Spring Clean Your Social Media: Deep Clean


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Learn how to deep clean your social media marketing with custom Facebook pages, social media promotions and using Facebook icons as "Calls to Action"


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Spring Clean Your Social Media: Deep Clean

  1. 1. Spring Clean Your Social Media Deep Clean ~ Webinar, April 5th
  2. 2. Presenter Information •  Darin Kotalik, Founder, CEO of Social Candy •  Shana Ray, Social Media Manager at Social Candy
  3. 3. Questions? Tweet us @SocialCandyNews or #SpringCleanSM Email us info@social-candy.com Find us social-candy.com
  4. 4. It is time to deep clean yourFacebook page Create custom pages, promotions andedit tab icons
  5. 5. Custom Fan-Gated Pages Fan-gating is NOT going away •  Marketers need to give people a reason why they should like the brand •  It’s a simple way to let fans know what to expect from your Facebook Brand Page
  6. 6. Custom Fan-Gated Pages Fan-gating gives: •  Marketers a larger audience to engage with in the future •  Customers access to promotions, offers, coupons and information
  7. 7. Custom Fan-Gated Pages Give people a reason to “like” Note: Active.com & Trane use Social Candy
  8. 8. Drive traffic to fan-gated “landingpage”
  9. 9. Anatomy of a Custom Page Custom Facebook pages should: •  Tell your Brand’s Story •  Engage your Community •  Encourage more Likes (aka Customers)
  10. 10. Example: Jordan Vineyards & Winery Main “Call to Action” Promotions & contests Link to more information Stay connected Note: Jordan uses Social Candy
  11. 11. Facebook Promotions Page admins are responsible for: •  The lawful operation of promotions, including the official rules, offer terms and eligibility requirements (e.g., age and residency restrictions)
  12. 12. Gigi’sCupcakes Note: Gigi’s Cupcakes uses Social Candy
  13. 13. Menage a Trois Wines Note: Menage a Trois uses Social Candy
  14. 14. Driving Traffic – New Timeline Better organized to guide people to custom landingpages and special promotions Create Custom Icons and Pin!… Everybody now sees promotions and “Calls toActions” Visual aspect rules Timeline and custom pages
  15. 15. Pinning Posts
  16. 16. Custom Icons Have a clear “Call to Action” Note: Pierre Drive Thru Sandwiches uses Social Candy
  17. 17. Editing Custom Tab Icons Two things to note: •  Photos, videos, events, maps, likes, notes – icon images cannot be edited •  Third party page icons can be edited
  18. 18. Custom Icons Click here before you can edit icons
  19. 19. Custom Icons Edit Settings
  20. 20. Tying it Together Custom Landing Pages to… Control your messaging Provide clear call to action Guide people to a promotion
  21. 21. Check Out Walla Walla Visitors Bureau Note: Walla Walla uses Social Candy
  22. 22. Contact Social Candy If you want more information on creating custom Facebook pages or promotions, please visit our website or email us: http://social-candy.com info@social-candy.com Note: Walla Walla uses Social Candy