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Trends in Social CRM - Francois Ruf


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Trends in Social CRM - Francois Ruf (Microsoft), Keynote Speaker @ Social Business Forum 2013

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Trends in Social CRM - Francois Ruf

  1. 1. Trend in Social CRMFrançois Ruf
  2. 2. Social customer engagement will moveinto mainstream B2C and B2B21№
  3. 3. The customer is kingPervasive adoption of modern social tools will drive business transformation1№90% companies usingsocial technologies that reportbusiness benefit from themChanges howwe work65%ofcompanies aredeploying atleast one socialsoftware toolAlways on --Consumers usean average of 4devices every day20% expecta responsewithin one hourvia social mediaRise of the socialconsumer44% ofconsumerscomplain viasocial mediaCommunities acrosscustomers, partners, &employeeRising consumerengagement in socialchannelsBusiness transformation to aconnected enterprise
  4. 4. Social CRM goes mainstream41№Fundamental shift happened in the buying process ofcustomers through the rise of the social media phenomenonBusinesses are no longer in the driver seatCustomers don′t want to be sold toThe adoption of social technologies will bemission critical to stay in business.
  5. 5. Accelerated adoption of social technologiesand convergence with global digital trends51№Socialbusiness valueShift from IT tobusinessVirtual teamsIT budgets are down 5%,yet tech spending is up 18to 20%.Constellation Research, Consumerization of ITand the Next Gen CIO, June 2012)By 2015, 75% ofknowledge-based projectwork in the Global 2000will be completed bydistributed virtual teams.(Gartner, PPM Market Universe: Techniques andTools for Project Collaboration, June 2011)We estimate between$900 billion and $1.3trillion in value can beunlocked through the useof social technologies(McKinsey Global Institute, The social economy:Unlocking value and productivity through socialtechnologies, July 2012)
  6. 6. Accelerated adoption of social technologiesand convergence with global digital trends61№Mobile –everywhereNew generationof employeesSaaS/Cloud –faster and easieradoptionBy 2014, Millennial (bornbetween 1980 and 2000)will make up 47%of the workforce.(Forrester, Informal Learning GarnersAcceptance as a Legitim<ate Learning Approach,July 2011)More than half of allspending on apps willoccur in the cloud by2016.(Constellation Research, Consumerization of ITand the Next Gen CIO, June 2012)
  7. 7. Integration, Automation, Intelligence72№How to scale 1-1 relationships with customers?
  8. 8. Integration, Automation, Intelligence8Biggest Challenges2№Massive amount of data and touch pointsNear real time interactionsHeterogenic channel landscapeCultural adoption and internal policies
  9. 9. Integration, Automation, Intelligence9Two approaches2№Seamless integration into businessprocesses with intelligent preprocessingand analyticsLet the crowd do the work!
  10. 10. Integration, Automation, Intelligence10Let the crowddo the work!2№Establish managedcommunitiesExample: Swisscom
  11. 11. Integration, Automation, Intelligence11Lead Generation for Ernst& Young – TransactionAdvisory Services2№Push deal alerts to sales bytracking and analyzing M&Arumors connected to the CRMsystemExample: Ernst & Young – Lead GenerationMergerAcquisitionInvestmentSellerDealVolumeBuyerTargetBroker
  12. 12. Lead Generation how to – Ernst & Young2№Getthe data1STEPAnalyzethe data2STEPIdentify thesalesperson3STEPDeliver dealalert4STEP►Social listening/monitoring to detectand collect the data►Natural Languageprocessing to identifytarget, buyer, dealvolume in the text►Check with existingM&A databases if caseis already identified►If not – you have arumor►Merge with CRM datato find out who isresponsible for thataccount►Send mail/notificationand create andopportunity
  13. 13. 13Social Insights at your fingertips2№1STEPContextualsocial insightsin your salesandmarketingprocess
  14. 14. Collaboration at any point in your process142№Example: Yammer social layerDiscuss and collaborateon leads and opportunities
  15. 15. Predictions:Understanding the behavior of the customer15Big Data and the power of algorithms3№Attaching the customers voice to your CRM process willenable to analyze it’s behavior and wishesSelect the right time for engagementDeliver tailor-made offers
  16. 16. Built in social:Products designed with social inside164№Example: Spotify Example: Zynga
  17. 17. Built in social:Products designed on top of social174№Community is part of the productSocial customer care is part of the productAll social data and analytics is available in whole CRMprocessLead generation through collaboration and sharing
  18. 18. Built in social:Products designed on top of social184№Understand social as a platform to buildproducts on top of it connected to yourCRM solution
  19. 19. Convergence with other big trends195№Augmented realityMobileArtificial intelligenceCloudInternet of thingsBig Data
  20. 20. Convinced?