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Regulacion FIAS English

  1. 1. In accordance with the XVII FIAS Congress Minutes (November’2006, Sofia, Bulgaria) Amended by the XVIII FIAS Congress (November’2007, Prague, Czech Republic) Distributed and approved at the XIX FIAS Congress (November’2008, St Petersburg, Russia) Federation Internationale Amateur de SAMBO International SAMBO competitions managing Provisions11. Basic Principles1.1. International SAMBO Competitions are held under the auspices of the FIAS on the basis of the FIAS Statute and decisions, the International SAMBO competitions provisions in accordance with the approved Calendar of competitions.1.2. The Calendar of competitions is based on applications made by FIAS-affiliated national and continental SAMBO federations.1.3. Applications for hosting international SAMBO competitions from FIAS-affiliated federations are considered by the FIAS Executive Committee and put to a vote at the FIAS Congress.1.4. The hosting organization shall be chosen on competitive basis.1.5. The FIAS calendar of competitions shall be approved by the FIAS Congress for subsequent four-year period.1.6. The national federation authorized to host competitions must sign a contract with the FIAS within 2 years prior to the competitions, and within the earlier of 1 year prior to the event it must file a termination payment security as confirmation of its engagement to properly organize the competitions.1.7. All the events listed in the FIAS calendar of competitions are classified as follows: 1) World Championships; 2) World Cups and Stages of World Cup; 3) Continental Championships; 4) Continental Cups and Stages of Continental Cup; 5) International tournaments – group “A”; 6) International tournaments – group “B”.2. Application of candidate organization for hosting the FIAS world SAMBO championship or cup.2.1. Any FIAS-affiliated organization can apply for hosting international SAMBO competitions.2.2. The application shall be submitted to the FIAS Secretary General within 4 years prior the said international even stated in the official FIAS events Calendar.2.3. FIAS Executive Committee considers the applications for hosting international SAMBO competitions, draws bidders list and tables the proposals for approval to the FIAS Congress.1 the provisions are the 1st part of the composite document “Federation Internationale Amateur deSAMBO Regulations” (FIAS)
  2. 2. 2.4. The application of candidate organization shall include the following:1) An official letter for the attention of the FIAS President specifying: a) precise dates of the event to be hosted; b) information of the venue (city); c) detailed information of the sports venues (gyms) and other corresponding facilities; d) detailed information of the places of accommodation (terms and conditions of stay, pricing); e) information of financial guarantees for national federations; f) information of financial guarantees for sponsors.2) Attachments to the competitive bid: a) Presentations of the venue (country/city), link to the city web-site if available (including information about weather conditions for the period of competitions, local currency, work hours of local banks, hotel information – name, location, distance to the airport and competition venues, infrastructure, additional services, hotel pricing (full board and room only) per day, availability of telephone connection and the Internet – a link to the hotel web site if available; airport name and location); b) Presentation of sport venue to hold the competitions, including technical characteristics; c) Copies of engagement agreements signed between organizers and sponsors.3) Registration fee. National federation-bidder, along with submitting the application, must transfer a 1000 $ USD registration fee to the FIAS bank account2.3. Rights and responsibilities of the host organization.3.1 The National federation that got the right to host the World SAMBO championship or cup on the competitive basis, must: a) form the Organizing Committee for preparation and conduct of the competitions; b) elaborate a detailed program of arrangements to hold the sports event; c) submit a financial plan with the analysis of all the expenditures necessary for holding the competitions in question.3.2. The program of the competitions and financial plan has to be submitted to the Executive Committee of the corresponding federation for the approval not later than 6 months before the start of the competitions.3.3. In case of unforeseen changes to the adopted program and schedule, the host organization shall agree its actions with FIAS Executive Committee.3.4. The President of the host organization (President of the national or continental federation, other) is taking personal responsibility for the preparation and running of the events to the FIAS Executive Board.3.5. The FIAS Executive Committee has the right to delegate the Chairman of the sports technical commission to the Organizing Committee to provide practical assistance in preparation and conduct of the competitions.2 Registration fee is aimed to refund the cost of venue expert evaluation, i.e. trip and inspection.
