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Angoli o curve: il modello “wave” per la campagna LG Homebot Square rivolta alle mamme


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Angoli o curve: il modello “wave” per la campagna LG Homebot Square rivolta alle mamme. Relatore: Annalisa Quaranta Business Development Manager, FattoreMamma

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Angoli o curve: il modello “wave” per la campagna LG Homebot Square rivolta alle mamme

  1. 1. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comwww.fattoremamma.comAngoli o curve: ilmodello “wave per lacampagna LG HomebotSquare rivolta allemamme
  2. 2. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comBackground: FattoreMammaFM is a consulting and service company in the field of marketingand communication for companies targeting moms and families.FM is publisher of websites and mobile appsas well as off-line events for the familyFM sells targeted advertising on websites published bymoms for moms.PUBLISHINGADVERTISINGMARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONFattoreMamma is the only Italian Marketing andcommunication agency focused on moms
  3. 3. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comOur approach: enter in positive relationswith momsThe  Net  let  us  ac,vate  a  rela,on  with  target.  A  rela,on  that  can  make  our  communica,on  more  effec,ve,  specially  when  dealing  with  a  high  quality  product/service  with  a  clear  and  unique  value  proposi,on.  LISTEN TALKACTIVATEUNDERSTANDPUBLIC COMPANYON-LINEOFF-LINEWIN-WINRELATION
  4. 4. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comMoms are at the cutting edge ofthe digital revolution•  They are more multichannel than average women: 48% moms are Open Minded,30% moms are Reloaded (8 moms out of 10 are multichannel consumers)•  They spend more than 3,5 hours a day on the Internet•  61% of moms in Italy has a smartphone, 25% a tablet, 12% an e-reader•  Internet is the best medium to find information for shopping for 74% of moms (vs41% women and 50% of all consumers)•  Moms from Gate-Keeper to Game-ChangerSources: Nielsen –2011 2012 and McCann 2012
  5. 5. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.com151224393262TotaleDonneMamme (0-6)•  92% uses e-mail, 72% socialNetworks, 51% Blogs and Forums(Nielsen 2012)•  Moms consider more than averageopinions of peers:Source: Osservatorio Multicanalità 2011Mi piace partecipare attivamente adiscussioni online sui prodotti/servizidi mio interesse su blog, forum,comunità onlineMi piace leggere opinioni di altriconsumatori sui prodotti/servizi dimio interesse su blog, forum,comunità onlineMoms are at the cutting edge ofthe digital revolution
  6. 6. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comIntroductionVIDEO VIRAL..FILMLG_Hombot_Viral.avi
  7. 7. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comIntroductionLG requested FattoreMamma support to define andexecute a strategy plan to launch a new product:Hom-BotThe strategy had to focus to the target of momsand families and on activities with mommybloggers as precious infomediaries to that target.The activities was planned between November andDecember 2012.This document reports on the results of the plan.
  8. 8. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comExecutive summaryThe campaign, which has been identified by the unique hashtag#angoliocurve, has been one of the most engaging social campaigntargeting to moms in Italy, both for the number of bloggers involved (morethan 100), and for the reach and spontaneous adoption of the hashtag bymoms.The sponsor of the posts has been very well received as stated by thenumbers of spontaneous comments, and by the explicit appreciationclearly espressed in many posts/tweets.#angoliocurve has become a nice and crowded spontaneous conversationon twitter about joys, problems and funny situations regarding homeappliances and home care.The conversation is still alive and spontaneous and we suggest LG to keepit alive. The opportunity is to create a very positive relations with moms andto extend it to the whole LG homecare product range.#angoliocurve
  9. 9. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comCommunication strategy:The actions - focused on a product launch in a limited period of time – wasaimed to:ü  ensure high impactü  offer a wide coverage of the identified meta-target (mommy blogging)FattoreMamma has designed and planneda wide range social action named waves, which has involved 100 of themost influencing and recognised social/blogging moms in the countryPlease find in the next slides a brief description of the impact of each waveand a report on the overall results.
  10. 10. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comLaunch of Sponsored Area1 empathic BlogBounce effect A – Publishing calendar10 blogsBounce effect B – Meme30 blogsSeeding action60 bloggersCampaign and Bloggerssupervision byFattoreMamma32451Waves: combination of 5 actions
  11. 11. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comWave 1 - Deep involvement of blogger #1In wave 1 we involved the recognised number onemom blogger in Italy – Mammafelice – and agreedto get a sponsored area on a her blog, focusingon the themes of the campaign. The topicHousekeeping and cleansing has been treatedironically, so sticking to Barbara’s style (the momblogger) and her family (her husband is very wellknown too)The sponsored area on the 2 blogs of Mammafeliceallowed us to:•  Match brand with service content•  Have a steady presence of brand on a targetand high-traffic website•  Get a different, untypical and funny tone to talkabout product•  Create a direct and non-mediated link withmums thanks to the typical blog interaction•  Unique users: 450.000•  Pageviews1.500.000Facebook•  14.300 likersTwitter•  2917 followers•  Unique users: 45.000•  Pageviews: 120.000Facebook•  1123 likersTwitter•  302 followers
