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Samsung Galaxy Note: solo con una penna.


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Samsung Galaxy Note: solo con una penna. – Umberto Lisiero, Account Director, Ebuzzing

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Samsung Galaxy Note: solo con una penna.

  3. 3. VIDEO: VIRAL & SOCIAL […] a viral video is one that achives a high number of views through the organic word of mouth from one viewer to another. This is where the word comes from, after all, because viral videos spread like a “virus”, from person to person. When “viral video” is more of a destination (“We did it, we’ve gone viral!”), social video is all about intent on the part of the brand. […] So social video is about an intentional brand strategy that leverages the powerful communication capabilities of social media by appealing to the emotions that cause viewers to share. Social video and viral video are not mutually exclusive. A social video can go viral, and viral video can have social elements. Viral is the end product… Social video it’s about content, not ads. […] FONTE: The Social Video Blueprint, ReelSeo
  4. 4. Why social video? Over the past few years, social video has been one of the fastest growing advertising industries. By the end of 2011, consumers had chosen to watch ads over 5.6 billion times. […] To date, people have chosen to watch ads over 5.6 billion times, 4.1 billion views have come directly from brands, though not all of these paid views. Campaign launched in 2011 drove over 1.7 billion views this year. The Automotive industry launched the most campaigns in 2011, close to 300. However, in terms of the hottest categories, Cell & Phones generated more views on average per campaign than any other industry with 2.3 million. We took a look at the Top 100 campaigns from 2011 and found that Thursday was the most popular day to release […] FONTE: The 2011 Social Video Advertising Report
  5. 5. EVOLUZIONE MODELLI DI MISURAZIONE Impression Click Share CPM (cost per impression) CPC (cost per click) ROE (return of engagement)
  7. 7. BRIEF E OBIETTIVI Obiettivo: 100.000 view del video su pagina YouTube (canale ufficiale Samsung Italia) Canali: blogosfera e facebook Target: Blogosfera: blogger trasversali con focus su spazi Giovani, Maschile, Tendenze, Web 2.0, High Tech Facebook: Uomo, 18-45, high-spender, appassionato di tecnologia, stylish, android addicted, creative Durata: 4 settimane
  8. 8. STRATEGIA E SOLUZIONI Fase 1: Analisi della blogosfera attorno al brand e al prodotto oggetto della campagna Fase 2: Coinvolgimento di blogger e social publisher per diffondere il video Fase 3: Costante monitoraggio dell’andamento della campagna sino al raggiungimento dell’obiettivo minimo stabilito Fase 4: Analisi risultati ottenuti, focus su aspetti quali-quantitativi
  10. 10. FASE 2 – COINVOLGIMENTO UTENTI Influential Facebook publishers Distribuiamo il Identifichiamo i/le video in blogger in target applicazioni e che pubblicherannogiochi Facebook in il video in un post o target per nella sidebar con massimizzare l’obiettivo di l’engagement, la generarereach e lo sharing conversazioni
  11. 11. FASE 2 – IL PLAYER
  12. 12. Attention x Intention = Engagement nt me Intention ge In-content E nga Click-to-play In-banner Click-to-play In-game Roll over Intertistitial video Pre-roll In-banner Autoplay Attention Intent x Attention = Engagement
  13. 13. FASE 2 – VIDEO DIFFUSO TRA I BLOG (1) Controllo posizionamento video
  15. 15. FASE 2 – FACEBOOK IN-GAME (2) • 3x tasso di share del video • visualizzazioni complete e uniche • possibilità di target su sesso/età • diffusione brand safe
  16. 16. RISULTATI OTTENUTI (1) earned media € FREE 100.000 +160.000 +2.000.000 +11.000 view min tot view impression share +200 blogger coinvolti Interazioni con player 28%
  17. 17. RISULTATI OTTENUTI (2) Grafico di partecipazione campagna video Insight YouTube Influenza blog coinvolti
  18. 18. RISULTATI OTTENUTI (3) Dwell (tempo di visualizzazione) Tasso di share e tool utilizzati
  19. 19. RISULTATI OTTENUTI (4) Grafico provenienza utenti Grafico interazioni
  20. 20. RISULTATI OTTENUTI (5) Impatto campagna ricerca organica
  21. 21. RISULTATI OTTENUTI (6) Analisi sentiment Grafico tematiche blog coinvolti
  23. 23. LEZIONI APPRESE [Live from #SXSW] What really makes a video go viral? 1) Have a plan 2) Get creative… in context 3) Don’t forget about distribution and promotionWe tend to think that “viral” means free. Not the case. Videos take time to catch fire, and if you want them to make their wayaround the Web, you have to remember to do more than just tagging and posting to social networks. There are three kinds ofmedia you can use to complete the promotion circle: paid, earned and owned. Paid media is the most important to marketers,because regardless of the creativity behind your video, there’s a 99% chance that it will not reach a fraction of theaudience you have in mind unless you pay to promote it. You can also use promotions and content partnerships to youradvantage if you’ve got the budget to fit them in. Earned comes from sharing, blog features and embeds on YouTube, which is adirect result of proper tagging, relevant content and a little of the paid stuff paying off. Of course, owned is you promoting throughyour social media channels, putting on your website, etc. A combination of all three is what’s going to drive your video to ultimatesuccess. 4) Measure what matters FONTE:
  24. 24. I MIEI CONTATTI Umberto Lisiero Twitter/FriendFeed/Istangram…: umbazar