  3. 3. 4. Financial terms.4.1. The annual Membership fee paid to FIAS by affiliated national SAMBO federations is 500 $ USD and shall be paid duly to FIAS before the 10th of January of the preceding year.4.2. Each participant of international FIAS SAMBO championship should have a properly executed FIAS license book and FIAS identity card issued by FIAS upon the athlete’s first registration at an international SAMBO championship. Upon the first registration FIAS identity card is issued at no charge.4.3. The price of the FIAS license book is 10 $ USD. The license book should include registration of annual license pay charged for participation in FIAS international SAMBO competitions. The price of the annual license for participation in FIAS official competitions is: Seniors and veterans - 25 $ USD Youth (19-20) - 25 $ USD Juniors (17-18) - 25 $ USD4.4. The athlete’s annual license fee is to be paid by the corresponding national federation within 6 months prior to the competitions. Payments are made by bank transfer to the FIAS account or any other pay method approved by the FIAS Treasurer.4.5. Athletes who fail to have paid the FIAS annual license in due time and carry no FIAS identity card may pay their license upon arrival at FIAS international competitions. They are also charged 25 $ USD fine and FIAS identity card re-issue (15 $ USD).4.6. Any national federation is to pay 100 $ USD entree fee per person per day to the Organizing Committee of the world championships and cups. The said fee covers the expenses for accommodation at the hotels not lower than 3 stars level, tree times catering, transportation from hotel (and back) to the sports venues. Transportation from the airport to hotel, from hotel to the airport shall be paid separately upon preliminary agreement with organizers (20 $ USD per person).4.7. The Organizing Committee provides 3 variants of accommodation for the delegations and fixes the deadlines for reservation of accommodation for the delegations (and also penalty sanctions for organizations that did not observe the deadlines).4.8. In case any delegation participating in the competitions wishes to reserve accommodation and provide catering to its members by itself - this national federation is to pay nonrecurring 100 $ USD fee per each member of its delegation to the Organizing Committee (the organizers correspondingly provide transfers from airport to hotels, from hotel to airport), and the said delegations shall pay for transfer from the hotels to the sports venues and back by themselves.4.9. The host organization will cover the expenses for transportation from airport to hotel and back, transportation from the place of accommodation to the competition and meetings sites and back; accommodation at the hotel not lower than 3 stars and three times catering for the following persons: FIAS President, FIAS General Secretary and Chairman of the FIAS Referee Commission, Chief Referee, Chief Secretary and 20 referees of competitions (World championships: Senior and Junior), FIAS Treasurer and FIAS accreditation and registration department (4 people at most) who assist at the competitions, Congress and other events.4.10. The host organization will cover the travel expenses of the Chairman of Referee Commission, Chief Referee and Chief Secretary (3 persons).4.11. FIAS will cover payment for work of the Chairman of Referee Commission, Chief Referee and Chief Secretary (3 persons) in the amount of 100 $ USD per day
  4. 4. (work for the Chairman of Referee Commission, Chief Referee and Chief Secretary is paid 2 days more than the period of competitions) and for work of 20 referees (World championships: Senior and Junior) in the amount of 50 $ USD per working day during competitions.4.12. FIAS will also cover the travel expenses and payment for work of FIAS Treasurer and FIAS accreditation and registration department, who assist at international championships and Cups, Congress meetings and other FIAS events, at the rate of 50 $ USD per day. Work for FIAS accreditation and registration department (4 people at most) shall be paid 2 days more than the period of competitions.4.13. The host organization is to prepare awarding attributes for every weight category including: a) the set of medals for every weight category; b) 2 gold ones (for the champion and his coach); c) 1 silver ; d) 2 bronze ones; e) the set of diplomas (according to the taken places); f) valuable or money prizes for the prize-winners. Upon the summing up of the results of team event the host organization is toarrange the cups for each group (male, female, juniors, youth) for the 1st, 2nd, and3rd places. In team competitions it is necessary to foresee the cups for the 1st, 2nd, and rd3 places. Five best officials by the results of competitions are awarded with valuable prizes.4.14. The organizers of the competitions in their bulletins must inform in details about all the expenses which the national federations shall cover for their participation in the World championships and cups.4.15. Termination payment security for hosting FIAS international SAMBO events amounts to: a) 10 000 $ USD – for World Championships; b) 5 000 $ USD – for continental championships, world cups and international tournaments-group A.4.16. In case the national federation-organizer refuses to host the competitions, which are included in the approved FIAS Calendar, less than a year prior to the said event – then the national federation-organizer shall pay the above-mentioned fine.5. Information pool and advertising.5.1. Organizers must provide all National federations with the necessary information and program of the competitions approved by the FIAS Executive Committee.5.2. Organizers must within 3 months prior to the competitions advertise the event by means of mass media (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet) to popularize and develop SAMBO in the host country.5.3. All the advertizing materials (invitations, brochures, posters, videos) should feature the FIAS emblem.5.4. FIAS owns the right for license to show SAMBO world championships and cups on TV.6. Visa support and welcoming procedures6.1. The host organization shall guarantee visa support for free entry and departure from the host country to all the participants, referees, representatives and