  12. 12. ©FattoreMamma–•  2.475.144 banner impressions delivered both sites during the campaign•  6 posts published on  All of them have been commented and shared, some of theme have many comments.•  3 posts published on  All of them have been commented and shared, some of theme have many comments•  All posts have the hashtag in the title and the LG sponsorship well visible in the footer•  All posts have been promoted on Barbara’s social channels•  All posts have been positively commented and shared by other momsWave 1 - Deep involvement of blogger #1The resultsMammafelice’s twitter activityon the campaign
  13. 13. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comWave 2 - 10 bloggers on the LG BlogIn order to integrate mums’ action with LG world, 10 mummy bloggers have writtenon a special area on LG own Blog blogger:•  Wrote 4 posts on the special area on LG’s blog•  Has displayed a banner on her blog during for the whole duration of campaign•  Shared her posts on social networks•  Wrote a post on her personal blog related to the campaign•  Published at least 8 tweets and 8 instagrams during the eight weeks of the campaign on the identifiedhashtag•  Multiform visibility•  Steady and non-stop renewed content online related to the product•  A great reach among target usersBENEFITS
  14. 14. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.com1 www.periodofertile.it2 machedavvero.blogspot.it3 www.lacasanellaprateria.com4 genitoricrescono.com5 mammaeconomia.blogspot.it6 www.quandofuoripiove.com7 esterdaphne.blogspot.it8 www.mammafattacosi.com9 paroladilaura.blogspot.it10 centopercentomamma.blogspot.itThis group alone has generated:•  40 posts on LG blog•  10 posts on their blogs•  more than 3.000.000 of bannerimpressions on their blogs•  More than 80 instagram photos•  More than 80 twitter messages•  Many facebook sharing of their postsThe blogs involved in this wave:Wave 2 - 10 bloggers on the LG BlogThe resultsThe results
  15. 15. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comWave 3 - Meme on 30 BlogsMeMe is a virtual chain of 30 blogs (not thesame bloggers involved in previouscampaign) created during the two months ofcampaign: each blogger wrote an originalpost on a theme close to the Hom-Botmessage.The posts are sponsored by the Hom-Bot.Here is an example of theMeMe post, with thehashtag of the campaignin the title and the banner,link and explanation of thecampaign on the bottomof the article.Even if sponsored, mostof the articles have beenpositively commented bymoms.CollectingBlog
  16. 16. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.com3 - Bounce effect B - Meme on 30 BlogsThe resultsWith the Meme Action we generated:•  30 posts on 30 more blogs (selected amongthe best known and mostfollowed)•  30 banners and links to LG Hombot pages(relevant also for link popularity and SEO)•  Many social sharing on Facebook, TwitterThis group of blogs (considering the sum of theparticipating blogs) has a reach of 2,2 milionunique users per month (more than 8 milionpageviews per months), about 100k likers onfacebook, 14k followers on twitter.
  17. 17. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.com3 - Bounce effect B - Meme on 30 Blogs30  blogs  together:  UNIQUE  USERS   PAGE  VIEWS   FB  LIKERS  FOLLOWERS  on  TW  TOTAL  REACH   POST  VIEWS   COMMENTS   FB  SHARING   FB  LIKES  FB  COMMENTS  2.230.463   8.058.369   99.014   14.703   2.344.180   8.159   145   159   189   54  This group of blogs (considering the sum of theparticipating blogs) has a reach of 2,2 milionunique users per month (more than 8 milionpageviews per months), about 100k likers onfacebook, 14k followers on twitter.The specific articles havE had until now 8.160views, 145 comments, 159 sharing on FB, 189likes on FB, 54 comments on FB. The articles arestill online so they will continue to generate viewsin the future.
  18. 18. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comWave 4 – Teasing action on 60 bloggersWe selected other 60 mom-bloggers and sent them atease-box about the Hom-bot.The box contains a ringcomposed by 4 ring shapedmorphing from a circle to asquare.
  19. 19. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comOn the right the list of the returnsachieved by the Seeding Action.At the present moment we’vecollected 42 mentions by 39bloggers, already exceeding theobjective of 30-40 mentions.We’re still are in recall phase, sowe’re likely to still get morementions.With 21 blog posts we estimatea reach of 40-50.000 morepeople in targetBLOG TWITTER INSTAGRAM PINTEREST BLOG X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XWave 4 – Teasing action on 60 bloggersThe results
  20. 20. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comWave 5 - Campaign amplification by FattoreMammaFattoreMamma with its media has amplified the reach of the whole operation.
  21. 21. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comMore on the impact: #angoliocurve on TwitterThe impact of the #angoliocurve campaign has exceeded our best hopes.
  22. 22. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.com19.100 results on Google, 331 photos on Instagram, 243 mentions in Facebook:More on the impact: #angoliocurve on Web and social
  23. 23. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comThe hashtag #angoliocurveBoth the Pinterest board and the twitter conversation are still alive
  24. 24. ©FattoreMamma–www.fattoremamma.comConclusion•  The #angoliocurve campaign has had a great impact on moms•  It has been very well received ad commented by moms•  It’s been spontaneously adopted as a positive conversation about home careamong momsWe suggest LG to evaluate the opportunity to keep the campaign alive by extendingthe #angoliocurve concept to the whole line of home appliances and by keeping it alively relation channel with the very relevant moms 2.0 audience.Moms 2.0 are increasingly becomingpurchase decision maker in homecaretechnology. Connection andcooperation with them plays now asinside track. We believe LG has nowthe opportunity to create a specialpositive relation with them via the#angoliocurve channel
  25. 25. ©FattoreMamma–  FaNoreMamma  Via  Guercino  9  20154  Milano  Tel.:  02.314639  Fax:  02.91390995    E-­‐mail: