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Best Social Media Management Tools


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Every kind of content publishing and management is demanding and delicate work. Creating and managing good content is not a fluke; it’s rather a result of good conception and planning, stringed production, successful distribution, and at the end, steady optimization and monitoring. Especially in social media management and publishing, the general need is to reach the largest possible target audience with your catchy and useful content in an elegant style. Of course, social media publishing should be multi-channel.

Under the major topic of social media management tools, multi-channel publishing and scheduling several tools help to manage the content. Some of these tools have just social media content management features with engagement metrics, while some have advanced capabilities such as monitoring, tracking, analytics, alerts, CRM and so on. The options for compatibility vary for brands, depending on their business needs and social media engagement strategy.

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Best Social Media Management Tools

  1. 1. While publishing on social media, using a content management tool is great productivity booster. Posting different kinds of content on social media platforms with an organized calendar and post frequency requires the assistance of social media management tools. To help you, we listed the 30 Best Social Media Management Tools for you! 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  2. 2. Sprinklr Sprinklr is a well-known all in one social software platform. You can manage your social profiles from one single platform in Sprinklr. The platform provides social publishing tools, editorial calendar, organizational compliance and approval rules and messaging. Sprinklr also helps you to share and reuse successful content and identify the best performing content and content producers. You can also use Sprinklr for social listening, monitoring competition, tracking audience engagement, sentiment measurement and measuring market trends. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  3. 3. SocialOomph Distributing your content is challenging and time consuming as much as creating it; and SocialOomph helps you to get the best results. You can boost your social engagement with SocialOomph by scheduling your Tweets and combine your other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your blog. The dashboard system has a profile cleaning up option, and a useful feature for bloggers is that you can manage social profiles directly from the tool. SocialOomph also has a free version Cost Socialoomph has a free version and for professionals $17,99 Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  4. 4. Shoutlet Shoutlet is a cloud based niche social management tool that helps marketers publish, engage with communities and measure campaigns and activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Shoutlet has the Posting & Calendar module to support the social publishing teams in collaboration. The tool is very compatible with the needs of enterprises and manages plenty of social content across big teams. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  5. 5. Buffer Buffer is another well-known social media management tool, reputed like HootSuite. Scheduling and sharing your content with just one click on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn via installed extension in your browser is very practical. It gives you the ability to schedule your posts, store up social media content, analyze the post engagement and see the reach of your posts. Cost Small businesses: $50 per month Medium businesses: $100 per month Large businesses: $250 per month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  6. 6. GremIn GremIn’s easy to navigate dashboard helps you save time to manage your social marketing needs. You can schedule, translate, and evaluate your social media marketing posts with Gremln. Also, it has monitoring capability within its search option for Twitter and blogosphere. For now, Gremln works with only 3 top platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  7. 7. Hootsuite Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media management platforms. With over 50 tools, you can execute campaigns across multiple platforms with the web-based dashboard. Hootsuite helps you to publish scheduled content in various forms on multiple social networks. Besides managing your social media, it also enables you to track conversations, measure campaign results, track mentions, collaborate with other team members and organize the work flow. Cost Free for personal use, starting from $9.99 for professional use. Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  8. 8. Locowise Locowise is an analytics tool with additional features such as content calendar, reporting, and scheduling posts. By measuring your fans or followers and demographics with Locowise, you can manage the sufficiency of social media campaigns. It enables post automation, scheduling at optimal time periods to create engagement with performance analysis possibility. You can also create customized reports for your customers and measure your competitor’s performance. Cost Connect up to 3 profile: $120 per month Connect up to 10 profile: $300 per month Connect up to 20 profile: $400 per month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  9. 9. Crowdbooster Crowdbooster schedules social media posts and monitors the performance of your whole activity on Facebook and Twitter. Besides that you can get real-time data with simlified charts such as retweets, replies, impressions, shares, likes and so on. With it’s great UI, Crowdbooster is easy to learn and use. The app is alerting the team members when there is upheaval change in engagement. Crowdbooster also provides you the data of the best hours, so you can schedule posting to maximize the reach and engagement. Cost Bronze: $9 per month Gold: $119 per month Platinum: Call for Quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  10. 10. Allin1Social Allin1Social enables content creation, monitoring and performance tracking very efficiently. The tool is especially suitable for large companies and agencies managing multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. The web-based platform with content management, scheduling, reporting and analytics features gives you the absolute control on multiple platforms. Cost Freemium and Subscription pricing models Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  11. 11. Postso Postso is a posting and scheduling tool first created for Instagram. The platform has expanded to include other social media channels. With Postso, you can share pictures, videos and links on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest; post your content to several accounts with one click. Uploaded photos can be shared directly or be scheduled for a date and time in the future. You can also specify any location for your posts by using geo targeting to reach relevant audience around the world. Cost 1 channel per network $14.95 monthly 10 channels per network $25.95 monthly 20 channels per network 49.95 monthly Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  12. 12. Latergramme Latergramme helps you to schedule, publish and manage your Instagram posts through an app on your phone or a browser on your computer. Lattergramme allows you to upload images via the Latergramme website, manages your images and allows you to set up a schedule. You can also like and regram (repost another Instagram user’s photo to your feed, while giving credit) when signed in to your Latergramme account on your computer. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  13. 13. SocialFlow Social media optimization platform SocialFlow supports enterprises for organic publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The platform uses real-time data to help you understand the changes in the interests of your customers. SocialFlow gives you insights what time would be best for your posts depending upon the involvement of your audience, allowing you to schedule and optimize your posts for the best results. SocialFlow also analyses your post contents, gives feedback for content value and insights on engagement performances on Facebook. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  14. 14. Meet Edgar Edgar is a content curation and scheduling tool. The tool creates categories for your posts across platforms, such as Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter and LinkedIn. Edgar helps you to design your posting schedule for time slots by sorting out a category. It can also easily edit your schedule by keeping your contents in a library, and helps you to use your contents again. Cost Individual: $49/month Premium: $99/month For higher volume plans, contact Edgar Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  15. 15. Rignite Rignite is a cross-platform integration and evaluation tool. The subscription-based program helps you to manage and monitor social media marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms. With Rignite you can create, schedule and monitor your social campaigns. Cost Silver: $28 per user monthly Gold: $49 per user monthly Enterprise: unlimited user, custom quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  16. 16. AgoraPulse AgoraPulse is an effective social media management tool that can be connected to Twitter and Facebook pages, with Instagram connectivity in development. Dashboard allows you to see all the activity on your pages and schedule posts. You can manage your campaigns right from the dashboard. Also the campaigns can be managed individually as a page section. AgoraPulse is also good for teamwork, and enables you to add and manage unlimited team members. Cost Micro: $29 per month Small: $49 per month For more contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  17. 17. Shareist Shareist is a content marketing platform with research and curation capability. You can plan on an editorial calendar and curate content to social media pages directly. With Shareist, teams can collaborate efficiently while creating content before scheduling to social media profiles, pages and groups. The platform can publish on social networks and blogs. Cost Lite: FREE Pro: $25/month Agency: $200/month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  18. 18. Sendible Sendible is a platform to engage customers across multiple social media channels, measure results and manage social media marketing. It is a web- based tool that enables the users to manage the all social media accounts. Sendible also includes an online marketing dashboard for marketers to promote their brand via social media, email and SMS messaging. Sendible also have scheduling social posts feature. Cost Startup: $59/month Business: $99/month Premium: $499/month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  19. 19. Falcon Social Falcon Social Platform is a social media management tool to help you manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube accounts. The platform lets you schedule your posts, Tweets, blog posts and other content with its content calendar. FalconSocial also has a Facebook app builder and includes team collaboration tools, enabling your team to work efficiently. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  20. 20. Spredfast Spredfast is a marketing and campaign management tool. It is used to create, publish and measure your content across multiple platforms. This social marketing platform has a social inbox, calendar, analytics & content library tools. Spredfast can be used to capture and curate the most engaging social content in real-time across multiple platforms. The tool can be integrated with services like Box, Google Drive to make team collaboration possible. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  21. 