@YourService. The business world has flipped and small business can capitalize - Frank Eliason


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@YourService. The business world has flipped and small business can capitalize - Frank Eliason

  1. 1. urSe rvice@Yo Flipped a s World h The B usiness
  2. 2. A Look at the World!   The Business Evolution!   The Human Connection!   Colliding Worlds!   @YourService World
  3. 3. volution ines sEThe Bus ly Evolvi ng Co nstant
  4. 4. Production
  5. 5. White Collar Era
  6. 6. Golden Age of Marketing
  7. 7. The 80’s
  8. 8. The Jack Welch Era
  9. 9. n nec tion Huma n CoThe A Natura l Ques t
  10. 10. Inventing from the Start
  11. 11. Always Artistic
  12. 12. Seeking Connections
  13. 13. Seeking Connections
  14. 14. Seeking Connections
  15. 15. g Wo rlds Co llidin ng o nnecti B usi ness C &Hu manity
  16. 16. A Renaissance!   [ren-uh-sahns, -zahns, -sahns, ren-uh-sahns, - zahns, -sahns; especially Brit. ri-ney-suhns]!   French for "rebirth"; Rinascimento, from ri- "again" and nascere "be born”!   Describes a revival in art and learning
  17. 17. ice World YourS ervAn @ ations hip Ec onomy Th e Rel
  18. 18. Social Media is Marketing Nirvana!Marketer
  19. 19. Marketer
  20. 20. What??? I hate this company This product does not work Have you called them? Ugh!Marketer You should try working there!
  21. 21. This Company will be easy & helpfulCustomer
  22. 22. I will love the product & service will be greatCustomer
  23. 23. What??? It is your fault! Jump through these hoops to get help We are not availableCustomer The system is down
  24. 24. Damn it! I will tell everyone I know about this company!Customer
  25. 25. Our Service Department is great & happy! They have balloonsMarketer
  26. 26. I know! Customers want social service!Marketer
  27. 27. They I finally love us got help!Customer Marketer
  28. 28. Need help? Huh? Just complain as loud as you can!Customer Marketer
  29. 29. Welcome to @YourService!   Customers and Employees own the brand!   Winning in social requires a culture shift!!   The change starts at the top
  30. 30. Social Service is a Failure!   Social Service is not about shutting up the loudest Customers!!   Each interaction must drive change through all service channels!   Customers prefer social! Not! Sorry this is a myth
  31. 31. The Winning Formula CE x P = Social Media Success (or Failure)
  32. 32. Defining CE Company Experience is equal to: (Product Experience + Customer Interactions + Employee Experience)
  33. 33. Defining P Passion
  34. 34. @YourService in Action
  35. 35. The Power is in You!!   Do not be afraid to share realities upward!   Stories Drive Change! Use them!   Every action you take sends a message! Try a capital ‘C’
  36. 36. @YourService•  NOW AVAILABLE in harcopy, Kindle, iBook, Nook, and other eReader formats!I look forward to chatting further!@FrankEliason