. 1. Twitter for Launchers @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace
  2. 2. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Facebook VS. Twitter
  3. 3. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Global VS. Local
  4. 4. What are you doing in 140 characters or less. Short bursts of information, also called microblogging.  The ultimate editor.  Like Instant Messenger, but with potential to reach wider audience. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace What Is Twitter?
  5. 5. People are already talking about your product or service whether you are there or not. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Why Use Twitter?
  6. 6. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace How Do I Find Customers and Partners?
  7. 7. Set up an account Listen Know the vocabulary and etiquette   Join the conversation @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace What do I do now that I found people who need my product or service? Do NOT sell - Give people opportunities to buy
  8. 8. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace How to Set Up a Twitter Account
  9. 9. Listen... @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace
  10. 10. RT (like hitting "forward" on your emails) #Hashtags @ DM = direct message @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Vocabulary 
  11. 11. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Etiquette Say thanks Don't RT compliments verbatim Your RT to self-promoting tweets ratio should be 10:1. Pay it forward. Use people's @twitter names in your blog postings and link to their twitter profile Lists -- they can make you an expert resource 
  12. 12. URL shorteners @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Time Management and Measurement Tools Hootsuite ( Tweetdeck ( Seesmic ( Tap 11 (
  13. 13. Create helpful content Answer all questions  Respond quickly @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Twitter for Business
  14. 14. Be consistent, but fluid Commit - Show up - Have a schedule Always contribute Ask questions Help others to learn Be the best version of yourself @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace In Conclusion... Start Your Engines!
  15. 15. @taylorvick  |  @jae_wallace Thank You!