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Kevin Dean - Build and Work Your Strategy!


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Kevin Dean - Build and Work Your Strategy!

  1. 1. Build and Work Your Strategy Kevin Dean | SocialCrush @kevinjdean
  2. 2. Which Way Do We Go?
  3. 3. Social Sales Cycle
  4. 4. Conversations: Events, Festivals, Film, Celebrity Engagements, Concerts, Night Life, Food, Sports, etc.
  5. 5. Financial People Conversations Process & Training Platforms Social Strategy Map Process Established : Nov 25, 2011 Tools In Place : Dec 12, 2011 10% Staff Trained : Jan 01, 2012 Average Monthly Fan Growth : 12% Decrease Support Calls : 07% Share of Voice : 36% Post to Share Ratio : 1:32 Monthly Links Clicked : 2,165 New Products: 3 New Sales: $1.2M Monthly Vendor Mentions 1,200 Conversion Ratio 64% Organizational Readiness $45K SM Management System $85K Training Program $15K SM Customer Campaign $75K Facebook Ads $125K Content Schedule 200 hrs Evangelist Outreach 500 hrs Vendor Engagement Program 32K Website Landing Pages 55K Product Development 325 hrs Business Scorecard $37K Vendors Engaged Internal Social Media Preparedness Products & Services Customer Fast, Easy Transaction Increase Revenue Launch New Products Events FaceBook Wikis Measures Initiatives
  6. 6. OODA Loops