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From Service to loyalty – the BTCare story Bian Salins


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From Service to loyalty – the BTCare story Bian Salins

  1. 1. Social… business as unusualBian Salins, Head of Social Media Innovation, BT
  2. 2. © British Telecommunications plc
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  4. 4. QUESTIONS WE ASKED OURSELVES Who is myWhat do I have audience?that is of value tomy audience? Where are my audience hangingWhat am I trying to out?achieve by wantingto engage withconsumers? How will I engage? How will I measure success? Who will engage? © British Telecommunications plc
  5. 5. HAVE A … © British Telecommunications plc
  6. 6. There’s one thing customers really really want… I let my heart rule my head when it comes to I like to take time to making decisions make the right 30% decisions in life I’ve got a very good I plan and research 83% attention to detail most of my purchases 78% 78% I enjoy chatting for long periods of time I never have enough time I buy more from companies with friends, family, to get everything done in that make it easier for me to colleagues life do business with them 59% 53% 83% 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 © British Telecommunications plc Copyright - BT Global Services/Avaya, 2010
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  10. 10. THE Community Forums Twitter – @BTCare/@BTUK You Tube BTCare/BTCampaigns Channels Community Forums Mobile FACEBOOK /BUK UK Consumer and Technical Forums © British Telecommunications plc
  11. 11. So what has going social done for our business? © British Telecommunications plc
  12. 12. Drive Satisfaction © British Telecommunications plc
  13. 13. Build reputation - Shortlisted for best use of technology at the National Customer Service awards and for the National Customer Experience awards - Bagged a place in the Top 100 social brands 2011 - Won UK Customer Satisfaction Award for Best Use of Social Media - Won Social Media Innovation award at the Planning Forum © British Telecommunications plc
  14. 14. 14MANAGE CRISES Huge increase Great response: rscales@BTCare not affected by today’s problems but if I was I’d find your updates really useful, keep it up!500 views in 10 mins RadioTaxisGroup @BTCare Thanks for9000 views to date! update - weve 19 radio aerial sites + 3000 taxis radio network is out were using mobile phones to keep going. © British Telecommunications plc
  15. 15. #londonriots @BTCare: Major pressure on 999 tonight, please call in absolute emergency only #londonriots The tweet reached 311,896 people via 385 tweets our top sources of retweets (above 5000 each) were: @MoneySavingExp 54,418 @MartinSLewis 42,985 @Mazi 33,597 @leetstreetfox 24,911 @latikambourke 16,342 The result: We went from a wait time of 41 seconds to 0 seconds to answer 999 calls. © British Telecommunications plc
  16. 16. 16BUILD COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATIONCommunity Leader Programme: • 4,655 messages posted • 376 ratings from other users • 76.5 full days spent online reading over 155k messages and helping our customers Ideas Bank: © British Telecommunications plc
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  20. 20. EVERY CHANNEL IS DIFFERENT AND MAKING SENSE OF THE METRICS ISTOUGH! Understanding how each channel works takes time and a lot of trial and error. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to get it right. © British Telecommunications plc
  21. 21. THE FIRST RULE OF SOCIAL MEDIA ROI © British Telecommunications plc
  22. 22. PROBLEM STATEMENT “The only time I hear from BT is when they want to sell to me” - Andy G, BT customer “BT is a faceless brand.... BT needs a face that its customers can relate to” – David B, BT and SKY customerHow did this compare to what are people saying about us on the social web? Social share of voice is largely focussed on faults BTCare activity is addressing the balance but needs to be scaled. There’s a real need for honesty, transparency and human connection and persistent relationships with our brand. © British Telecommunications plc
  23. 23. Customers tell us they find it easy to deal with BTCare via social channels and prefer it to more traditional channels60% 44% 44%40% 29%20% 0% -2% -7%-20%-40% -47%-60% Live Chat Social Media Voice Email White Mail Customer feedback has helped us ‘make it easy’• Contact Us Forms & Live Chat • Ideas Bank & Meet Up• Response <60 mins • Having a multi-channel strategy• “One Stop Shop” • Being available – Opening Hrs © British Telecommunications plc
  24. 24. The BTCare metrics… RESPONSE TIME FULLY RESOLVED 600 500 400 Response Time 300 200 Target response time SATISFACTION 100 0 Twitter Forums LIKELY HOOD TO CHURN Calls deflected: 38,023 Calls deflected: 504,411 3,456 per month avg 45,855 per month avg YouTube CUSTOMER EFFORT Calls deflected: 54,933 4,994 per month avg © British Telecommunications plc
  25. 25. #3: Making it work© British Telecommunications plc
  26. 26. LEARNINGSocial media represents an opportunity for but isnot without risks and costsYou need a goal, governance and a strong virtualcross organisation teamYou need to know how you’re going to impact thebottom lineDon’t do too much if you can’t support it wellenoughCreate fluidity in your resource and have a ‘crosschannel strategy’.The real insight is not in the noise, it’s in analysingthe noiseKeep going back to the drawing board © British Telecommunications plc
  27. 27. Today’s consumer has changed… The Autonomous Customer Better access to The rise of Self-Service Customers helping Super-charged by Smart Organisation – declining information customers Phones/mobile devices loyalty Increasingly Internet and voice Customers are turning Smart phone users Consumers are less consumers are self-service are to each other rather have more consumer reliant on brands as ‘shopper swots’, growing fast than organisations power information improves researching offers online • 58% say self-service • 37% contribute to • 20% want to use • 46% say loyalty is a is good as it puts you online forums e.g. Trip video to contact thing of the past • 78% plan purchases in control Advisor organisations • Only 24% agree online • 59% prefer online • 51% trust customer • 15% have scanned when they like a • 75% review products because no one tries forums more than products in store brand they stick to it, to check quality to sell you anything organisations‘ sites using their mobile a decline on 2008 Source: Survey 1,000 US and UK consumers 2010 Copyright - BT Global Services/Avaya, 2010 © British Telecommunications plc
  28. 28. Success factors: People(social stems from the inside out) © British Telecommunications plc
  29. 29. Framework for….Process -Social policy -Guidelines SERVICE -Governance -Decisions -Contacts Social service STRATEGY lead MARKETING social Social strategy marketin lead g lead/s Social media strategy & execution Social Social PR product lead/s lead Social sales lead PR PRODUCT SALES © British Telecommunications plc
  30. 30. Success factors: Technology Aggregate your social data and marry it to your CRM system © British Telecommunications plc
  31. 31. BIGGEST LEARNING? When you take your customer on a journey from this…TO THIS… © British Telecommunications plc
  32. 32. IT CAN ONLY LEAD TO THIS… © British Telecommunications plc
  33. 33. THANKS© British Telecommunications plc