  5. 5. technical delegates of international competitions according to applications signed by the President of the corresponding national federation.6.2. The host country is to provide offices to welcome and see-off the national delegations at airports and train stations.6.3. In order to secure duly organized welcome and transportation to the hotel for national delegations heads of corresponding national federations should submit an official application not later than 30 days before the championship or cup, and inform the organizers of the travel details (airport, day, time etc.) of the national delegation at the latest 7 working days prior to their arrival.7. Transportation. The host organization is to provide transportation for members of nationaldelegations from hotels to the sports venues and back.8. Accreditation.8.1. Organizers have to make accreditations for all participants, officials, and members of the Executive Committee, guests of honor, journalists, personnel and security.8.2. All the participants (sportsmen, referees, coaches, journalists) must obtain FIAS accreditations. FIAS accreditation for international SAMBO championships and cups listed in the FIAS Competitions Calendar (according to the FIAS Regulations and Statute) shall be carried out along with the accreditation held by the host national federation.8.3. Organizers must provide the workplace and facilities for FIAS accreditation, as well as the necessary equipment (as agreed with FIAS representative).8.4. Organizers must foresee 3-4 volunteers with foreign language and computer skills to assist to FIAS accreditation and registration department.8.5. Organizers must provide 10 accreditations with unrestricted access for FIAS representatives according to the list approved and signed by FIAS President.8.6. FIAS Executive Committee members and Heads of FIAS Commissions receive VIP accreditations.8.7. Organizers must foresee at least 20 bearer VIP accreditations for FIAS President.8.8. Organizers must foresee seats at the top table for FIAS President, Executive Committee members and Executive Director, as well as a VIP zone in the auditorium for VIP guests, heads of FIAS Commissions, Presidents of national and continental federations.9. SAMBO Competitions.9.1. Mandate Commission.9.1.1. Organizers have to provide the Mandate Commission with the separate office. Full power of the Mandate Commission is regulated by art. 4 of the International SAMBO Rules.9.1.2. The heads of the National federation delegations have to submit to the Mandate Commission the following documents: a) the team entry application signed by the President of the national federationto participate in the competitions (according to appendix 7 of the Rules); b) passport; c) participant’s international license; d) receipt of the executed payment for FIAS membership annual fee;
  6. 6. e) Besides, the heads of National federations have to submit 2 national flagsand the national anthem reduced.9.2. Weighing procedure.9.2.1. Official weigh-in is held one day before the competitions, the order and time is stated in the Regulations signed by FIAS President and the President of the National federation hosting the event. Official weigh-in is to meet all the requirements of Art.6 of the International SAMBO Rules.9.2.2. In case the competitions are held during 2 days the weigh-in is held every other category, starting with the lesser one (e.g. men 52…62…74…90… +100; women 48…60…72 and so on). If the competitions are held during 3 days, then the weigh-in is held every two categories, starting with the lesser one (e.g. men 52… 74…100; women 48…60…72 and so on).9.2.3. The weighing procedure for each weight category is held only once, before the competitions of the same weight category. No additional weigh-in on the day of the competitions is allowed. The organizers shall foresee the electronic scales for athletes to weight at the places of their accommodation.9.2.4. Weigh-in is held on electronic scales approved by FIAS and connected to FIAS central computer database. Athletes are admitted to the weigh-in procedure only upon showing their FIAS identification card and license book with the notice of duly paid annual fee for the current year. FIAS identification card is swiped at the digital scanner connected to FIAS computer database.9.3. Athlete casting.9.3.1. The chief referee is responsible for athletes casting.9.3.2. The casting shall be conducted in two possible ways: 1) The first way: the casting due to weight categories shall be done during the day of weighing of the corresponding weight category. As soon as the weighing is completed each athlete shall draw his lots. The athlete will get the place in the participating group due to the drawn lots (with no seeding of the strongest athletes). 2) The second way: the casting shall be done during the arrival day upon the completed accreditation. The strongest athletes will be seeded due to the preliminary applications by using the computer systems.9.3.3. FIAS computer system shall be used in both cases to guarantee downright casting procedure according to International SAMBO Rules.9.4 Competition venue.9.4.1. The chief referee and FIAS technical representative (entitled to check the necessary equipment and facilities) shall check each sports venue and verify if the equipment and all corresponding implements comply with SAMBO international standards. The chief referee shall draw up a report on checking of the sports venues. The chief referee shall observe all necessary documentation.9.4.2. The host organization shall provide the following premises at the sports venues: a) a conference room; b) 1 office for Executive Board;
