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20130204 hub futures intro workshop presentation


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20130204 hub futures intro workshop presentation

  1. 1. Hub Futures Explorers Info Session Adam Jorlen, Futurist & Helen Palmer, Change Facilitator
  2. 2. “This present momentUsed to beThe unimaginable future”Stewart BrandThe Clock of the Long Now
  3. 3. Why think about the future?The inescapable dilemma:“All our knowledge is about the past, but allour decisions are about the future.”Ian Wilson
  4. 4. Types of Futures Potential – all possible futures Possible - “might” happen (future knowledge) Plausible – “could” happen (current knowledge) Probable - “likely to” happen (current trends) Preferable - “want to” happen (value judgments)
  5. 5. Types of futures
  6. 6. Check-in Why are you here? What are your hopes for being part of the FSF Group?
  7. 7. Hub Foresight Process February – May 2013 Purpose Success Structure Collaboration Process
  8. 8. Copyright: Joseph Voros
  9. 9. Strategic Foresight Remember, foresight is a normal capacity of the human mind. In organisations, the challenge is to take it from being an implicit unconscious process taking place in a single mind to being an explicit conscious process taking place in many minds. In other words, from implicit & unconscious to explicit & conscious and from individual to collective.
  10. 10. Collaborative, Open Foresight "Open Foresight is a process for analysing complex issues in an open and collaborative way, and to raise the bar on public discourse and forward- focused critical thinking. It draws on well-established methodologies from the Futures Studies field, principles from design thinking, and visual communication tools to create a framework for building forecasts and scenarios." - From the Future of Facebook project
  11. 11. Purpose / Objective We are the future of the Hub A four-month foresight process to:  crowd-source a couple of scenarios or options for the future of Hub Melbourne, and  increase / deepen awareness of futures thinking in the Hub community. Use wisdom of the crowd Build on Hub Ethos / shared meaning
  12. 12. Process
  13. 13. Process
  14. 14. What is success? Aims Outputs/outcomes for us and Hub  Scenarios  Learning Fun Wish list
  15. 15. Hub FuturesSocial Media Twitter hash tag + Yammer topic : #hubfutures Blog for reflections
  16. 16. Structure