21. Oktopost Oktopost is a B2B social media marketing platform designed for publishing social messages. Oktopost enables scheduling and posting content on large scale onto multiple platforms, including social networks and LinkedIn groups. You can also measure ROI and where it was generated from. Oktopost can be used on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and can create different campaigns for each channel. With its “Content” feature you can find the relevant content to share for your social network profiles. Cost Basic: $55 per month Business: $476 per month Enterprise: Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  22. 22. Postheads Postheads is a social media content collaboration tool. With PostHeads you can organize your files and store every type of your content like photos, videos and other with “Media” feature. You can create content with the help of strategically placed posts options all over PostHeads. The tool lets you manage your team of departments or companies with user roles. With the publishing, calendar and analytics tools all your team can be kept up to date on the brand and important events. Cost Basic: $184/month Classic: $322/month Master: $552/month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  23. 23. Content Launch Content marketing software Content Launch is a platform focused on content performance and designed for small and medium sized companies. The tool simplifies content marketing for teams by managing content in one place and publishing all at once with a single click. It provides content marketing workflow, management, and distribution via applications. Content Launch can schedule, plan, and organize content by day, week, and month, both for individual content pieces and campaigns. Cost Tier 1: $300/month Tier 2: $500/month Tier 3: $700/month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  24. 24. NewsCred NewsCred is a platform to manage online marketing workflow. With advanced collaboration tools, managing complete marketing workflows is very easy. You can create user permissions, teams, manage freelancers, content queues, clients and payments with the tool. You can plan ahead with NewsCred’s intuitive editorial calendar and manage your content and publishing schedule. If you are not publishing enough, system sends automatically alerts to warn you. The tool lets you tag and index all your assets within a single library. Cost Basic: $2,950/month billed annually Core: $5,500/month billed annually Pro: $10,500/month billed annually Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  25. 25. Beegit Content management tool Beegit is focused on keeping your team organized, informed and on schedule. Beegit lets you to centralize content that manages process, automates team visibility and notifications. It is simple to manage your team members and updates to keep the whole process on track. You can automate the content process to keep the projects you are running work more efficiently. Cost Individual Plan: Free Startup: $12/month Business: $49/month Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  26. 26. Zerys Zerys have a simple dashboard system and user friendly interface that you can plan manage and plan substantial projects and content strategy. One of its features is interactive content strategy guide and planner. The tool also has a built-in editorial calendar for managing all your editorial workflow, content creation, schedule and publishing. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  27. 27. PublishThis PublishThis lets you to monitor, create and publish your content on any channel. It is a content engagement platform that helps you with content discovery, curation and publishing in real-time. PublishThis has a content-cloud platform that enables you to aggregate, curate, and distribute real-time, targeted and engaging content easily across various channels. You can monitor and measure your content via insights and measure the performance of different content types, sources and feeds. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  28. 28. Cision Cision is software to help professionals plan, manage, execute and measure campaigns. Cision also has a range of products for complete media management of online and offline media. Content marketing suite has a user friendly UI which makes it easy to create, publish and manage content. The tool helps users to create, schedule and publish every kind of content like blog posts, articles, infographics, videos or whitepapers over social networks. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  29. 29. Trapit Trapit is a platform for employee advocacy and social selling. The platform can organize your advocates into teams to create and optimize content for social networks and analyze the results. Trapit lets you connect employees, customers and prospects for conversations by creating quality and relevant content. You can create topical collections of content, schedule your posts or auto publish to any or all networks from one interface. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  30. 30. Curata Content marketing application Curata helps you to find, curate and publish content on various communications and media channels. With Curata you can discover your audience’s content based needs by searching the web. By using the tool, you can organize content, add commentary, schedule and publish. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  31. 31. TakeOff TakeOff is an Instagram and Twitter scheduler that can be used for personal and business posts. The tool notifies you and schedules the posts for the most suitable time after analyzing the behavior of your audience. TakeOff also provides popular or appropriate hashtags to increase engagement. Cost Free app Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
  32. 32. BoomSonar Suite The web and social media monitoring platform BoomSonar Suite includes BoomManager; a great Facebook and Twitter management tool with integrated Social CRM features. BoomManager helps you to schedule and publish content, preview all your posts before publishing, monitor all comments on your posts, reply to your fans, monitor engagement levels, monitor your competitors’ posts and comments, export all posts and comments, create reports on your social media activity and take fast action. Cost Contact for a quote Website 30 BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS
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