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Creating an Engaging Campaign and Acquiring the Right Users


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Creating an Engaging Campaign and Acquiring the Right Users

  1. 1. Creating an Engaging Campaign & Acquiring the Right Customers Leah Na’aman, Marketing Director
  2. 2. About SocialClicks Specialize in Cross-Platform Campaigns for Social and Mobile, Lifetime ROI Optimization Billions of Ad Impressions Every Week on Facebook and Mobile Platforms Tech & Social Media Enthusiasts Work with Some of the World’s Leading Companies
  3. 3. Among Our Clients
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover Today Designing an Engaging Campaign 1. Selecting the Right Channel 2. Timing 3. Targeting 4. Creative 5. Measuring Campaign Success 6. LTV & Lifetime ROI Model
  5. 5. What Makes a Campaign Great? Getting the necessary components right depends on your business goals: Enter New Markets Boost Chart Ranking Acquire New Customers on a Large Scale Boost Engagement & Brand Recognition Maximize Campaign Lifetime ROI
  6. 6. Designing an Engaging Campaign
  7. 7. Selecting the Right Channel Facebook, Google, RTB Platforms, Ad and Incentivized Traffic Networks
  8. 8. Timing Have You Considered? Season Weekdays vs. Weekends Dayparting Finding the time when your unique target audience is most likely to engage reduces costs and increases the customer and user quality driven by your ads
  9. 9. Reaching the Right Audience Who is Your Target Audience, and Are You Sure? Geographic Demographic (Age, Gender) Likes & Interests, Past On/Off Facebook Desktop or Mobile (Phone Model, OS Version, Wi-Fi Connection)
  10. 10. Thinking Beyond Tier 1
  11. 11. Reaching the Right Audience: Creative Targeting Solutions The Challenge of the Right Targeting The client is a sports recruiting company. Their clients consist of coaches looking for recruits, athletes, and athletes’ parents Goals: Cost-effectively drive registrations for their recruiting service, from the Facebook platform on both desktop and mobile
  12. 12. Reaching the Right Audience: Creative Targeting Solutions Strategy: Results: Build campaigns featuring both Marketplace and Unpublished Page Post Ads to maximize reach 3x the conversions and cost CPA reduced by 33% Utilize multiple bidding strategies including Custom and Lookalike Audiences 4x the conversions and, CPA reduced by further 15% Kids are exactly like their parents
  13. 13. Designing Your Message A Few Tips: Keep images relevant Make sure they’re engaging: • • • • Bright colors Clear Images Menus Different Characters Make sure images are the right size! Image quality and relevance are highly correlative to the number and quality of users you acquire
  14. 14. Size Matters
  15. 15. Size Matters
  16. 16. Relevance Matters Image vs. Quality with Image Image Relevance First Time Deposit Average Deposits Reach Point in Game High 7.5X Higher than control 630% Nearly 5X More Likely Medium 6X Higher than control 500% 4X More Likely Low Control Control Control
  17. 17. Having Run a Campaign, How Do We Now Measure Its Success?
  18. 18. Measuring Campaign Success The Real Value of a Facebook Mobile Campaign Kick off paid marketing efforts 2nd Tier Markets Initial Goal: 20,000 Installs Improve Chart Rankings
  19. 19. Measuring Campaign Success Results 35,000 Post-Click Installs 120,000 Post Impression Installs Chart ranking jumped from 120th to 50th
  20. 20. Lifetime Customer Value & the Lifetime ROI
  21. 21. LTV & Lifetime ROI Based on the full Lifetime Value of an acquired customer Not based on first-time purchase, or immediate post conversion actions CPA is sometimes higher for users with a higher LTV However, that higher LTV leads to greater Lifetime ROI from your campaigns Take into account additional revenues this user provides
  22. 22. LTV & Lifetime ROI Start with Historical Data & Layer Real-Time Data Based on Downstream Analysis Day-1 Retention Session Time Deposits/Purchase Deposit Amount Reaching Level 5 in an App LTV Number of times a user returns within given period
  23. 23. Summary & Key Takeaways Select advertising channels carefully The right timing is key Image quality and relevance correlative to campaign success is highly The right targeting may surprise you: • Think beyond Tier 1 • Be creative and reach new audiences Measure campaign success according to your goals. But LTV and Lifetime ROI are the most critical metrics of any campaign results
  24. 24. Creating an Engaging Campaign & Acquiring the Right Customers Contact SocialClicks: Follow SocialClicks: New York: (212) 897-8777 Tel Aviv: +972 (3) 644-0101 On Facebook On Twitter: @_SocialClicks or LinkedIn Leah Na’aman Marketing Director, SocialClicks