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Socia Om - Social Media


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Social Media Optimization creates Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube & Flickr. Social Media Ads can make your business.

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Socia Om - Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media Optimization Services
  2. 2. What is SociaOm?SociaOm is Affordable Social Media Design & Management Services. Online Promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus & other required social media platforms. Traffic & promotion to your brand, Website or product. Creating unique Design and engaging social media to capture the attention.
  3. 3. Our Social Media Services:- Facbook will give interactive platform to your customers. Twitter builds bonding with customers. Google+ ranks your Product/Website on Google search engine. Youtube visualizes your Product/Website on Internet.
  4. 4. Facebook Fanpage
  5. 5. Why Facebook Fanpage? Provides a base camp for your business on the internet. Facebook fan pages drives traffic. Make SEO better. Facebook fan pages make it easy for you to engage with your customers . Direct connection to the people outside the business. Deepen customer relations. A good place for brand enthusiasts to converse.
  6. 6. Twitter Account
  7. 7. Why Twitter Account? Brand Awareness. Engage with your target audience Online Reputation Management Promote your Blog Content Twitter and Mobile SEO Boost HR Tool Press Release / News Management
  8. 8. Google Plus
  9. 9. Why Google Plus? Increase Search rankings in Google. Circles is a feature that allows you to group your contacts Google +1 badge on Website. Increase traffic to a site with higher quality. Privacy is a major benefit because you share content only with the people you choose.
  10. 10. Youtube Account
  11. 11. Why Youtube Channel? YouTube channels are like Personal/Public TV stations where you can broadcast to the world anything about your business that would interest them. It’s a great medium for product launches, demos, public relation communications, interviews, advertisements, tutorials and so much more. They also provide one place to store all your video files and provide backlinks from your website, blog and social media sites. This will also improve your business website SEO ranking as you can also tag each of your videos with keywords. Finally you can get viewers to subscribe to your video channel increasing your base of your local fans.
  12. 12. Facebook Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account About us Timeline Cover Image Profile Image *No. Post (FB & Twitter Integration) Photo & Video upload Links Submission Application Integration *Fans Discussion, Polls, Questions Events Contest
  13. 13. Twitter Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account Content Twitter Bio *No. Post (FB & Twitter Integration) Photo & Video Upload Link Submission Twitter Background *Followers Contest
  14. 14. Google Plus Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account About Us Post Photo & Video upload Links Submission
  15. 15. Youtube Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account About Us Video upload Links Submission