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Graham Clark - Closing the Deal


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Graham Clark - Closing the Deal

  1. 1. Closing the Deal - TheImpact of Social onSelling & The SalesOrganizationFebruary 3, 2012Graham ClarkPartnergraham@customerresults.comT. 404.660.1609$ € ¥ £
  2. 2. Sales Organizations / Operations Come In Different Forms• The Consumer To Large Biz Continuum (Small Biz and Consumer Are Pretty Much The Same)• Those involving direct interaction with sales people – Retail stores – Contact Center Outbound or Inbound – Business To Business field sales• Those not involving direct interaction with sales people – eCommerce – Kiosk – IVR self service
  3. 3. You Have Heard Today Of MassiveImpacts Of Social Media On … Marketing Sales ServiceBut As They Say In Business School Until Some One Buys Something It Doesn’t Mean Much
  4. 4. You Have Seen Lots Of PowerfulPresentations With AttentionGrabbing , Informative Graphics
  5. 5. So Let’s Chat About A FewAnecdotes & Impacts1. How can social network monitoring impact sales conversion and profitability?2. Can “Influencers” really let you predict actual buying behavior?3. Is the importance of social media greater or less for sales people performing marketing functions (especially lead generation), closing deals or sustaining the relationship after initial buying interest expressed?4. Will social network based purchasing take off and if so for what markets?5. How should social networking affect sales comp and performance plans and quotas?6. If social media spend on marketing generates better sales leads & increased transaction rates should budget, compensation & headcount move from marketing to sales?
  6. 6. Contact Graham Clark T. 404.660.1609