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Welcome to the Startup Pulse Survey by Accel!

The past decade has seen India emerge as a strong contender for the startup destination of the world. With exciting deals and data points continuing to grow, the country now has a very thriving startup ecosystem. It is estimated that over 5,000 brave souls venture out to start their own companies each year. With more government backing, availability of venture capital in multiple stages of an entrepreneur’s journey and an abundant, energetic workforce, startups are all set to rise even higher on the success trajectory.

In this backdrop, we are pleased to present to you the inaugural edition of Startup Pulse Survey by Accel—focused exclusively on startup founders and how they feel about different aspects of their business. Over a couple of weeks, more than 250 founders across industries responded to a wide range of questions in this online survey—from funding climate and pivots to gender diversity and their role models.

Once again, our heartfelt gratitude to the entrepreneurs for taking the time and effort to answer the queries and provide their perspectives on what matters and what doesn’t. The results of the survey are a mixed bag, with some findings in tune with expectations and others taking one by surprise. But all in all, the insights gathered here should help entrepreneurs, investors, and others in the ecosystem gauge their relative positions vis-a-vis others and take a broader view of how things are shaping up. The idea, of course, is to help the startup community in the country succeed in the long run.