  7. 7. c) 1 office for referees - one separate office for the chief referee - one separate office for Chief Secretary; d) lockable cloak rooms, e) bathrooms with baths for participators (female and male) f) first aid room; g) office for interpreters to 3 FIAS official languages (Russian, English, French); h) massage room; i) press-center (with fax and telephone); j) interview room; k) weighing room (male and female); l) athlete warming up room; m) recreation room.9.4.3. The host organization shall provide the following implements at the SAMBO gyms: a) three (3) special electronic scales for athletes to weight; b) three (3) SAMBO mats; c) three (3) electronic indicator boards with signals to inform participators and spectators about the combat results; d) three (3) stop-watches; e) one (1) table and 20 chairs (for Executive board); f) one (1) table and 2 chairs (for chief referee); g) one (1) table and 2 chairs (for chief secretary); h) one table (1)and 10 chairs nearby each SAMBO mat (for referees); i) one table (1) nearby each SAMBO mat for personal referees; j) one table (1) and 4 chairs nearby each SAMBO mat for medical personnel; k) one (1) microphone nearby each SAMBO mat l) one (1) microphone at the table for Executive board m) one (1) large information desk with stand to provide the events schedule, events results and other necessary information to all participators and delegates of the SAMBO international Events.Besides, the following shall be provided for the Secretariat: - 3 (three) computers with printers, connected to the Internet; - 2 (two) copy-machines ; - consumables (paper, cartridges for printers and copiers, folders, loose-leaf binders, clips, pens and other office supplies).9.4.4. Organizers shall provide vacant seats in the sports hall for participants, guests, officials, representatives of press and TV. The entrance to the competition venue is allowed only to people with accreditations.9.5. Referees board and personnel.9.5.1. The referees’ board shall be designated by FIAS. The referees’ board acts in accordance with Article 3 of the “International SAMBO events Regulations”.9.5.2. To make the referees work successful, the organizers must provide the Referees’ Board with the following personnel: a) interpreters to translate all the announcements into at least two official languages of FIAS;
  8. 8. b) courier to deliver the Protocol lists to the secretariat; c) courier to deliver the Protocol lists to the central table; d) two engineers to make the work of computers and the electronic board continuous; e) two persons for every mat to accompany athletes to the bout. Superintendent of the competitions has to provide the continuous work of the personnel as well as the work of security.9.6. Opening ceremony.9.6.1. The host organization shall arrange the opening ceremony. The following main standard steps of the opening ceremony shall be observed: a) Participating delegations shall stand still due to alphabetical order holding national flags and poles with tables, bearing country names. b) The team of host country shall be the final team to enter the parade. c) The members of referees board take their places due to the participants’ SAMBO mats. d) National flag of the host country shall be raised while the host country national anthem is sounding. Then there shall be raised the flag of FIAS and flag of corresponding continental federation. e) The President of the host country or the Chairman of the Organizing committee are the first to welcome the participants of the SAMBO events. f) The President of FIAS is the second to welcome the participants of the SAMBO events. g) The President of FIAS shall declare the SAMBO international events open.9.7. Competitions. The competitions are held in accordance with the Regulations of Competitions composed on the basis of the International SAMBO Rules. During the bouts only the Referees Board, medical personnel and the coach-second are allowed to be present at the mat. The athlete goes to the mat accompanied by a specially designated person (support personnel).9.8. Awarding ceremony. On finishing each weight category event all athletes, participated in the saidcategory who won the prize-winning places shall gather at certain place advised by theorganizers to be awarded. The Referees board takes certain places, provided by the organizers (as usual – infront of spectators) . The announcer declares the family name, name and country of the certain athlete- after that the announced athlete shall take his place at the podium due to his place. The FIAS President together with the President of the host national SAMBOfederation shall award the winners in team classification. Presidents of National andContinental federations and guests of honor award the winners in individualclassification. Upon the prizes have been presented to appropriate athletes - each correspondingnational flag shall be raised, simultaneously with each corresponding national anthemsounding during the ceremony. At the end of the awarding ceremony 5 best referees shall be awarded due to theresults of the events.
  9. 9. 9.9. Closing ceremony. Upon the last weight category has been awarded the President of FIAS declaresthe events closed (the members of Executive board shall stand opposite theparticipators of the SAMBO events). After this, the national flag of the host country together with the flag of FIAS shallbe drawn down, all must be done to the national anthem of the host country. The FIAS flag shall be forwarded to the delegate of the host national SAMBOfederation, responsible for the next world championship or cup.10. Press center.10.1. The host organization shall provide the following to the journalists and photo operators a press-center with the following equipment: a) A few computers with internet access; b) File holders and shelves; c) Copy machines; d) telecommunication equipment with minimal number of fax machines: • 10 devices - during the World championship or cups among seniors, • 5 devices - during the World championship or cup among youth.10.2. All journalists, photo and video reporters must complete accreditation procedures the day prior to the competitions.10.3. All reporters shall cover the expenses for using telecommunication lines.10.4. The host organization shall provide managing staff for the press center. The chief executive of the Press center shall provide communication with the events secretariat. All reporters of newspapers, radio and TV companies may get the information only at the press center.10.5. The press center shall provide all final documentation with results of the events in two official languages of FIAS.10.6. The timetable of working hours of the press center shall be convenient for all journalists.10.7. The host organization shall provide accommodation for all accredited mass media delegates. All expenses of the mass media delegates’ accommodation and catering, applied for participation by the national SAMBO federations shall be covered by the corresponding national federations or media companies.