Growth through prolific innovation management


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More often than not, the investment in innovation fails to deliver the promised results. Everyone starts off excited. But after a while, we are all dressed up with nowhere to go. All paths up are different. Nevertheless, there’s a set of practices and principles that allow you to navigate through uncertainty faster in order to create value from ideas – starting today. In this session we will share with you how some of our forward-thinking customers are using innovation management to move their businesses forward.

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Growth through prolific innovation management

  1. 1. innovationcast® Leonardo Varella-Cid Co-founder, InnovationCast Growth through 
 prolific innovation management
  2. 2. innovationcast® Leonardo Varella-Cid Co-founder, InnovationCast Growth through 
 prolific innovation management innovationcast®
  3. 3. innovationcast® 3 Why is innovation so hard?Why is innovation so hard?
  4. 4. innovationcast® 4 Why is innovation so hard?
  5. 5. innovationcast® 5 Why is innovation so hard? Adapted from Gary Klein Performance Improvements = Errors & Uncertainty decrease + Innova<on & Discovery increase
  6. 6. innovationcast® 6 End-to-end, open collabora:ve innova:on on and beyond your core ac:vity. Growth through innova9on. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION prolific
  7. 7. innovationcast® 7 Innovation Management’s 
 Jobs to be done Create stronger ideas, faster. Test ideas without breaking the bank. Take ideas to the finish line. Discover unforeseen possibili:es 1 3 2 ∞
  8. 8. innovationcast® 8 Challenge your organization. Create stronger ideas, faster. Address pressing issues and explore emerging opportunities by tapping into your network’s collective intellect. 1
  9. 9. innovationcast® 9 Stronger ideas, faster. Create stronger ideas, faster. Make ideas as good as possible, as fast as possible, by putting them in front of people who can help. 1
  10. 10. innovationcast® 10 Turn ideas into opportunities. Test ideas without breaking the bank. Equip teams with simple and effective tools so they can focus on turning ideas into actionable innovation plans. 2
  11. 11. innovationcast® 11 Develop projects, get results. Take ideas to the finish line. Support the back-end of your innovation process to get the job done. Plan, implement and monitor your innovation projects. 3
  12. 12. innovationcast® 12 See what others don’t. Discover unforeseen possibili:es. Insights may come from unusual connections and coincidences. But they also emerge from deliberate search, and can be developed and enhanced systematically. ∞
  13. 13. innovationcast® 13 Innovation Radar A few ways you can use the Innovation Radar:
  14. 14. innovationcast® 14 Proven experience with both internal and external communities. Open innovation to all stakeholders. EXTERNAL Stakeholders INTERNAL Stakeholders Innovation Management Innovation Networks Employees Innovation Management Team Business Function Managers Research &
 Development R&D Providers Partners & Suppliers Customers
  15. 15. innovationcast® 15 The network imperative
  16. 16. innovationcast® 16 Shared Success
  17. 17. innovationcast® 17 End-to-end Employee Innovation
  18. 18. innovationcast® 18 Challenge-driven Innovation Partner:
  19. 19. innovationcast® 19 Challenge-driven Innovation Partner:
  20. 20. innovationcast® 20 Public Open Innovation to empower saudi citizens
  21. 21. innovationcast® 21 Open Innovation for Social Market Research
  22. 22. innovationcast® 22 Open Innovation with selected customers to improve services
  23. 23. innovationcast® 23 Innovation network for BIM* professionals * Building Information Modelling
  24. 24. innovationcast® 24 Competitive intelligence monitoring Technology scouting Trend detection
  25. 25. innovationcast® 25 One of the 4 Finalists of Enterprise 2.0 Conference Launchpad in Boston, June 2010 Top 10 Best Intranets, worldwide One of the most prestigious recognition that any software solution can be distinguished for: User Experience InnovationCast named LEADER in the Innovation Management Forrester WaveTM - July 2013 Featured in Gartner reports: Market Guide for Innovation Management 2015 Hype Cycle for Social Software 2015 Hype Cycle for Project and Portfolio Management 2015 OTHER AWARDS
 & RECOGNITION: Winner of Forrester’s Groundswell Awards: Best Innovation Program InnovationCast’s Awards & Recognition
  26. 26. innovationcast® 26 We look forward to hearing from you. 26